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Keybase is a website, but it's also an open source command line program. Let's walk through a terminal example, which illustrates what Keybase does. All of this can be embedded into other software, written by anyone.

The keybase command to the left looks up your pal, "maria", whom you know on github and twitter. In her case, you get back her usernames, which you recognize.

> keybase id twitter://maria_h20
> keybase id reddit://maria_leah
# etc... these will all find her
Note you also could've referred to her directly by her twitter username, as this command shows.

Either way, Keybase acquires maria's public key, and public announcements of her public key. The keybase server tells the keybase client where she tweeted, where she posted her gist, etc., and the client actually checks all of them.

In maria's case, it also provides a bitcoin address, which she signed with her private key. This signature is verified too. So if you want to send her money, this is safe and easy.
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