Retrobatch, from Flying Meat
Flexible, super charged, batch image processing for your Mac.
image  mac  photography  software  application  osx  batch 
may 2018
The hidden signs that can reveal a fake photo - BBC - Future
A picture may say a thousand words, but what if the photograph has been fabricated? There are ways to spot a fake – you just have to look closely enough.
fake  photo  forensic  science  photography 
july 2017
Europeana Photography
Europeana Photography opens up Europe’s rich photographic heritage to everyone. Photography is a direct and effective connection between history and contemporary society. It allows people to connect with their past, with fellow European citizens, explore remote eras and locations, and better appreciate the value of their continental, national and local cultural heritage.
archive  history  photo  photography 
may 2017
LLNL Atmospheric Nuclear Tests - YouTube
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory64 videos5,074,671 viewsUpdated today
The U.S. conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962, with multiple cameras capturing each event at around 2,400 frames per second. These are the declassified films of tests conducted by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
history  usa  youtube  video  atomipommi 
april 2017
AI’s PR Problem - MIT Technology Review
Public discourse about AI has become untethered from reality. […] Had artificial intelligence been named something less spooky, it might seem as prosaic as operations research or predictive analytics. Perhaps a less provocative description would be something like “anthropic computing.”
artificial  intelligence  AI  robot  machine 
march 2017
Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom.
Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.
app  drawing  graphics  opensource  software  mac  osx  windows  linux 
january 2017
100 Photographs | The Most Influential Images of All Time
There is no formula that makes a picture influential. Some images are on our list because they were the first of their kind, others because they shaped the way we think. And some made the cut because they directly changed the way we live. What all 100 share is that they are turning points in our human experience.
history  photography 
november 2016
David Byrne & Neil deGrasse Tyson Explain the Importance of an Arts Education (and How It Strengthens Science & Civilization) | Open Culture
“In order to really succeed in whatever… math and the sciences and engineering and things like that,” Byrne tells Tyson above, “you have to be able to think outside the box, and do creative problem solving… the creative thinking is in the arts. A certain amount of arts education…” will help you “succeed more and bring more to the world… bringing different worlds together has definite tangible benefits. To kind of cut one, or separate them, is to injure them and cripple them.”
art  education  davidbyrne  neildegrassetyson 
september 2016
PIC - Photographers’ Identities Catalog
Photographers’ Identities Catalog (PIC) is an experimental interface to a collection of biographical data describing photographers, studios, manufacturers, and others involved in the production of photographic images. Consisting of names, nationalities, dates, locations and more, PIC is a vast and growing resource for the historian, student, genealogist, or any lover of photography's history. The information has been culled from trusted biographical dictionaries, catalogs and databases, and from extensive original research by NYPL Photography Collection staff.
photography  map  global 
april 2016
PUTPUT - Projects
PUTPUT is the visual and conceptual meeting of Stephan Friedli (CH) and Ulrik Martin Larsen (DK). Established in 2011.
art  photography  objects 
january 2016
Seeing With Phototgraphy Collective
Seeing With Photography Collective is a New York based group whos work is a collaboration between visually impaired and sighted photographers.
photography  portfolio  blind  seeing  light  looking 
december 2015
On Novelists and Manuals | The Book of Life
It should be possible to stretch the legitimate subjects of literature to include consumer objects. The ideal outcome is that we can love the things we buy with greater consciousness – which means appreciating their merits and the emotions we come to feel around them. We need to reinvent the manual.
writing  language  style 
october 2015
The Needless Complexity of Academic Writing - The Atlantic
"Academics, in general, don’t think about the average person, and they don't even think about their students when they write,” she says. “Their intended audience is always their peers. That’s who they have to impress to get tenure"
writing  language  style 
october 2015
What Art Unveils - The New York Times
My hypothesis is that artists make stuff not because the stuff they make is special in itself, but because making stuff is special for us. Making activities — technology, for short — constitute us as a species. Artists make stuff because in doing so they reveal something deep and important about our nature, indeed, I would go so far as to say, about our biological nature.
art  alvanoe  perception  theory  thinking 
october 2015
The Next Revolution in Photography Is Coming | TIME
In the future, there will be no such thing as a "straight photograph"
photography  future  article  technology 
august 2015
Birthe Piontek Photography
Birthe Piontek is a fine art photographer based in Vancouver BC, Canada.
artist  photographer  photography  portfolio 
june 2015
Dear Data
Two women who switched continents get to know each other through the data they draw and send across the pond
data  visualization  art  blog 
june 2015
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