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ADD url to my gutenberg issues
3 days ago
Select – GOV.UK Design System
selects are supposively one of the worst to use, use radio box instead.
userdesign  search 
4 days ago
How I changed the law with a GitHub pull request | Ars Technica
Headline slightly misleading but still laudable by joshdata
law  legislation  opendata 
16 days ago
The People's Roadmap to a Digital New York City | BetaNYC
nice list of what the organizations in NYC came together wanted to accomplish.
nyc  civictech  policy  organizing 
5 weeks ago
Amazon.com: Afi Iplaybass Scruggs: Digital Music
should be alfi scruggs (also include bernard pettus who was in a band in the 1990-05-04-rock_hall-update-pg6.jpg
8 weeks ago
Welcome to the Polygon: Contested Digital Neighborhoods and Spatialized Segregation on Nextdoor : Computational Culture
Will Payne

Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley

Publication Date
28th November 2017
11 weeks ago
Xul Solar - Wikipedia
take a look at some of his work, art.
11 weeks ago
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