Map and Geospatial Hub | ASU Library
maybe it's just me, but I like this design;
3 days ago
One Records (8) - CDs and Vinyl at Discogs
merge it with this )the other one that i thought was good.
28 days ago
Best practices for handling external libraries in Drupal 8 [#2605130] |
JFC, this is not answered?!

hell, in wordpress, I feel like this can be done in 2 lines; wp_enqueue _script and wp_register_script
5 weeks ago
OpenStreetMap | Node History: 3618356413
one of the funniest nodes that I've seen in a while. cheered me up.
5 weeks ago
Blueprint: Page Stack Navigation | Codrops
multi-level menu navigation, I love it.
6 weeks ago
get RTA bus routes & shiz at the library front table?!
7 weeks ago
[no title]
the URL. smartcntrl
8 weeks ago
Code for Pittsburgh
EXCELLENT language for their what is.
We’re the region’s Civic Technology meetup group, part of Code for America’s Brigade Network. We’re a loose association of change-makers, enthusiasts, hobbyists, coders, artists, map-makers, and other focused
9 weeks ago
Lawriter - ORC - 715.09 Limiting motor vehicle parking tax rate.
A municipal corporation that imposes an excise or any other tax on the parking, housing, or storage of a motor vehicle in a lot, building, or other facility used for parking, housing, or otherwise storing motor vehicles shall not impose the tax at a rate greater than eight per cent of the fee or consideration charged for the parking, housing, or storage of the motor vehicle.
9 weeks ago
Detroit is razing thousands of homes. It won’t fix much. | Bridge Magazine
AN actual, good, nuanced take; doesn't demonize demolition and realizes that it's necessary in many cases (b/c the 10-15k need to rehab the home won't be recooped by the market);
10 weeks ago
Why did Development Seed abandon Drupal? - Quora
tmcw why they left drupal (b/c poor performance, essentially, esp, w/ map data; drupal is not a good way to store geodata).

11 weeks ago
Manage Leaflet library dependency in composer.json [#2774237] |
good discussion on composer, drupal, and leaflet; (and why this is a pain
drupal  composer 
11 weeks ago
Web Style Guide
by sarah horton, I think this was used/developed in part with the old NYPL guide that's now deprecated.
june 2017
Posters: WPA Posters, Cleveland | Library of Congress
damn, I'd love to see if CPL has more of these...
wpa  cpl  art 
june 2017
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