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a place to discuss developing and using the entropic package manager
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2 days ago
Share any file fast and private over blockchain technology.
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2 days ago
The Complete Standard Metagame: What Beat What in June’s Events?
Channel Fireball provides comprehensive content about Magic: the Gathering singles, strategy, cards, decks.
magic-the-gathering  metagame 
3 days ago
Mongodb's plan to limit breaches: "Field Level Encryption" / Boing Boing
Many large-scale data-breaches involve attackers gaining access to administrators' database logins; from there, they can clone the whole database and plunder it at will; but leading nosql database vendor Mongodb proposes to add another layer of security it's calling "Field Level Encryption" which encrypts the data in database fields with its own key -- possibly…
crypto  nosql 
4 days ago
8 Simple Rules for Playing in My Commander Group | Article by Jason Alt
Rare Board Games, mtg, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, rpg, Role Playing Games, Dungeons and Dragons, and many more games and supplies for sale. Fast shipping and friendly customer service.
mtg  commander 
13 days ago
entropic-dev/entropic: 🦝 a package registry for anything, but mostly javascript 🦝 🦝 🦝
🦝 :package: a package registry for anything, but mostly javascript 🦝 🦝 🦝 - entropic-dev/entropic
decentralisation  javascript  package-management 
14 days ago
To avoid moral failure, don’t see people as Sherlock does | Aeon Ideas
Elementary, my dear Sherlock: it’s moral failure to see people as objects to be studied or as evidence to be interpreted
racism  identity  perception  society  humanity 
4 weeks ago
TempleOS: 1 - Installation - Christine Dodrill
TempleOS: 1 - Installation - Christine Dodrill's Blog
templeos  terry-a-davis 
4 weeks ago
How Feynman Diagrams Revolutionized Physics | Quanta Magazine
In the late 1940s, Richard Feynman invented a visual tool for simplifying particle calculations that forever changed theoretical physics.
Physics  feynman 
4 weeks ago
Working with time - Austin Kleon
At the Chicago Public Library stop of the Keep Going tour, Eddie Shleyner asked me, "Do you ever feel like no matter how much work you do, you can or should be
productivity  time 
5 weeks ago
carbonfootprint.com - Home of Carbon Footprinting
Leading online carbon footprint calculation tools and information to help reduce and offset your emissions - for business and individuals.
carbon  offset  tools 
5 weeks ago
After a Death Occurs: A Checklist
Here is a checklist of important things to do when someone close to you dies in Washington State.
reference  death  checklist  tools 
5 weeks ago
GitHub - NVIDIA/nvidia-docker: Build and run Docker containers leveraging NVIDIA GPUs
Build and run Docker containers leveraging NVIDIA GPUs - NVIDIA/nvidia-docker
tools  docker  nvidia  graphics 
5 weeks ago
GitHub - modernserf/zebu: A compiler for little languages in tagged template strings
A compiler for little languages in tagged template strings - modernserf/zebu
plt  compiler  dsl 
5 weeks ago
Elegant READMEs
The README document is the most important piece of documentation your project can have; how to design it right is a big question; here is my cheat-sheet.
5 weeks ago
On Monks and Email - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
Medieval monks thought a lot about thinking. As University of Georgia history professor Jamie Kreiner elaborates in a recent Aeon article: "Their job, more
creativity  thinking  productivity 
5 weeks ago
On the Utility Fallacy - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels A few years ago, I wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review's website about the excesses of email culture. In
utility-fallacy  productivity  mental-health 
5 weeks ago
GitHub - dbalan/pipet: Personal snippet manager, store bits of text.
Personal snippet manager, store bits of text. Contribute to dbalan/pipet development by creating an account on GitHub.
tools  snippets 
5 weeks ago
Using TLA+ to Model Cascading Failures – Marianne Bellotti – Medium
TLA+is traditionally used to model the algorithms that power distributed systems. However, most engineering teams do not build their own message queues, they install and configure multiple solutions…
tla+  modelling 
5 weeks ago
Lispier Rust with Generics | Something Something Programming
In Lisp, as in languages like Python, there are no types. No, wait, there is just one type, and everything is that type. No, that’s not right either. Well, whatever the types really are, it certainly feels from the programmer’s perspective like there are no types, because types are never or only rarely declared. C is not like this, because in C you’re constantly declaring types and casting and so forth.
