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ATracker - Daily Task and Time Tracking
$3/mo for web app. $5 one time for iOS app. So paying is kind of lame. Plus who knows how long this will last.
web_apps  iOS_apps  paid  SaaS  time_tracking  alternatives  recommendations 
5 days ago by skinnymuch
Adssuccess - Facebook Ads Spy
$97/month or $67/mo if paying for 6 months. -- Should be motivation as the landing page/home page isn't done. And the interface doesn't look very good. Plus the domain is god awful
$AFMA_umbrella  $kippt_bookmark  Facebook  Facebook_ad_spy  SaaS  ad_intelligence  ad_networks  ad_spy  ads  advertisers  affcheaptools  affcheaptools_current  affiliate_marketing  alternatives  home_page  monthly  paid  tools 
5 days ago by skinnymuch
WordPress Git deployments with WP Pusher
You could just set this up yourself super easily. Wordpress stuff is so behind. Though this would come in handy much more if you're on a shared host.
git  wordpress  SaaS  freemium  pricey  dev 
11 days ago by skinnymuch
Software Development Tools For Diagnosing App Performance Issues
Another app that does too much. Stick to a few strong points. It's .Net and Java only though so doesn't matter for me. Unless that means JVM overall, then it could be possible in future.
$AFMA_umbrella  SaaS  analytics  app_monitoring  charts  data_analytics  data_collection  data_driven  dev  trial  pricey_ish  performance_monitoring  does_too_much 
17 days ago by skinnymuch
Treo - Page Speed Monitoring
Around $3 per site/page to monitor for page speed. $29 for 10. $79 for 25.
SaaS  alternatives  middle_priced  pagespeed  paid  pingdom  uptime_monitoring  %product_hunt 
19 days ago by skinnymuch
Adbeat :: About Us
5 employees on LinkedIn. They say "team has grown to 11 cities and 5 different countries". The amount of countries seems too much or all high paying proper jobs. So not sure how many employees they really have. Their SimilarWeb seems to be stronger than WhatRunsWhere. And one more employee on LinkedIn. I guess you could say 1 founder, 9 employees. So, millions in revenue.
research  ad_intelligence  SaaS  acquisitions  numbers  @@Charlie 
20 days ago by skinnymuch
Pathmatics acquires WhatRunsWhere - MarTech Today
One co-founder leaving. "other six employees, including Teitelbaum" will stay. So 2 co-founders and 5 employees. From 2016-11.
research  ad_intelligence  SaaS  acquisitions  numbers 
20 days ago by skinnymuch
Ship by Product Hunt
so this is like mainly a startup-y SaaS serivce. landing page thingy, form for email grabbing, a/b testing, analytics, integrations with other services. not really worth it to pay $566 for 12 months up front, no less, right? .... Saadhh S, [May 28, 2018, 9:26:14 PM]: but the good parts are for Vidtelligence or any other thing we have, it lets you launch on product hunt higher up, some subscriber insights but most of all $5K in AWS CREDITS ... If I bring back DO to AWS, and my S3/Glacier personal stuff, I'd break even in under 4 months.
best_of  SaaS  freemium  integrations  startups  services  aggregation  landing_pages  analytics  @to_check_out 
6 weeks ago by skinnymuch
"Automatically catch visual website bugs.
Spotbot takes screenshots of your web page with iOS, Android, and desktop browsers. When it finds issues, it pings you in Slack."
dev  $tag_from_recent  $tag_from_related  SaaS  copycopy_dev  my_domain  slack_integrations 
7 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Free Cross Browser Testing Tool on Cloud - LambdaTest
Finally another freemium product. It's good if ever entering this field that most aren't freemium
$kippt_bookmark_lists  SaaS  browser_automation  copy_future_maybe  dev  freemium  ideas  selenium  trial  web_automation 
7 weeks ago by skinnymuch
CallUnblock - Unblock Blocked Caller ID!
Why does this cost $3-4 a month!? Doesn't specify if it can blacklist. Seems like someone affiliated with the company was trying to get the name out on forums. A bit too directly.
iOS  apps  SaaS  pricey 
7 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Easy Budget Templates and Financial Spreadsheets
I'd never use this. I don't like spreadsheets that much in the first place, but now doing all finances in Google Sheets too? Ahh!
SaaS  trial  paid  spreadsheets  google_sheets 
7 weeks ago by skinnymuch
ShipMonk | Fulfillment Center | eFulfillment Services
$250 monthly minimum. Currently what I'm thinking we might use if they allow us to just do returns and then fulfilling those returns with them. Seems like they might not mind, since they get the $250/month minimum.
$project_2018_ecommerce  dropshipping  SaaS  paid  shipping  fulfillments 
8 weeks ago by skinnymuch
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