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Native Ad Buzz
Their pricing is way too cheap - $47 (tho this one is so simple and basically worthless, just there to make you get the main $97 one. The $797 one is for an agency, basically the same, but "agency" so 10 logins, feature of ad-watch update notifications, and feature of advertiser contact csv - not something i can offer at first, unless their stuff is pretty simple and just a whois crawl into a csv - will check)

@TODO _Another site in the same-ish space of paid software for [affiliate] ad intelligence.

Grab all you can from these and look into them later._

_hm, ad_intelligence is a new tag. what was the tag I was using with that sort of wording before?_

_Just found this as a group related to the previous bookmark of the other closed FB group._

"Discover what's hot and launch winning Native Ad campaigns 1,195,341 Ads, 10 Major Networks, 12 Countries and 5 Device Types"
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