Between the Lines: The Beatles
Discussion of meter in poetry using pop music as an example.
november 2013
Creative Link Effects
Examples of using CSS to create interesting links.
august 2013
Highlander: The Raven | The Screamsheet
An analysis of where Highlander: The Raven went wrong.
fandom:Highlander  type:discussion 
june 2013
'Babylon 5' Creator Fulfills Promise to Late Star at Phoenix ComiCon Panel
Notes on JSM's panel at Phoenix ComiCon 2013 where he tells stories about various B5 cast members who have died.
fandom:Babylon5  type:interview 
may 2013
A Very Long Summer by calathea
There's nothing finding slash fic for a favourite childhood book. :D
fandom:IWantToGoHome  rec  type:fanfic 
october 2012
Hawks & Hands by Dira Sudis
Everyone as hockey players. One of my all-time favourite AU stories in any fandom.
fandom:DueSouth  pairing:BentonFraser/RayKowalski  rec  genre:au 
september 2012
Mark/Todd AU by colleen
A gorgeous AU to "The Blue Line" where Mark doesn't take the bribe and instead leaves hockey later on, for other reasons and meets up with Ben under other circumstances.
fandom:DueSouth  rec  pairing:BentonFraser/RayKowalski  pairing:MarkSmithbauer/OC  genre:established.relationship 
september 2012
With Six You Get Eggroll by Speranza
I love this story, especially the discussion between Fraser and Stella about what they were each looking for.

Fraser would totally have known that women's Olympic hockey would be a sport in 2010, though. The first game was in '98!
genre:kid.fic  pairing:BentonFraser/RayKowalski  fandom:DueSouth  rec  genre:established.relationship 
september 2012
Followup for “Geek” – Whatever
Scalzi's second response to the cosplayer poaching CNN article.
september 2012
newbieguide: Fandom: due South
A list of all Due South-related LJ communities.
august 2012
Anima by j_s_cavalcante
Ray Kowalski knew he was dreaming, because he was a woman.
fandom:DueSouth  type:fanfic  pairing:BentonFraser/RayKowalski  rec 
july 2012
Post CotW. Ray returns to Canada (and Fraser) after being wounded in the line of duty. Long, with great characterization and actual plot.
genre:first.time  genre:canadian  fandom:DueSouth  type:fanfic  pairing:BentonFraser/RayKowalski  rec 
july 2012
Epithets: Fandom's Designated Hitters
Good discussion of when and how to use epithets in fanfic.
june 2012
Military discharge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Why John Sheppard will never be dishonorably discharged, no matter what fanfic or canon might say.
april 2012
Request #14529
sg_five_things support request re. out-of-order posts
march 2012
Ikea Porn
What REAL Ikea porn would look like.
type:fanfic  genre:humour 
january 2012
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