web accessibility w/ web maps... (steve mather was referred to this by nate irwin.
a11y  webmaps 
9 days ago
How We Build CMS-Free Websites — Development Seed
Development seed's announcement of going away from drupal...
15 days ago
NPR And The Word 'Liar': Intent Is Key : The Two-Way : NPR
"Now many listeners want to know why Kelly didn't just call the president a liar.

On Morning Edition, Kelly explains why. She says she went to the Oxford English Dictionary seeking the definition of "lie."

"A false statement made with intent to deceive," Kelly says. "Intent being the key word there. Without the ability to peer into Donald Trump's head, I can't tell you what his intent was. I can tell you what he said and how that squares, or doesn't, with facts."

NPR's senior vice president for news, Michael Oreskes, says NPR has decided not to use the word "lie" and that Kelly got it right by avoiding that word."
politics  semantics  lying 
27 days ago
Shields Up!
Us highway font shield generator
highway  shield 
4 weeks ago
Shut Up and Take My Money!
some thoughts from paul ford on website design of the pages.
nonprofit  webdesign  donations 
6 weeks ago
[no title]
7 weeks ago
HistoryQuest DC - building map
data isn't publicly available, AFIAK; but it was assembled over 10 years by DC's historic preservation office, every current building and its history [year built, material, architect if available, etc)
buildings  map 
8 weeks ago
The Fateful Vote That Made New York City Rents So High - ProPublica
not sure if the bias (pro or anti rent-control) of this article; use civictech, mapping, opendata. and some good investigative work.
toread  civictech  legislativedata 
8 weeks ago
City staff discover efficiencies in Edmonton’s open data | Edmonton Journal
This right here - this is the real power of #opendata. Benefits every gov that embraces it.
9 weeks ago
Central Intelligence Agency’s albums | Flickr
quite a wide collection of maps over the years made within the CIA.
maps  mapinspiration  inspiration 
9 weeks ago
Mapping Neighborhoodness – Medium
andy's review of his NH project from 2015.
10 weeks ago
[no title]
2525 E 36 St, Cleveland, OH, USA - goes to 76th and euclid in the marillac map;

2724 W 8th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

- not on marillac, but on google maps.
GEOCODING  mapzen  from notes
11 weeks ago
Towing The Line
eric sherman (CHI hack night from TCAMP and SOTM-US) helped with the data on this
snowplows  opendata  chicago 
11 weeks ago
GOV.UK – GDS design principles
the principles used by GDS in developing projects/products.
softwaredevelopment  civichacking  collaboration  shortlist 
12 weeks ago
searching pinboard 2014 july
since I can't go to my 1000th OLDEST link for example;
here's my links from 2014 july.
pinboard  shortlist 
12 weeks ago
MIT tutorials on geospatial tools as well as python, javascript, etc.
I like it.
geospatial  maptime  geoweb101  shortlist 
november 2016
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