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Mastermind - Voice AI
Mastermind is your cross-platform AI that helps your get things done on any voice enabled device such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple iPhone.
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april 2019 by skinnymuch
Sunset Micro Journal
only supports 11.2 or above. good reviews. assuming exporting is available
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september 2018 by skinnymuch
WP Inspect |
Potentially abandonware. Only a 1.0. And a year ago updated.
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july 2018 by skinnymuch

Are you an audiophile? With this simple test you'll be able to find out whether you can hear the difference between a low quality song and a two-and-a-half times larger high fidelity mp3 file. Is the difference as big as you expected?"
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march 2017 by skinnymuch
Business Book Summaries, Know More in Less Time - getAbstract
Know More in Less Time. getAbstract is the world’s largest library of business book summaries, read in less than 10 minutes on your PC, smart phone or tablet.
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june 2015 by skinnymuch
Interactive Sex Questionnaire for Couples | Mojo Upgrade
"Mojo Upgrade is an interactive sex questionnaire for couples. We present a list of sexual fantasies to both partners separately and have them indicate their level of interest. After the couple has finished the survey, we compare the answers. If you both gave a positive response to an activity, then we'll share it; if not, we don’t. That way if your partner is not game to watch midget porn with you, they won't know."
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december 2014 by skinnymuch
Blinkist: Serving curious minds.
"More than 400 books Business, psychology, self-help, and more. Everything you want to read about you’ll find in the Blinkist library. And with 40 new books every month, you’ll never run out of new things to learn."

~15 minute summaries for a number of books. Pretty interesting concept.
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september 2014 by skinnymuch
cantino/huginn · GitHub
"What is Huginn? Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Huginn's Agents create and consume events, propagating events along a directed event flow graph. Think of it as Yahoo! Pipes plus IFTTT on your own server. You always know who has your data. You do. the origin of the name This is just getting started, but here are some of the things that you can do right now with Huginn: Watch for air travel deals List terms you care about and receive emails when their occurrence on Twitter changes drastically. (For example, want to know when something interesting has happened in the world of Machine Learning? Huginn will watch the term "machine learning" on Twitter and tell you when there is a large spike.) Track the weather and get an email when it's going to rain (or snow) tomorrow Follow your project names on Twitter and get updates when people mention them Scrape websites and receive emails when they change Track your location over time"
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october 2013 by skinnymuch
" Exercise your Brain Crowd-sourced code reviews on daily practice problems. Start Now Practice We give you a README and a test suite. You make the tests pass... but that's just the first step. The goal is to focus on expressive, readable code. Work locally in your usual environment using your usual tools. We have practice problems in Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript, and Clojure, and other languages are in the pipeline."
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july 2013 by skinnymuch

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