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Craft – Human Capital and Operating metrics for companies
Craft is a machine-learning powered data and analytics platform building the "Source of Truth" on companies, and mapping the global economy. We organize data from thousands of sources to provide comprehensive, up-to-date sector and company profiles, ranging from early-stage to the largest companies in the world.
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
Slack Pricing, Review, Customers, and Alternatives
Share products your company uses and get personalized recommendations
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
Graphtreon: Patreon Earnings + Statistics + Graphs + Rankings
Earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rankings of all Patreon creators updated daily
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
Real-Time Analytics and Data Exploration | New Relic Insights
Seems to be the only other product from New Relic I'd probably use. Maybe their server thing too.
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june 2018 by skinnymuch
Software Development Tools For Diagnosing App Performance Issues
Another app that does too much. Stick to a few strong points. It's .Net and Java only though so doesn't matter for me. Unless that means JVM overall, then it could be possible in future.
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june 2018 by skinnymuch
Reportz- Digital Marketing KIP Dashboards
Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEMRush, Ahrefs, RankRanger,, Facebook [Ads]?, Google My Business, Instagram, SERPStat, Salesflare. Coming soon: SE Ranking, AccuRanker, Woocommerce, Linkedin, Google Sheets, Twitter. -- Can check out RankRanger,, SERPStat, Salesflare, Accuranker, SE Ranking, and bookmark SEMRush and Ahrefs.
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may 2018 by skinnymuch | Fundamental Investing + Machine Intelligence
"Experience the Full Power of
Upgrade to Premium
Growth at a fair price
Access to our proprietary unbiased estimate of “Fair Value”. A great complement to your research.
Find the best ideas, faster
Screen for stocks that match your criteria with ease. Filter based on hundreds of metrics.
Work the way you like
Power your spreadsheets with our Google Sheets and Excel Add-ons. Export data in any format - Excel, Google Sheets, and CSV.
Understand the true value of your holdings
Unrestricted access to the largest public repository of financial models on the internet, updated daily.
Stock Watchlists
Track the stocks you like by creating smart watchlists and views with the metrics you care about.
API Access
Craft unique trading strategies by tapping into's API.
How To Guides
Leverage our step-by-step builders and ever expanding collection of help guides."
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august 2017 by skinnymuch
Foursquare's revenue is at least doubling every year, says its sales boss - Business Insider
This doesn't give ANY actual stats or info. Complete fluff lol. The only info they give is revenue is in triple-digit growth each year for the past three years (2012, 2013, 2014, maybe 2015).
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july 2017 by skinnymuch - Live cryptocurrency prices, trades, volumes, forums, wallets, mining equipment and reviews. |
"CryptoCompare is an interactive platform where you can discuss the latest Crypto trends and monitor all markets streaming in real time"
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june 2017 by skinnymuch
Record Not Found - Open Source Projects Database
"Track & Review Open Source Projects Record Not Found is a place to review & track open source projects. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter" ""I found that I could rely on Record Not Found as a place to find whether an open source library is right for me. Reading other developers' reviews really helps me ascertain which projects might be a good fit for us, and those that might break in production!""
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april 2017 by skinnymuch
After Years of Challenges, Foursquare Has Found its Purpose -- and Profits
reinventing itself as a "location intelligence company for business"...."In the spring of 2016, Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck went on CNBC to make a bold prediction: Chipotle comparable sales would fall by 29 percent in its first quarter.....Two weeks after Glueck’s appearance on CNBC, the Mexican eatery reported sales had fallen 29.7 percent from a year earlier....Three of the top five hedge funds are using Foursquare data to give them an investing edge." ----- Again though actual Foursquare money or stats is barely there. The article repeats twice the goal is $100M in revenue for 2017. No indication if it is realistic, has a good chance of happening, etc. No mention of 2016 revenue or numbers. So I mean come on! What we do know is "And inside Foursquare, Glueck has effectively redefined how to measure its own success. The company managed to raise $45 million in 2016, reportedly at half the $650 million valuation it commanded in 2013. Glueck won’t comment on that. He simply says the company was misunderstood, and now investors recognize that it’s a location intelligence company -- something that should be measured the same way as a services-as-a-software or programmatic advertising firm, which command a fraction of the multiples of sexy social media companies. With the new funding round, Glueck crafted a fresh “cap table,” which means the distribution of ownership was reconstituted. (That’s often the case when a company raises money in a “down round.”)"
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april 2017 by skinnymuch
Coffee Meets Bagel introduces $35/month premium membership to fight ghosting | TechCrunch
"With the Premium membership, CMB is aiming to eliminate ghosting, or quietly disappearing from a conversation with someone you met on a dating site or app.

The biggest feature of CMB’s premium tier is Activity Reports, which show stats on a user’s profile about percentage of times they engage in chats with connections, percentage of the time they send the first message, whether or not they’ve been active in the last 72 hours, and a marker for how long it usually takes that person to respond to messages.

Premium members will also see read receipts for messages they’ve sent, as well as 6,000 ‘Beans’ to spend on other CMB paid features. These include Open Sesame (unlocking mutual friends you have with your match), A/B testing of your profile photo, among other virtual purchases."
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march 2017 by skinnymuch
Owler: Competitive Intelligence to Outsmart Your Competition
"Know your competitor’s next move before it happens The free, must-have platform for outsmarting your competition"
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october 2016 by skinnymuch
Mention alerts for Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Hacker News & Product Hunt -
"Get mention alerts from
Reddit Twitter Tumblr Hacker News Product Hunt " | "Dont Miss Anything
Get alerts when someone mentions your name, brand or domain via
Email, Slack or Webhook

Processing Power
We monitor your brand
We match your campaign phrases against all the comments and posts from:

Statistics included
Statistics Included
We provide you with graphics &
stats about who is talking about you. Identify loyal customers."
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september 2016 by skinnymuch
SurveyMonkey Intelligence - Mobile App Intelligence
"The app intelligence you need to conquer the mobile app market
Get actionable insights on thousands of iOS and Android apps."
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august 2016 by skinnymuch
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