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It's Nice That | "Are we any wiser about how ideas work?": How to spark worthwhile creative ideas in 2019
_Towards the end of 2018 WeTransfer released its Ideas Report digging into where, why and how creative ideas develop and reach fruition. Below Rob Alderson, VP of content and editor-in-chief at WeTransfer, shares his five key learnings as a guide to developing ideas to inform your creative practice this coming year._
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9 weeks ago by sjmarshy
The Future-Altering Technologies We Forgot to Invent
That’s too bad, because Neil Gaiman calls him “the finest living male American writer of SF and fantasy” and “possibly the finest living American writer.” Wolfe has won many of speculative fiction’s…
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november 2018 by sjmarshy
Learning to see by looking at the world one piece at a time
This excerpt from Aaron Rose’s documentary Become A Microscope shows Corita Kent with her students, using what she called “finders” to learn how to see with
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november 2018 by sjmarshy

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