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Uber First Ride Free $30 Credit | Get Your First Ride Free with a $30 Credit
Acting like they have a relation with Uber. But dude is just using his aff stuff.

JUNE 22, 2014
Get your first ride free with $30 credit applied to your account. Get started with the link below, or enter code: “uber30coupon”"
clever  work  affiliates  spammy  coupons  copy  ideas 
july 2015 by skinnymuch
Is ‘Inside Out’ to Pixar what ‘Frozen’ is to Disney lively films? | World News - INTERNATIONAL HEADLINES
Not sure how I got to this page. I think from some Bing search result. It is horrible writing. Too weird to be done by a cheap non-native English copywrite. Def content spinning.

And it ranked..maybe not on Google, but even ranking on Bing and having me click means some people are visiting this site.

Plus, they have two small pics of the movies near the top. So some part is scraping too.
"The latest Pixar movie, Inside Out, is creating an uproar that is similar to the one that Frozen did last year (though not as crazy which could be that this mov"
content_spinning  markov  work  MFA  spam  copy  SEO  blackhat  examples  scraping  ideas 
july 2015 by skinnymuch
Home / Just a Penguin
Just a Penguin provide services and tutorials for users of Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.
simple  information  jailbreaking  up_to_date  copy  references  ideas 
july 2015 by skinnymuch
Download iOS Firmware for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV / IPSW Downloads
Download current and previous versions of Apple's iOS Firmware and receive push notifications when new firmwares are released.
copy  ideas  information  jailbreaking  references  simple  up_to_date  free  iOS  jailbreak  tools 
july 2015 by skinnymuch
Top Business Apps, Best Apps for Small Business | GetApp
__This seems like some BS or just really weak/simple/bad algo.
Insightly is #1? Really? Yeah OKAY. LOL.__

"Top Business Apps for July 2015
The GetApp "Top Business Apps" ranking is based on a composite algorithm that incorporates several criteria, including listing popularity on GetApp, number of user reviews and comments, social media presence such as Twitter and Facebook followers, volume and quality of integration points, and input from analyst reports. Those Apps represent a wide variety of software which enable you to enhance your productivity and your business success. The list is updated monthly and includes the best 25 business apps from this ranking."
user_generated_data  lists  reviews_site  data_driven  user_generated_content  linkbait  reviews  ideas  algorithms  copy  references  clickbait  examples 
july 2015 by skinnymuch
Download iOS Firmware for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV / IPSW Downloads
Download current and previous versions of Apple's iOS Firmware and receive push notifications when new firmwares are released.
simple  jailbreaking  aggregation  up_to_date  copy  iOS  downloads  references  ideas 
july 2015 by skinnymuch Messageboard
New Jersey (NJ) Travel, tourism and vacaction message board and guide.
forums  work  copy  SEO  local  vbulletin  ideas 
june 2015 by skinnymuch
Presidents of the United States facts, presidential trivia, biographies, historic sites, scandals, speeches, research and information sources.
ideas  SEO  copy  content_driven  simple 
may 2015 by skinnymuch
Slack Chats
List of Slack communities. Some ideas borrowed from other sites like upvoting, etc.
chatting  slack  communities  lists  references  ideas  copy 
may 2015 by skinnymuch
Letter Count / Character Count
MFA_esque because of all the added content. And the ads are up there in the top fold. 3 Google ads and a fourth ad/sponsorship (could just be one of their other sites :P, which is also a good idea @ideas)

