Shields Down
Happy people don’t leave jobs they love.
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january 2016
Hire a Top Performer Every Time with These Interview Questions | First Round Review
Koru CEO Kristen Hamilton helps hundreds of people hire and get hired every year. These are the traits she knows translate into excellent performance on the job.
november 2015
Nomad by HashiCorp
Welcome to the intro guide to Nomad! This guide is the best place to start with Nomad. We cover what Nomad is, what problems it can solve, how it compares to existing software, and a quick start for using Nomad.
deployment-ops  cloud-computing  containers 
november 2015
Best practices for a new Go developer
This year I had the privilege to organize GopherConIndia 2015 and also interview a number of Gophers.
november 2015
How To Install HHVM with Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04
HHVM is an open source virtual machine for executing PHP and Hack code. HHVM is developed and supported by Facebook, a fact which draws more and more attention to HHVM lately. HHVM is different from other PHP engines because of its just-in-time (JIT)
hhvm  php 
november 2015
Design Patterns In Swift
Design-Patterns-In-Swift - Design Patterns implemented in Swift
november 2015
Want a Better Pitch? Watch This.
When leaders ask me to help them tell better stories, I always start by sending them this video.
november 2015
Contribute to guzzlehttp-vcr development by creating an account on GitHub.
testing  http  php 
november 2015
Swift Tutorial: Optionals for Beginners
Optionals are a powerful feature of the Swift programming language, but they can be difficult to understand and use effectively. Let's review in this tutorial.
november 2015
How to setup Docker Monitoring
A Tutorial on setting up Docker Monitoring using cAdvisor, InfluxDB, and Grafana. This setup will allow you to monitor both the Docker Host and Containers.
analytics  monitoring  containers 
november 2015
PaintCode Tutorial for Designers: Getting Started
In this PaintCode tutorial for designers, learn how to create a stopwatch control that can be used in an iOS app!
november 2015
8 Questions You Need to Ask About Microservices, Containers & Docker in 2015
In containers and microservices, we’re facing the greatest potential change in how we deliver and run software services since the arrival of virtual machines.
november 2015
Increasing Performance by Reducing Dynamic Dispatch
Get the latest news and helpful tips on the Swift programming language from the engineers who created it.
november 2015
Coding Interview Advice
How to get better at coding interviews RIGHT NOW, without practicing.
november 2015
Front-end Handbook
The resources and tools for learning about the practice of front-end development. Written by Cody Lindley sponsored by
reference  javascript 
november 2015
Choosing the Right Cryptography Library for your PHP Project: A Guide
If you're wondering which cryptography library you should use in your project, this should help make the decision easier.
php  cryptography  security 
november 2015
The Hamburger is Bad for You
The triple bar a.k.a. "hamburger" icon used to indicate a hidden menu is a UX design pattern we would do well in abandoning. Here's why.
mobile  ux 
november 2015
Apple and Hamburgers — Designers, Read This
What Apple has to say about the ‘hamburger menu.’
mobile  ux 
november 2015
Why We Banished the Hamburger Menu From Our iPhone App
Go behind the scenes with Redbooth's Product & Design team — and see why they banished the dreaded hamburger menu from Redbooth's iPhone app.
ux  mobile 
november 2015
Fuzzy file finder for the command line
july 2015
Frontend performance reporter with scheduling and ElasticSearch support.
performance  tools 
july 2015
Extract & Inline Critical-path CSS in HTML pages.
css  optimization  performance  tools 
july 2015
Simple way to collect and look at your website performance metrics quickly, that supports budgeting and adding custom metrics.
performance  tools  javascript 
july 2015
PageSpeed Insights with reporting
performance  tools 
july 2015
Use Google Docs to test multiple URLs using WebPageTest (either webpagetest.org if you have an API key, or another publicly accessible instance)
performance  testing 
july 2015
Map WebPageTest result data into human-readable document formats.
performance  tools  nodejs 
july 2015
WebPageTest API Wrapper is a NPM package that wraps WebPageTest API for NodeJS as a module and a command-line tool.
performance  testing  nodejs 
july 2015
The web performance & security company.
cdn  tools 
july 2015
Experts in Content Delivery Network Services.
cdn  tools 
july 2015
Web & Application Performance Monitoring.
july 2015
WebSockets the UNIX way. Full duplex messaging between web browsers and servers.
july 2015
HTTP traffic replay in real-time. Replay traffic from production to staging and dev environments.
http  performance  scalability  testing  go 
july 2015
The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.
javascript  es6 
july 2015
It can be used even with existing IPv4 applications over IPv4 or IPv6 networks and transparently provides end-to-end encryption and NAT traversal.
july 2015
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