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The Boy From New York City [by Traincat, Peter/Johnny]
Central City, California is beautiful, but it’s not where Johnny wants to be – and he’s not who he wants to be, either. Inspired by the recent return of Spider-Man, Johnny convinces the newly minted Fantastic Four to return to the Baxter Building, the site of the incident that gave them their powers. But not everything is what it seems, and worse yet, Spider-Man wants nothing to do with the Human Torch.

In the wake of Gwen’s death, Peter has finally put the mask back on, but nothing’s the same as it once was, and the thrill has gone out of Spider-Man. The Fantastic Four’s arrival only makes everything worse. The Human Torch is good looking, he’ll give him that much, but Peter has no plans of making friends. A series of strange attacks and a fateful encounter on the docks may not leave him much choice.
type:fanfic  fandom:spiderman  fandom:fantasticfour  wc:40000+  author:traincat  genre:slash 
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Room to Grow [by Traincat, Ronan/Adam]
Adam stared down at the dragon. The dragon stared up at Adam.

"Mrrp?" the baby dragon said, sounding just like a kitten. Ronan hoisted the hand it was attached to higher, daring Adam to say anything.

"Get in the car," Adam said after a long moment. "I'm getting dressed."
type:fanfic  fandom:ravenboys  genre:slash  wc:5001-10000  author:traincat 
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Bringing Things Together [by blacktofade, Ryan/Shane]
“Look,” Shane says over the phone. “Mistakes were made.”

“Mistakes,” Ryan repeats.

“I’ve got myself in a pickle.”

“What have you handcuffed yourself to?” Ryan asks, cutting to the chase and there’s a pointed pause from Shane on the other end. Ryan actually has to check to make sure the call hasn’t dropped.

“That’s not important,” Shane eventually says.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  theme:kink  wc:5001-10000  author:blacktofade 
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We've Got Chemistry [by dr_girlfriend, Derek/Stiles]
“So…” The man was at the door to a shed now. “The previous owners left everything, so I think there should be everything you need. But let me know if you need me to pick up anything, or if you prefer, you can buy it and I’ll reimburse you…”

“Everything I need?” Stiles repeated. He had obviously missed something.

“You know.” The man smiled again, a little more cautiously. He was looking at Stiles as if he were a bit mentally-challenged. “To clean the pool.”

“To clean the pool,” Stiles repeated. He looked around. Then he looked down at himself, taking in his stained shirt, cargo shorts, and raggedy Converse.

“Oh!” he said. “Because I’m the pool guy.” And that’s not what he meant to say at all. He meant to say, “You think I’m the pool guy.”
type:fanfic  fandom:teenwolf  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:10001-20000  author:dr_girlfriend  pairing:derek/stiles 
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You Make the World Seem Bigger [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
The creature stirs. She squirm-drags herself down until she’s on Ryan’s belly, and then she noses at the pocket of his hoodie. Ryan gently tucks her in so only her head is visible, and they both watch as she sighs happily and burrows into the warmth.

Ryan looks up at him, beaming. It is, Shane has to admit, very cute.

“Ryan Bergara, Father of Goat-Dragons,” Shane says. “I can’t believe she already likes you best.”

“Yeah, well,” Ryan says. “You tried to name her Snooki and turn her over to the state of California, so you reap what you sow.”

OR: Ryan and Shane film a Supernatural episode in the Pine Barrens on the elusive Jersey Devil. They don’t manage to find it, but a few months after filming, one definitely finds them. And it’s decided they’d make great adoptive parents.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  author:beethechange  wc:40000+  genre:kidfic  genre:rpf 
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two days in canto bight [by topaz119, Han/Lando]
Han was a couple of seconds away from walking when a familiar, amused voice drawled, "Well, if it isn't the captain of the Millenium Falcon himself," and he turned around to find Lando Calrissian smirking at him.