Simple letter/character counting tool, but then they also give the limits for common big sites, etc, like Twitter, SMS, LinkedIn, eBay, Yelp. They expand on that. And then below also tell you how to character count on some common software.
simple  MFA_esque  web_tools  linkbait  copy  from:delicious  SEO  unique_spin_slightly  features  ideas 
march 2015 by skinnymuch
Boxoh universal package tracking: UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL with RSS and Maps
Exactly as the title says "Boxoh universal package tracking: UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL with RSS and Maps". Super simple interface. Just one text field. And then ads around and some links at the bottom
ideas  copy  copycopy  simple-ish  sites  web_tools  from  delicious 
november 2014 by skinnymuch
Js2coffee: convert JavaScript code to CoffeeScript
"THE JAVASCRIPT TO COFFEESCRIPT COMPILER Js2coffee helps you migrate projects to CoffeeScript"
converters  coffee  coffeescript  javascript  web_tools  ideas  copy  copycopy  web_development  from  delicious 
october 2014 by skinnymuch
ESPN Insider Articles Free
Posting ESPN Insider articles on a Google Adsense ridden site with almost no design. And the scraping is badly done too. But still, def something people want. Found it via a one poster, likely the site owner, posting a link to it in a related forum discussion in early 2013. Site is still up as of late 2014. -- Bottom says: "Powered by"
content_scraping  scraping  ideas  copy  SEO  bluehat  sports  fantasy_sports  paywalls  from delicious
september 2014 by skinnymuch
User Agent DataBase
Network of sites all doing one main automated task and based around data/databases. Network in footer, including: "User Angent DB - MD5 Crack Database - GAE Zip Server - Calendar Online - Today In History Prime Number - IP Location Database - National Geographic Daily Photo - Phone Location Lookup". A few other sites too. Different network sites vary the links in the footer a bit.
web_development  copy  copycopy  SEO  site_networks  web_tools  $database_network  automated  databases  data_driven  from delicious
september 2014 by skinnymuch
Restaurant Recommendations and Reviews |
Scrapes Foursquare tips for example without acting like it does (pretends they are the sites tips/comments)
copy  copycopy  scrapers  directories  automated  from delicious
july 2014 by skinnymuch
Namecheap Coupons - The Namecheap Coupon Gallery
Easy simple thing to do. Content is always going to be the new coupons and other BS.
ideas  copy  simple  basic  SEO  from delicious
january 2014 by skinnymuch strftime reference and sandbox for Ruby, Python, PHP
"strftime reference and sandbox
format dates and times in Ruby, Python, C & PHP with strftime"
ruby  php  python  C  web_tools  ideas  copy  development  from delicious
january 2014 by skinnymuch
MAAS - Memes As A Service
need to do soon. site is going to be taken offline this week
copy  ideas  from delicious
january 2014 by skinnymuch
Check Usernames - Social Media Username Availability
"Powered by KnowEm, Check Usernames allows you to check the availability of your brand or username on 160 popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites.

Also check out our Premium Service, which registers your brand or username on up to 300 popular social media "
web_tools  ideas  copy  simple  web_2.0  accounts  usernames  freemium  from delicious
august 2013 by skinnymuch
Emello, email to trello integration
"Send your email straight to Trello with Emello. You get dedicated custom email addresses for each of your Trello boards. Start sending email to Trello today."
ideas  copy  copycopy  simple  APIs  trello  email  web_tools  web_apps  SaaS  freemium  pricey  trial  ifttt 
august 2013 by skinnymuch - Bookmark your Twitter links
" - Bookmark your Twitter links

This site provides a simple bookmarking service. We follow your twitter feed, and whenever a status you tweet or re-tweet contains URLs, we add them to your favorite bookmarking service: Delicious, Pinboard, Diigo, historious, Instapaper, Pocket (Read It Later), or your own Scuttle server. Optionally, bookmark URLs in @replies to you, and in tweets you mark as Favorites."
free  web_tools  APIs  twitter  linkbait  ideas  copy  simple  bookmarking  from delicious
august 2013 by skinnymuch
"Meet INBOX PAUSE - the paradigm-shiftingest, game-changingest email innovation of 2012! For decades, your Inbox has been under the control of others, who have had the power to interrupt your flow and take over what you are doing. Today, you control when messages appear in your Inbox. With INBOX PAUSE, you can put new messages on hold, making it so they won't appear in your Inbox until you are ready for them. Paradigm shifted. Game changed. "
simple  ideas  copy  linkbait  bootstrap_layout  from delicious
august 2013 by skinnymuch
FollowUp > Email Reminders and Tasks
"Create Reminders on your Email
Never go to your calendar to follow up with someone again, just create a follow up reminder right on the email you're sending. Here are some examples:

Learn more about Setting Reminders »
Snooze LinksSnooze Reminders for later
Snooze Links™ may be the greatest thing someone ever put in an email. Click a link and archive the message, you can deal with it later.
Calendar FeedsCalendar Integration via Feeds
Always see what's coming up with iCal and RSS feeds of your upcoming reminders. Integrate the iCal feed into your calendar or use the RSS feed in your browser.
Gmail HotmailOptimized for Conversations
Our reminders pull the relevant conversation to the top of your inbox. Works with Gmail, Hotmail and other conversation based email systems.
Salesforce Salesforce Integration
Our Salesforce integration saves you from having to log email activity and create follow ups.

Just set one of our reminders on your outgoing email and we'll create the contact if they don't exist, attach your email to their record, and set a native Salesforce Task to follow up with them based on when you set in the reminder."
ideas  copy 
august 2013 by skinnymuch
WhyAZ - Home
Includes "top notch universities" :P

"Perks aside, the best thing about Arizona is the available room to grow. We're a young state (the third youngest in our nation) and not until the 1950s did Phoenix truly begin to blossom.

