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Create a Self-Signed Certificate for entitlements iOS 11, iOS 12 Jailbreaking
Create a Self-Signed Certificate
Open up the Keychain Access app located in /Applications/Utilties/Keychain Access

From the application menu open Keychain Access -> Certificate Assistant -> Create...
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march 2019
iMacros V10.X License/Keys - 2014

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july 2018
Info about the top chosen Task Management apps for anyone including @@Harsh
- Habitica is on its own for what it does. It gamifies things. It's extremely popular among the geek crowd for this reason.

It is pretty minimal yet semi-robust for setting things up. It has much m...
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october 2017
Xvfb Visible Display Number
Xvfb: "However display with number other than :0 is not visible by default. How do I make it visible to actually see what selenium is doing in the browser?"

Ah so display 0 is how you get it to be ...
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january 2017
Dave Chappelle quote to audience in 2004 before his hiatus, "You’re not smart enough to get what I’m doing.”
Dave Chappelle performs at the Laugh Factory in 2004. Chappelle took a hiatus from comedy after telling an audience, “You’re not smart enough to get what I’m doing.” (AP)
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january 2016
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A few random generated on Mac using http://cl.ly/Qi0Q

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august 2013
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august 2013
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