In which Han asks for a few things he hadn't expected.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:slash  wc:5001-10000  author:topaz119  pairing:han/lando  theme:kink 
12 weeks ago by siria
Far Too Many Bats [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
Next thing he knows, Shane’s kneeling in front of him at the side of the bed, forcing uncomfortable eye contact and smiling uncertainly. His hair’s wet and he smells good from the shower, spicy black pepper and coriander thanks to that fancy body wash he seems to use only when he travels.

“Your pupils are still dilated,” Shane says. “Did you do hard drugs when I wasn’t looking, or is this some kind of lasting bat-related trauma that you’re going to need therapy for when we get back to L.A.?”

“The batter,” Ryan says. “Uh. The latter. I’ll put it on BuzzFeed’s tab.”

Or: Following a harrowing experience filming at Yuma Territorial Prison, Ryan's desperate to find a way to stop thinking about bats (hearing bats, smelling bats...). Shane has some ideas because he is a helpful problem-solving sort of person.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:hurtcomfort  genre:rpf  wc:5001-10000  author:beethechange 
january 2019 by siria
that first, initial feeling [by varnes, Ryan/Shane]
“You’re called the Treasure Chest,” Shane says blankly to the man behind the counter, who is looking at him with a completely neutral expression. His name tag suggests that he is called Ryan. “It’s -- literally every sex shop in the history of sex shops was called The Treasure Chest. I’m pretty sure it’s in the by-laws.”

“The by-laws ... for sex shops?” Ryan asks.

Shane fixes him with a look. He sells crystals, which means he’s a con man, which means he’s a deviant of at least some kind, which means he’s been to a sex shop and he knows exactly what Shane means. “Listen,” Shane says, and then nothing else, because Ryan The Counter Man pulls an arm behind his head to stretch and the sight of his surprisingly beefy arms short-circuits Shane’s brain.

The man blinks patiently at him. “I’m listening,” he says, encouragingly.

OR: An AU in which Ryan runs a crystals store, and Shane is beguiled by him anyway.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:5001-10000  author:varnes  genre:rpf 
january 2019 by siria
Risky Business [by Skoosiepants, Stiles/Derek]
Stiles stumbles back when Derek takes a step toward him, but still says, "Tell me, did you offer Isaac, Erica and Boyd 'the bite,' too?" He's not proud of the air quotes he uses, but it's too late to rethink them now—Derek lunges at him with a growl and Stiles trips over his own feet and falls on his ass on the rocky ground. "What the fuck, Derek?"

"You don't know what you're talking about," Derek says. He crouches over Stiles, insanely thick thighs bracketing Stiles's raised knees. His eyes flash red.

Stiles sucks in a breath, heart beating high and terrified in his throat. He barely has enough breath to rasp, "What the fuck?" again.

There's a growl low in Derek's chest. He says, "You can tell Scott that if he shows up with you, the deal's off."

or -

An AU where Scott was never bit by Peter Hale, Derek actually manages to be a good alpha, and Stiles gets kidnapped a lot.
type:fanfic  fandom:teenwolf  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:10001-20000  author:skoosiepants  pairing:derek/stiles 
january 2019 by siria
essential nature [by etben, Beverley/Peter]
“So you kissed him,” Val said, “then what?”

OR: three conversations and a dream (feat. Peter Grant)
type:fanfic  fandom:riversoflondon  genre:slash  genre:het  wc:1001-5000  author:etben 
december 2018 by siria
#blessed [by thehoyden, Ryan/Shane]
Of course Shane would rather not work; he’d like it to be like the good old days, and who wouldn’t? But a demon’s gotta eat, and he can’t even get a discount on his rent because it turns out it’s a lot harder to influence faceless companies with ominous dreams. Ergo: gainful employment at Buzzfeed.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:au  genre:hurtcomfort  wc:5001-10000  author:thehoyden 
december 2018 by siria
The Sad Intangible [by trinityofone, Shane/Ryan]
“You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Ryan jokes.

