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Jay-Z goes to the NFL
Article is right. Doesn’t matter where Jay-Z started at this point. He is not with the common man anymore. He’s more like the owners and super elite.
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24 days ago by skinnymuch
Annapurna Faces Bankruptcy or Bailout From Larry Ellison | IndieWire
Annapurna sucks. It ahs relied on using tried and true directors. Or famous directors. And it still can’t do shit. Annapurna puts out a reputation of being indie, risk taking, and for cinema. When it’s a safe stauts quo company, by and large. Meanwhile A24 is succeeding and actually taking far more risks. While also being diversified.
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5 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Plainsboro tutor charged with aggravated sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child
Got sent a text making this guy seem awful. And so does the whole page. But the end says “As is the case with all criminal defendants, the charges against Rawal are merely accusations and he is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”
5 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Disney heiress 'livid' after undercover visit to theme park
I dislike Abigail Disney so much lol.

The piece says she is worth $120M. They don't point at all to where or how that is. I don't buy it if she wasn't sure if Iger is worth more than her or not. Of course he is if you're only worth that much. And yet again the piece has to bring up she has donates $70M over the past 30 years. $100M net worth, u could safely donate $2.5M per year and still have $1.25M per year for spending after taxes.
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8 weeks ago by skinnymuch
The Election Flip-Flop: Democrats Are Defensive and Republicans Are Rebelling on the Road to November | Vanity Fair
This is one of the worst pieces I’ve read. Acting like either party has ever been truly rebelious and not usually going for the status quo. IE the south in civil war wanted their slavery status quo. And then to act like the republicans of today are the rebels trying to upend things. the tea party is funded by billionaires who want the status quo!
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june 2019 by skinnymuch
Trevor Noah Isn’t Sorry for Kids Caught up in College-Admissions Scandal - The New York Times
“The whole country has been rocked by the news that hundreds of parents have been accused of bribing their kids’ way into elite colleges — and also U.S.C.,” Noah said.
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march 2019 by skinnymuch
People Don’t Bribe College Officials to Help Their Kids. They Do It to Help Themselves. - The New York Times
At least one of the students whose parents stand accused of fraud doesn’t appear to have been very interested in higher education in the first place.
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march 2019 by skinnymuch
"The App That Delivers Privilege enables White men to help non-Whites to succeed in life without disrupting existing systems and long-standing traditions."

Lol, trying it now goes to a page that asks for cam permissions to see if you can be a white savior or a non-white savee. Color recognition software ;)
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december 2015 by skinnymuch
He's Still Here Sound Clip and Quote - Hark
"Somebody broke into my house once, this is a good time to call the police, but mm mm, nope. The house was too nice. It was a real nice house, but they'd never believe I lived in it. They'd be like 'He's still here! [whacks the microphone on the stand] Oh my god. Open and shut case, Johnson. I saw this once when I was a rookie. Apparently this nigger broke in and put up pictures of his family everywhere. Let's sprinkle some crack on him and get out of here.'"
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december 2014 by skinnymuch
How Much Your Doctor Received From Medicare -
shows the medicare b costs and reimbursements by doctor for 2012. more than 800,000 doctors in the data
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april 2014 by skinnymuch
Don't End The Week With Nothing
"..I would suggest people not immediately throw their OSS on Github. That makes it very easy for developers to consume your code, but it does not make it easy for you to show the impact of that code to other people, particularly to non-technical stakeholders. To the extent that people's lives are meaningfully improved by your code, the credit (and observable citations) often goes to Github rather than going to you. If you're going to spend weeks or months of time writing meaningful OSS libraries, make a stand-alone web presence for them.

Example: my A/Bingo was once probably the best option for Rails A/B testing, by dint of being the only serious option for Rails A/B testing. It is a little old in the tooth now, but being The A/B Testing Guy got me several consulting gigs. The effort to make e.g. documentation, a quickstart guide, a logo, and a branded web presence beats the heck out of having a junior engineer at a potential client just git clone my Github URL and never have my work exposed to a decisionmaker there at all.

(Much love for Github, guys. Great company, great product, great impact on the industry. I only suggest not using them for a portion of one's projects, for a fairly simple reason: I don't work for them, I work for me. If I don't work for myself, it is unlikely anyone else will.)"
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april 2014 by skinnymuch
Starbucks & The Economist Admit To Using Google+ For SEO More Than Social
"Alex Wheeler, Starbuck’s vice president of global digital marketing, told The New York Times, “When we think about posting on Google+, we think about how does it relate to our search efforts.”

According to the The New York Times report, Starbucks has only three million Google+ followers compared to its Facebook page’s 36 million Likes. The New York Times says Starbucks, “Updates its Google+ page for the sake of good search placement, and takes advice from Google representatives on how to optimize Google+ content for the search engine.”

While The Economist’s senior director of audience Chandra Magee did say journalists at The Economist take advantage of Google+ features like Hangouts, she also commented on how Google+ improves the brand’s SEO efforts.

“There is potential there [on Google+] to help us get in front of new audiences,” Magee told the New York Times, “But it also helps with our SEO strategy because our posts on Google+ actually show up in our search engine results.”

The New York Times reports Google offers brands incentives to sign up on its social media network, giving companies with Google+ profiles, “Prime placement on the right-hand side of the search results, with photos and promotional posts.”"
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february 2014 by skinnymuch
1rash comments on Where did "discussions" button go?
Keeping the flight search filter after removing many others. Little intelligence to having flights there for most searches aside from Google's own benefit of flight searches vs other more actually helpful filters like blogs or discussions
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january 2014 by skinnymuch
gtd - Google Search
Original url of the archived one. As of Jan. 2014, all the links on first page result are for Android Apps on the official Google Play Store site
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january 2014 by skinnymuch
gtd - Google Search
All the top results for most generic-ish queries just list Android apps, Google Play Store, links
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january 2014 by skinnymuch
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