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Touch the Sky - scrollgirl - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Jamie Rhodes wouldn't be who she is today without her friendship with Tony Stark. The flip side of that is Tony Stark wouldn't be Iron Man without the twenty-five years he's been in love with her. Words:6471
Ironman  fic  Rhodey  Tony/Rhodey  au  genderfuck  pining 
november 2017 by skogsraa
Tomorrow, On the Beach - fabrega - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark wakes up, and he isn't dead. That should be a good thing, right?

Major spoilers for Edge of Tomorrow. As always, thanks to Alex for the help. Words:6685
Ironman  Tony/Rhodey  fic  au  fusion  scifi!au  groundhogday 
december 2016 by skogsraa
Untitled - Belle_Evans - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It's been twenty years. It won't be twenty more.

This was originally written for smallfandomfest and X-posted there and choc_fic on LJ in 2008 for the first Iron Man movie.

The prompt at that time was, Don't ask, don't tell. I wrote this after seeing the first film for the first time. Words:1590
Ironman  fic  Rhodey  Tony/Rhodey  short  angst  firsttime 
may 2016 by skogsraa
takes a lot of love and compliance [antonia stark/james rhodes]
She’s born breech, feet kicking out before the rest of her screams free; she’s born breech, and never stops running. It’s a talent of hers, eventually, bringing the country to its knees with her stilettos leading a charge. She slips out of dark cars with her legs freshly waxed and her calves pressed together, bright red heels making the only statement that matters. 

“I’ve arrived,” says Tony Stark, and if no one hears her, well. That’s not such a problem, is it? She’ll just have to say it louder. 
Ironman  fic  genderfuck  Avengers(2012)  Tony/Rhodey  au 
june 2012 by skogsraa

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