Shane swallows heavily. “I think I did.”
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  wc:1001-5000  author:trinityofone  genre:rpf 
december 2018 by siria
i wanna see you lookin' up [by sarcasticfishes, Ryan/Shane]
“I have a theory that you’re the best here at giving head.”

Shane misses his mouth with his drink, and absolutely does not notice.

“You have?”

“Out of everyone here, yeah. Theoretically. In my opinion. That’s the game,” Ryan replies, and Shane can’t tell if Ryan’s actually desperately trying to keep his cool and succeeding, or he’s just drunk enough that he doesn’t care that he’s just said that. “You just have that vibe.”
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  wc:1001-5000  genre:rpf  theme:intoxication  author:sarcasticfishes 
december 2018 by siria
only happy accidents [by varnes, Ryan/Shane]
In hindsight, Shane is too old to have thought that friends with benefits was something that the two of them would be able to pull off. He’s had friends with benefits before that worked beautifully, but they were not with people whose jobs were tied up in his own, whose friendships were as closely interwoven into Shane’s everyday life as Ryan’s is. He’d thought these were the very things that could keep it from getting weird, because they were such good buddies, Ryan would be solidly cemented as his pal that nothing could shift him.

This was a miscalculation, on Shane’s part.


OR: Lots of friends sleep together casually without it getting weird. Surely Ryan and Shane can, too.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  author:varnes  wc:5001-10000 
december 2018 by siria
That Darn Heart [by drunkkenobi, Ryan/Shane]
Shane gets a little upset at some Reddit comments and writes a rebuttal. Ryan finds out and you'll never guess what happens next!
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  wc:1001-5000  author:drunkkenobi  genre:slash  genre:rpf 
december 2018 by siria
A Suspicion of Feelings [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
Ryan’s not precious about sex, and they’ve already done it once. It should be the easiest thing in the world for Ryan to be like, “Hey, remember that time I penetrated you with a variety of sex toys? Let’s do that again some time.”

But every time he thinks about saying it something twinges inside him, deep, that stops him in his tracks. He feels—on the hook. Like he has something to lose.

Ryan’s living in his worst nightmare: a PG-rated romantic comedy, the kind that airs on the Hallmark Channel in December. The kind where all the characters learn the true meaning of Christmas but nobody comes.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  author:beethechange  wc:10001-20000  genre:slash  genre:rpf  theme:kink 
november 2018 by siria
Hold Me Down [by coffeeinallcaps, Finn/Poe]
Finn moves ever so slightly, and Poe’s mouth goes slack, his eyes dipping shut. He moans Finn’s name in a way he’s never moaned Finn’s name before, quiet and pleading. He’s clenching down around Finn, head thrown back into the pillow, his chest rising and falling rapidly, and Finn realizes, with sudden clarity, He wants me to fucking wreck him.

It’s a bewildering thought.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  wc:5001-10000  author:coffeeinallcaps  genre:slash  theme:kink  genre:bdsm  pairing:finn/poe 
november 2018 by siria
the thing that isn't a thing but might on the other hand be a thing [by ByJuniper, Ryan/Shane]
The conventions of horror stories and love stories are both all about the mounting dread. Also, Ryan was sure the Airbnb he booked said it had two beds.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:1001-5000  author:byjuniper 
november 2018 by siria
The Better Person [by sixthlight, Peter/Nightingale]
“It’s such a pity you’re still my boss,” Thomas said mournfully. (In the same universe as The Right Sort).
type:fanfic  fandom:riversoflondon  genre:slash  genre:au  author:sixthlight  wc:1001-5000 
november 2018 by siria
Plus One [by potentiality_26, Garak/Bashir]
“How are you, Garak?” Julian asked when he sat down. Complicated though things had been between them ever since Elina’s engagement, he was still happy to see his friend whenever he did. In truth, Garak had been cool with him since before the engagement- he had been cool with him since he came to Cardassia- but it wasn’t until after the engagement that Julian finally realized the indefinable something that had been missing from their friendship since they both left Deep Space Nine was that Garak was no longer flirting with him.