We are establishing ourselves as a place not only for great weather, but for diverse culture, exceptional education, and competitive careers. There's never been a better time for young people to make an impact.

And really, a place is only as good as the people who live there. So come to Arizona for any of the awesome reasons we listed above, but stay for the community.

Join us and share what you love about Arizona with #whyaz."
linkbait  web_2.0  trendy_look  infographic_esque_look  data  statistics  ideas  copy  from delicious
august 2013 by skinnymuch
The Internet War Report 2013 Infographic - Social Media, OS & Browser Leaders
Lol, uses Statcounter only for stats with no indication of how skewed and weak these stats are for actual real-life usage.

The "stats to tweet" bit, lol
linkbait  spambutnotspam  deceptive  ideas  infographics  copy 
august 2013 by skinnymuch
VPS Comparison Table
"The Cryto VPS list is basically a comparison table for VPS providers, giving an overview of VPS plan specifications, prices, and properties like IPv4/IPv6 connectivity or allowing IRC. It allows filtering by specifications as well as a text search, and users (or VPS providers) can submit additional information themselves."

"*Currently implemented*

Table with specifications
Range filtering
Guaranteed RAM
Burstable RAM
Disk space
CPU cores
Free backup space
Showing additional information for VPS plans
IPv4/IPv6 connectivity
IRC allowed
Shared/Dedicated CPU cores
Overage billing (automated billing for using more traffic than allocated, as opposed to temporary suspension/nullrouting)
Free DNS hosting offered
Virtualization platform
Text search
No referral links or ads :)
1st submission page (rough around edges):"

"*Coming soon*

Proper user submission of providers and plans, plus corrections on existing entries
Display of more information
Server locations
Accepted payment methods
Automatic RDNS (hidden by default)
Filtering by additional information
IRC allowed
IPv4/IPv6 connectivity
Overage billing
Free DNS
Shared/Dedicated CPU cores
Virtualization platform
Payment methods
Server locations
Automatic RDNS"

"*Long(er) term to-do list*

More info about providers
Discount codes
Multiple currencies
Display of prices for billing intervals"

"projects/vpslist.txt · Last modified: 2012/04/13 12:30 by joepie91"
data  linkbait  web_tools  breakdowns  copy  data_driven  lists  comparisons  web_hosting  vps  simple 
july 2013 by skinnymuch
Review Signal - Web Hosting Reviews
"Introducing Review Signal: Transparent Reviews From Social Media

Millions of people share their opinions on social media sites each and every day. Marketing departments are monitoring and using this information to enhance their brands and earn more money. But what do consumers get from all this value they are creating for companies?
Nothing. Until now.
I am proud to introduce Review Signal. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and honest reviews possible by using the data consumers create. We listen to the conversations, analyze them and visualize them for consumers (for free!).
Why Would I Trust That?
Every review is an opinion someone shared publicly. That opinion is linked to an identity somewhere, for example a Twitter account. You're welcome to click on any review and see exactly where it came from and determine if you trust that person and their opinion.
It's all in the math... sort of
You're also welcome to trust Review Signal's ratings. They present an overall picture of a company based on all the messages we've collected about that company. Our math isn't very fancy, it's an approval rating. For example, if 500 people said something positive about company A and 500 said something negative about company A, the rating would be 50%. We also distill the data we collect into trends to see how a company has done over the past 12 months."
homepages  web_hosting  web_tools  ideas  copy  steal  rankings  algorithms  social_media  affiliate_marketing  affiliate_driven  data_driven  @next_web_iterations 
july 2013 by skinnymuch
Remove special characters from your articles - Article Formatter
"What is Article Formatter? There is nothing more frustrating as a blogger, writer and editor to receive a Microsoft Word document or an Open Office document, and place it into your Wordpress blog only to see a ton of invalid characters. This is an issue with how Microsoft Word documents and Wordpress handle special characters like apostrophes, quotation marks and dashes. Microsoft Word uses a system called Windows-1252 while Wordpress uses UTF-8. If you try to place a Word document directly into a Wordpress post, these special characters can reek havoc on the article, especially during Wordpress updates leaving funny looking characters in the middle of your articles. The best way to solve this is to make sure that all the invalid characters are switched from the Windows-1252 format to the UTF-8 format. This is exactly what article formatter does. It strips out all the Word characters and replaces them with Wordpress characters so that you won't get any of the strange looking characters in the middle of your articles. This saves you countless hours of going through article after article replacing these characters by hand. In addition, if you receive articles by email, they can often not format correctly when placed into Wordpress with line breaks in the incorrect places. Article formatter will take care of these breaks so that the article appears with the correct formatting saving you time of having to do it all by hand."
@next_web_iterations  web_tools  ideas  copy  simple  bootstrap_layout  linkbait  MFA_esque 
july 2013 by skinnymuch
Word Counter
"Wordcounter is a word count and a character count tool. Simply place your cursor into the box and begin typing. Word counter will automatically count the number of words and characters as you type. You can also copy and paste a document you have already written into the word counter box and it will display the word count and character numbers for that piece of writing. Knowing the number of words or characters in a document can be important. For example, if the author is required to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an article or paper, word counter can help them know if their article meets these requirements. In addition, word counter automatically shows you the top 10 keywords and keyword density of the article you're writing. This allows you to know what keywords you use most often and what percentage each is used within the article. This can help you from over-using certain words in your writing and allow you to make sure you have the correct keyword distribution you're trying to obtain for any article you write. Word counts can also be important in defining typing and reading speeds. Word counter can help determine both of these. Simply set a timer and start typing and when the time is up, you'll instantly know how many words you have typed for that period of time."
@next_web_iterations  iOS  web_tools  ideas  copy  browser_extensions  linkbait  wordpress_extensions  bootstrap_esque  simple  MFA_esque 
july 2013 by skinnymuch
Web Hosting Benchmarks & Coupons
"For a long time we've believed that the web hosting industry hasn't had enough transparency around performance & uptime. Our aim is to provide a transparent platform that gives you the data you need to make the right decisions when choosing a web host.

