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Servd | 10 Things To NOT Do In Your Craft CMS Twig Templates
It's really easy to get started with Twig templating in Craft, but there are a few not so obvious things you should try to avoid.
craftcms  twig  article 
4 weeks ago by slimiles
Why some designs look messy, and others don’t - UX Collective
We love boxes so much that they are central to both our visual and conceptual world. Stereotypes, music or art genres, religious or political views — all of them are boxes, or at least attempts to…
design  composition  grid  article 
november 2019 by slimiles
Where to put buttons on forms by Adam Silver, designer based in London, UK.
if a control affects change across an entire area, put it above that area
article  button  ux  form 
september 2019 by slimiles
A complete guide to iconography
A deep-dive guide on how to create, organize, name, and use icons within a design system
design  icon  guidelines  article 
july 2019 by slimiles
Guide to position sizing your Crypto trade. – Blockchain Trader – Medium
I would like to write about a problem I found when I transitioned from trading fiat currencies to trading crypto. I couldn't easily work out how to define how much I was willing to risk on each…
trading  crypto  article 
may 2019 by slimiles
Comprehensive Guide to Position Size and Leverage – CryptoCred – Medium
This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. I’m sure there’re plenty of licenced professionals in your jurisdiction. Speak to them, not strangers on the internet with Hyman Minsky…
trading  crypto  article 
may 2019 by slimiles
Modern Enterprise UI design — Part 2: Modal dialogs
In my previous post, I highlighted the challenges of designing for enterprise and tackled one of the most commonly used User Interface (UI) components, tables (if you haven’t read it, please check it…
article  modal  ux 
april 2019 by slimiles
Using CSS Grid the right way | hey it's violet
CSS Grid is fun to use but hard to learn. Here are three tips to help you understand and leverage the Grid spec.
css-grid  css  webdev  article 
february 2019 by slimiles
Designing Tables for Reusability – UX Collective
UX-related articles (like this one) every week in your inbox
article  table  ux  patterns 
february 2019 by slimiles
Design better data tables – UX Collective
UX-related articles (like this one) every week in your inbox
webdesign  ux  table  patterns  article 
february 2019 by slimiles

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