Julian works in a hospital on Cardassia after the war and learns some new things.
type:fanfic  fandom:startrek  genre:slash  genre:futurefic  wc:5001-10000  author:potentiality_26  pairing:bashir/garak 
november 2018 by siria
The No Luck Club [by manic_intent, Scott/Jimmy]
“Guys,” Kamala whispered, as Cindy worked on the top floor window latch of the house, “this is a really, really bad idea.” She was flattened between the sill and the next window, having stretched out her arms and legs to help lift Yukio up.
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  fandom:avengers  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:20001-40000  author:manic_intent  pairing:scott/jimmy  character:kamalakhan 
november 2018 by siria
Letters from the Northern Continent [by thehoyden, Garak/Bashir]
It just figured that the first time Julian Bashir set foot on Cardassia after the war, it would be halfway around the world from Elim Garak.
type:fanfic  fandom:startrek  genre:slash  genre:futurefic  wc:5001-10000  author:thehoyden  pairing:bashir/garak 
october 2018 by siria
Exile [by thehoyden, Bashir/Garak]
Exile was certainly dark, but in Julian Bashir's case, it was warm and humid instead of numbingly cold.
type:fanfic  fandom:startrek  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:5001-10000  author:thehoyden  pairing:bashir/garak 
october 2018 by siria
Trancendentally Untranslatable [by spyrograph, Garak/Bashir]
Four months into his six-month sentence, Garak faked a stomach ailment and refused to let anyone examine him except Bashir. The doctor was not pleased by the deception.

“I have [empty] to say to you, Garak.”

“Just one word, doctor. That’s all I ask.”

“One word.”

“[DECLARATIVE, FUTURE INDEFINITE, sacrifice]“ Garak said, knowing that it would not translate properly.
type:fanfic  fandom:startrek  genre:slash  wc:1001-5000  author:spyrograph  pairing:bashir/garak 
october 2018 by siria
Give My Love a Four Letter Name [by brinnanza, Garak/Bashir]
Surely the changeling’s performance had been flawless. Surely there had been no clues, no way to tell the impostor from the real Julian Bashir, even for a former member of the Obsidian Order trained by Enabran Tain himself.
type:fanfic  fandom:startrek  genre:slash  genre:episodecoda  wc:1001-5000  author:brinnanza  pairing:bashir/garak 
october 2018 by siria
how much of the map (those undiscovered places) [by susiecarter, Garak/Bashir]
Julian wakes lying on his front, with a mild but insistent headache, an uncomfortably dry throat, and a dim sense that the bed he's in is not his own. And he's right: it's Garak's.

Because he and Garak got possibly a little bit too drunk at Quark's, and then possibly also a little bit married on top of it, and there's just no way this is going to be anything but a disaster.
type:fanfic  fandom:startrek  genre:slash  author:susiecarter  wc:5001-10000  theme:intoxication  pairing:bashir/garak 
october 2018 by siria
Everyone Around Here Gets a Little Strange [by skoosiepants, Derek/Stiles]
Stiles isn’t trying to take away from Rapp’s pain here, but before he beamed down from the Daedalus, Derek was down to only yelling at Stiles sixty percent of the time, and twenty percent of their remaining lab shifts were spent giving Stiles looks that he’s almost certain were fond. He gets him coffee on their morning shifts together. Sometimes he waits for him for lunch. Any smiles Derek is throwing around should be for Stiles, not a dude who’s probably carrying at least ten hidden knives on his person.
type:fanfic  fandom:teenwolf  fandom:sga  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:1001-5000  author:skoosiepants  pairing:derek/stiles 
october 2018 by siria
Full-Court Press [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
To be clear, these are not tactics Ryan would recommend. Being an athleisure-obsessed pervert, and lying, and clothes-sabotage: these are not things he’s proud of.

But they have undeniably worked.

