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Bloomberg Billionaires Index - Elon R Musk
Ranked #40 on 2017-09-30. Forbes has him at $16.5B in August 2017. Bloomberg has him above $21.5B. The correct number. Thank you! What a boss YTD change. $9B even though that's not really true. SpaceX valuation wasn't a sudden thing. Only the announcing of the funding and valuation was. Still cool that in Dec 2016, even Bloomberg was reporting him at $12.5B+ vs now at $21.5B+. Can't wait for him to close in on or hit $30B net worth in maybe 5 years. And here's hoping closer to $35B than $30B by 2025 (8 years away). BOSS!
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august 2017 by skinnymuch
Elon Musk
As of 2017-July, says $16B net worth. Just wrong! Elon owns roughly over 50% of SpaceX, last valued at $12B in 2015-January. Surely it is worth more 2.5 years later. Owns roughly 20% of Tesla (includes SolarCity). He essentially spent all his previous money on those three companies, so fine, nothing except his stake in these two companies. What about money he cashed out (prob only in SolarCity and Tesla)? -- A 55% ownership of $15B SpaceX is $8.25B. A 20% ownership of ~$60B Tesla market cap is $12B. So that's $20.25B net worth. Surely he has some stuff outside of the stocks. So add another $1.25B. $21.5B net worth. Even if you were to say 50% of $12B of SpaceX, that's still $6B and only $2.25B less than I'm saying. Still gets you $18B of only stake ownership. He could have debts and no assets/cash lol - so say $500M in debt. STILL $17.5B! Going further, if you say 20% of $58B market cap, that's $11.6B. Still $17.1B. Forbes exactly say $15.6B as of 2017-07-05. It's way too low, no matter what. You don't include the taxes he'd have to pay when cashing out, no? lol. -- $16.5B as of 2017-08-07. Luckily Bloomberg seems much better at this. They have him over $21B, as I rightfully have said he should be at.
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july 2017 by skinnymuch - Live cryptocurrency prices, trades, volumes, forums, wallets, mining equipment and reviews. |
"CryptoCompare is an interactive platform where you can discuss the latest Crypto trends and monitor all markets streaming in real time"
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june 2017 by skinnymuch
Blucora - Wikipedia
_Infamous to me for the founder swindling peeps and doing insider trading on the stock of some sorts by selling a ton of shares before the stock went to shit in the dot com bubble. Forgot the details but he made out like a bandit_ "InfoSpace changed its name to Blucora and NASDAQ symbol from INSP to BCOR on June 7, 2012. This event reflected the company's change as the owner of two online businesses, after its acquisition of TaxACT in January 2012, and distinguishes the parent company from its search business operating unit, which is called InfoSpace.[2] Blucora's InfoSpace business provides metasearch and private-label Internet search services for consumers and online search and monetization solutions to a network of more than 100 partners worldwide. InfoSpace's main metasearch site is Dogpile; its other brands are WebCrawler, and MetaCrawler.[3]" Revenue of 228.8M in 2011." _But TaxACT and Monoprice were both purchased for $180M+ each. NVM. They took a huge loss on Monoprice in 2016 and sold it for $40M._
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march 2017 by skinnymuch
Encouraging life improvements through games and slickness
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october 2013 by skinnymuch
My Daily Goals - Matt's Blog - Quora
(Co-founder of Soylent)

"My Daily Goals
Matt Cauble

I have decided that I want to be more creative. To become more creative, I must do more creative things. Every day, I am going to take at least one picture and post the best photo of the day to Instagram. I need the social feedback to remind me that art isn't very good if noone really likes it.

I plan to become really fit, so I will work out every day. If I don't work out that day, it's because I am drinking with friends. That's ok too.

I want to build something people want. Every day I will work on something that I think people want and release that something in 60 days. If I haven't determined if people want what I am making after 60 days, I will stop and move on.

I desire better writing skills. Like my plan for developing more creativity, I will post to this blog once a week. I will spend the week writing the post, iterating, and perfecting. Hopefully I can gain social feedback here too."
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september 2013 by skinnymuch
The Motivation Hacker | Nick Winter
I wrote this book in three months while simultaneously attempting seventeen other missions, including running a startup, launching a hit iPhone app, learning to write 3,000 new Chinese words, training to attempt a four-hour marathon from scratch, learning to skateboard, helping build a successful cognitive testing website, being best man at two weddings, increasing my bench press by sixty pounds, reading twenty books, going skydiving, helping to start the Human Hacker House, learning to throw knives, dropping my 5K time by five minutes, and learning to lucid dream. I planned to do all this while sleeping eight hours a night, sending 1,000 emails, hanging out with a hundred people, going on ten dates, buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, and trying to raise my average happiness from 6.3 to 7.3 out of 10. How? By hacking my motivation.
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september 2013 by skinnymuch
Buy Ads | BuySellAds
Can see how much money sites are making from BuySellAds ads
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august 2013 by skinnymuch
On Giving, Working, and Shutting Up
"Among the filthiest ailments to plague western culture is the idea that making tiny, effortless gestures in opposition to [choose your favorite horrific incident or societal oppression] makes even the tiniest sliver of a difference

Frankly, I’m more than a little surprised at how few people have figured this out, but these half-hearted expressions of solidarity and sympathy are ineffectual and embarrassing

And I’m literally beg of you to stop. Stop talking. Stop pretending

If you really, truly care, then there are two things you can do:

Give (like, the money kind of giving)
Work (like, more than your regular job)

That’s it. That’s how shit gets fixed. It isn’t retweets or liking your college buddy’s Facebook status update or wearing a fucking $3 rubber bracelet

You have discretionary time or discretionary money (or both). You may not think you do, but you really do. Money and time are what fix things in this world. You may not like it, but that’s the fact of the matter

So, if you’re really fired up, go do something

Write a check that’s just a little more than you think you can give. Cancel your golf game and go spend some time serving the oppressed folks you’re so vocally defending. Spend half of your weekend feeding people who are hungry. Call your congressperson every morning and ask your friends and neighbors to do the same

It has to sting; The sting reinforces your desire to see that things are made better and it shows the world that you truly believe it"
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april 2013 by skinnymuch
HORSE HEAD HUFFER - Advertise with Us
A lot of sites focused on Buzzfeed and Reddit humor. User generated content.

_These are some stats of theirs (from Quantcast but directly reported)_
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april 2013 by skinnymuch
Includes Appstorm, FreelanceSwitch, Tuts+, their marketplace, job listings site, and more. The amount of pandering this network does is insane and shows why whitehat and Google rankings are such bullshit.
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july 2012 by skinnymuch

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