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The Journal - The Captains Log
Disorganised and unfocussed? You need The Captains Log! A simple, premium quality journal built with care for personal growth, success and happiness.
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
Awesome IRC logs by [o__o]
"Never miss a message. will watch your favorite IRC channels even when you're offline. Don't hassle with setting up an always-on connection."
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august 2013 by skinnymuch
Web interface for the log module by pepijndevos · Pull Request #325 · znc/znc
"I thought it'd be cool to be able to view logs in the web interface.

It took me forever to write, since it's my first piece of C++."

merge request
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june 2013 by skinnymuch
radar/logs · GitHub
This might be what Ryan Biggs uses for the logs subdomain on his site
@to_do  open_source  parsing  logs  irc  from delicious
may 2013 by skinnymuch
Loggly | Cloud Logging Service
"Application Intelligence
Loggly provides a cloud based application intelligence solution for app developers. Loggly indexes application log data which can be used to troubleshoot, monitor and analyze customer usage."
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september 2012 by skinnymuch
osx - Viewing skype chat history - Super User
Info. about getting raw Skype history that is locally stored in sqlite databases.
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june 2012 by skinnymuch
Log Management and Analysis Service | Logentries
Manages logs, speciailizing in web logs. Heroku log features/management built-in. Free plan allows indexing up to 1GB of logsper month and one week of data storage. Metered Billing - Pay only what you use. $0.99 per GB indexed per month and $0.99 per GB stored per month. Minimum charge is $5 per month.
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june 2012 by skinnymuch

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