The Nationalist's Delusion - The Atlantic
a good piece; on the white support of trump; but there were another chart where the white women who had post-grad degrees heavily favored clinton here; so I wonder how the two reconcile (of high income and high education attainment)
harvard's map collection + opengeoportal
good source of old maps, and they're georefenced; alas, only copyright-free stuff is available.
maps  history  digitalcollections 
4 days ago
[no title]
can look into this for the training; open data training ;
opendata  libraries 
12 days ago
Data Equity for Main Street – bringing open data home through local libraries
the knight-funded program that Ann from Cal mentioned to me at cfasummit; check for more information which says curriculum will be shared in summer 18
opendata  libraries 
16 days ago
hell, half of the maps for this on the twitter list.
maps  whydontwe  lets 
19 days ago
The death of interactive infographics? – Dominikus Baur – Medium
reconsidering the benefits of interactive visualizations; born out of the fact that there's been despite all of the work on infographics; little has been done on analytics/metrics for maps and dataviz.
infographics  dataviz  ui  userexperience  shortlist 
4 weeks ago
Learning Materials | Detroit Community Technology Project
esp. ; critical thinking on opendata and policy recommendations so that open data is minimally used to further social and economic inequality.
opendata  civictech  shortlist  justice 
6 weeks ago
Perceptual Edge
guy's acrank, but add to the rss reader.
6 weeks ago
RDC // NACIS 2017
adapting print maps for mobile use
cartography  maps 
6 weeks ago
Problem with SSH keys after reinstall of 18.04 : Ubuntu
remember this when you upgrade;

hostname is the @ name of your system
7 weeks ago
[no title]
from saikocross (lou huang, says it informs his worldview, gives with the creativity message - a lot of it just based on past work that you've done and then
creativity  creating 
7 weeks ago
cleveland civictech opendata collaborative
cleveland civictech opendata collaborative
8 weeks ago
Building Curious GeoGeometries
nice list of sandboxes of turf, leaflet for people to learn, explore.
8 weeks ago
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