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HourStack - Do More With Your Time
I don't think it is freemium anymore. This is prob what I'd want if the app you're using is integrated or can get away with free Zapier. doesn't do Zapier triggers though.
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november 2018 by skinnymuch
ATracker - Daily Task and Time Tracking
$3/mo for web app. $5 one time for iOS app. So paying is kind of lame. Plus who knows how long this will last.
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july 2018 by skinnymuch
Everhour: Measure your tasks
Might try using. Seems to have comments? Though they seem like one liners. But still a lot better. No mobile apps though.
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september 2014 by skinnymuch
$7M in funding before even launching the initial iOS app. Dan Ariely is a co-founder.
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august 2014 by skinnymuch
"What did I do this week? Zone is a time tracker for Mac. And much more." "Perfectly integrated Zone waits in the menubar allowing you to start tracking time in two clicks. Projects Track time for every project you're working on, select the best color for each. Reports From reports you can see how you spend your time or you can edit your Zones. Export Select projects, and the time range and get a CSV with all your data." $3
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august 2013 by skinnymuch

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