What We Do
We've built a method for running UnixBench server benchmarks in the cloud, currently this is only available for Linux based servers. Every benchmark has a unique key that when completed syncs securely with our server & passes the benchmark data back. We use the hostname to check if the server being benchmarked matches up with the host it's attached to, we also look at some other metrics like hard drive space, RAM & the CPU's to make sure the plan matches up.

Once the benchmark is complete we'll send you a report that shows your current plan in comparison to similar plans. For example if you're on a VPS we might show you similar VPS plans with better performance & some lower tier dedicated servers. The benchmark then gets assigned to that host giving us richer data for the next time we run a report. We also have a benchmarks section which groups the data by server type, so you can see the current top performing dedicated servers or cloud providers.

Running the benchmarking script on your server is a completely secure process, we understand that some people may not feel comfortable running a foreign script on their server. Our aim is to be transparent so you can view the code we're executing on GitHub."
affiliate_driven  reviews  reviews_site  comparisons  hosting  benchmarks  vps  dedicated_servers  bootstrap_layout  ideas  affiliate_marketing  copy  steal  rankings  @next_web_iterations  coupons 
july 2013 by skinnymuch | JSON IP
" is a free utility service that returns a client's IP address in a JSON object with support for JSONP, CORS, and direct requests. It serves millions of requests each day for websites, servers, mobile devices and more from all around the world. jsonip has been in service since November 2010."
free  javascript  json  ip_addresses  simple  ideas  copy  linkbait  web_tools 
july 2013 by skinnymuch | Pro - Get unlimited data about your users.
" is a free utility service that returns a client's IP address in a JSON object with support for JSONP, CORS, and direct requests. It serves millions of requests each day for websites, servers, mobile devices and more from all around the world. jsonip has been in service since November 2010.

The basic service has always been free, supports unlimited requests, and will remain so into the future.

IPv6 is coming soon.

Going further with Pro

With the new Pro service, you get special features and even more information about your users:
IP address
SSL access
IP geo location - Country and city to within best available accuracy
ISP Info
Time zone data
Full referer data
Browser and OS info
Unlimited requests (same as free basic service)
JSONP (same as free)
CORS (same as free)


$20 USD per month

Worldwide availability at launch"
pricey  simple  SaaS  ideas  copy  json  Javascript  monthly  B2B 
july 2013 by skinnymuch
Fitbit Flex | Review and Best Place to Buy
Simple exact domain match "blog" that links you to purchase a Fitbit Flex through affiliate links
bluehat  affiliate_driven  MFA  landing_pages  blogs  footprints  ideas  copy  EDM 
july 2013 by skinnymuch
Spotify DeDuplicator
"An easy way to remove duplicate tracks from your Spotify playlists!

Select all tracks in a Spotify playlist
Drag-'n-drop them below
Press Deduplicate!
Drag-'n-drop the result back to Spotify (in a new playlist)"
simple  web_tools  linkbait  spotify  hacks  ideas  copy  from delicious
june 2013 by skinnymuch
ISWiki | Digital Techs
"Keep it Simple
Your online source for computer problems and solutions.
blogs  MFA  spambutnotspam  ideas  copy  simple  Tumblr 
june 2013 by skinnymuch
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