lisp  rust  generics 
5 weeks ago
DUNGEONFOG | RPG Map Tool & Notes Editor / Dungeonfog
Online authoring tool to draw rpg maps & dungeons, create dynamic notes and share your maps online. Create dungeons, world maps and more with the easy to use map editor and create your game master notes dynamically.
role-playing  tools  mapping 
6 weeks ago
Firefox Send
Encrypt and send files with a link that automatically expires to ensure your important documents don’t stay online forever.
tools  file  filesharing 
7 weeks ago
Seventh Sanctum - Bookspinner
A site of generators to randomly produce concepts, characters, and descriptions for stories, role-playing games, and art, as well as have fun and alleviate creative blocks.
generator  role-playing 
7 weeks ago
Testing AI with Metamorphic Testing – TrustableAI – Medium
Testing machine learning and AI algorithms is hard. We discuss metamorphic testing, which has shown many promising results and detects many defects in popular software such as GCC and LLVM.
testing  software-development  artificial-inteligence 
7 weeks ago
Myth-Weavers is an online community that focuses on play by post gaming. We are home to hundreds of active games, many still recruiting. Our character sheet system supports dozens systems, including d20, GURPS, WoD, and even the new D&D4e. Come join our ever-growing community of thousands of active members!
role-play  tools  character-sheet 
8 weeks ago
Generators Guide to Dungeons - Rand Roll
A wide broken statue in a dark cliff side marks the entrane to this dungeon. Beond the broken statue lies...
Find out what tools and random charts there are for visualising, detailing and expanding your Dungeon...
generator  rpg  role-play  table-top 
9 weeks ago
Top physical games - itch.io
Find physical games like The City Where the Colors, What Dust Remains, The Forgotten Abbey, Ryne, Hot Librarians on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace.
roleplaying  books  games 
9 weeks ago
Perilous Intersections.pdf
Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
rpg  system  solo  table-top 
10 weeks ago
Creative Idea Generator - Random Word Generator
On-line idea generator. Random Word Generator. Simple, fun, innovative source of inspiration for creative ideas that are truly awesome. Brainstorming, flash fiction, games, word clouds, freestyle rap and more.
generators  rpg  table-top 
10 weeks ago
Resources & Other Downloads | Burn After Running: RPG One-Shots
Here you'll find pregens, adventures, and other home-made creations to aid running one-shots. They're organised by game system, and added as and when I get round to uploading them. 7th Sea (2nd Ed) Pregens for a starter adventure; these are designed for general ne'er-do-wells around Theah Dungeon World The Forest of Doom, a one-shot adapted…
rpg  table-top  resources 
10 weeks ago
How I'm still not using GUIs in 2019: A guide to the terminal
TL;DR: Here are my dotfiles. Use them and have fun.
cli  tools 
10 weeks ago
Storing UTC is not a silver bullet | Jon Skeet's coding blog
Note: this is a pretty long post. If you're not interested in the details, the conclusion at the bottom is intended to be read in a standalone fashion. There's also a related blog post by Lau Taarnskov - if you find this one difficult to read for whatever reason, maybe give that a try. When…
time  software  utc 
10 weeks ago
Understanding Futures In Rust -- Part 1 | Viget
Futures make async programming in Rust easy and readable. Learn how to use futures by building them from scratch.
rust  futures  software  development 
10 weeks ago
Replace Your To-Do List With Interstitial Journaling To Increase Productivity
Here’s the basic idea: instead of tracking your work with a to-do list, track your work with a journal. For this tactic, journaling in Evernote or Notepad is fine. A paper journal would be fine too…
journaling  productivity  interstitial-journaling 
10 weeks ago
OWASP/CheatSheetSeries: The OWASP Cheat Sheet Series was created to provide a concise collection of high value information on specific application security topics.
The OWASP Cheat Sheet Series was created to provide a concise collection of high value information on specific application security topics. - OWASP/CheatSheetSeries
software-development  cheatsheet  security 
12 weeks ago
List of websites, ebooks, downloads, etc. for mobile users and people too lazy to read the sidebar. : learnmath
r/learnmath: Post all of your math-learning resources here. Questions, no matter how basic, will be answered (to the best ability of the online subscribers).
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