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18F — How To Use GitHub and the Terminal: A Guide
At 18F we hire people from many different backgrounds and each new employee brings a different level of comfort with the specific tools we use on our various projects. The team that runs the 18F website recently started writing down the tools and processes that we use to update the blog and the code that runs the site. We're sharing that with you today.
git  guide  github  terminal  tutorial 
august 2015 by sklise
GitUp is Git the way it should be
git  mac  osx  gui-git 
june 2015 by sklise
git-flight-rules - Flight rules for git - a work in progress!
git  guide  tutorial 
july 2014 by sklise
Git - Revision Selection
A higher probability exists that every member of your programming team will be attacked and killed by wolves in unrelated incidents on the same night.
git  sha1 
september 2013 by sklise
ddollar/heroku-accounts · GitHub
Multiple account management for Heroku in Terminal
heroku  git  terminal 
march 2013 by sklise
hub · the command-line wrapper for git
Excellent CLI app to add github to the git command
git  github 
january 2013 by sklise
Git and Github Resources list from Golan
RT @golan: Git & Gihub resource list has been moved to , sorry @zachlieberman
git  github  resources 
january 2013 by sklise
Git as a text editor for your code.

Revision history isn't set in stone, and here is one pattern to rewrite your history for better debugging and collaboration
git  tutorial  pattern  workflow  @izs  from instapaper
december 2012 by sklise
Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) transform government | Video on
RT @timoreilly: New TED talk by @cshirky: How the Internet will one day transform government via @codeforamerica
git  opensource  ITP  video  residentsDigest 
september 2012 by sklise
Reset Demystified
A great explanation of the different uses of git reset
git  tutorial  programming  reset 
september 2012 by sklise
ec2-webapp/ at master · rsms/ec2-webapp · GitHub
How to set up an ec2 instance and install node.js
ec2  tutorial  git  aws  node.js 
may 2012 by sklise
Semantic Versioning 2.0.0-rc.1
On how to declare version numbers. By Tom Preston-Werner of GitHub
development  programming  software  git 
march 2012 by sklise
defunkt/gist - GitHub
tool to speed up gist creation w/o needing a browser
gist  git  github  terminal 
february 2012 by sklise

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