Shane’s standing next to him in the hotel lobby while Devon checks them all out of their rooms, and he's wearing a sleeveless purple Lakers jersey and the world’s softest, clingiest sweatpants. It’s so exactly as Ryan pictured it, so precisely in line with his fantasies, that he has to pinch himself.


Or: Let’s talk about those jerseys in Ryan Bergara’s closet.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:10001-20000  author:beethechange 
october 2018 by siria
A Sensitive Subject [by aspookycryptidsock, Ryan/Shane]
"Hey ghosts, tousle my hair, gimme a little purple nurple or something. Let's have some fun!" - Shane Madej, 2016
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:5001-10000  author:aspookycryptidsock 
october 2018 by siria
Pushing All Your Buttons [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
Ryan and Shane get stuck in an elevator at Buzzfeed HQ. There is tension. They relieve the tension. That’s it, that’s the fic.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:5001-10000  author:beethechange 
october 2018 by siria
Pyeongchang and Prejudice [by AMarguerite, Pride and Prejudice]
“It is a truth universally acknowledged that an ice skater in possession of a Grand Prix medal— of whatever metal—must be in want of another.”

Jamie and Lizzy Bennet, a brother-sister ice dancing duo from Ann Arbor, Michigan, are no exception, and are determined to win gold at the Pyeongchang Olympics. Newfoundlander Charles Bingley, the Canadian champion for men’s singles skating, believes they can make it. His coach, Québécois two-time Olympic gold medalist, Fitzwilliam Darcy... does not.
type:fanfic  fandom:janeausten  fandom:pride&prejudice  fandom:mansfieldpark  fandom:persuasion  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:au  wc:40000+  author:amarguerite 
october 2018 by siria
BFFS Get Married For A Week [by aspookycryptidsock, Ryan/Shane]
"As I was saying," Curly continues with a pointed glare in Ryan's direction. "It's my honor to join the two of you in unholy matrimony. The rules are simple, you'll live together, plan one date each, and cherish each other. Til week do you part."
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:10001-20000  author:aspookycryptidsock 
september 2018 by siria
Indiana Bergara and the Treasure of Shane Madej [by hapakitsune, Ryan/Shane]
Two men walk into a forest. "We're looking for buried treasure," they say. There's no answer, so they go back to their rooms and have sex about it.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:1001-5000  author:hapakitsune 
september 2018 by siria
darling it's a faded notion [by Varnes, Ryan/Shane]
The sun is too bright and Ryan’s whole body is alight with something that is eating him all the way up from the inside out, but he keeps his eyes open and he makes himself look, and he tells himself that once he finds Shane, he’ll think about it. Once he finds Shane, they’ll make a plan. Once he finds Shane, and only then, he’ll let himself have the thought he’s been swallowing down like bile since he came to: that they didn’t fall.

They were pushed.

OR: Ryan and Shane get cursed by a ghost, and now they can't be not-touching. It's ... not great.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  wc:20001-40000  genre:rpf  author:varnes 
september 2018 by siria
a syllable of tenderness and fear [by varnes, Ryan/Shane]
The problem is that Shane is from the midwest. They don’t talk about feelings in Schaumburg. They talk about the weather and Chicagoland gang warfare and who in the county has the best backyard hockey pond in the winter. That’s it. That all they’re interested in.

Shane thinks maybe it’s like exposure therapy. You ease your toe in, then your foot, then the rest of you. Surely talking about your feelings with your ... television co-host was the same.

Or: I’m a believer in you, Shane thinks, but has the good sense not to say on camera.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:au  genre:rpf  wc:5001-10000  author:varnes  theme:telepathy 
september 2018 by siria
if you can find a way to love me, it's all right [by varnes, Ryan/Shane]
When Ryan was a kid, he fell into a pile of bricks. They were playing hide and seek, and he thought he had the best hiding spot: high up in a thickly lush tree, his knees drawn to his chest so that he’d blend in. But the branch broke. He hit his head and doesn’t remember much of what happened after that. When he woke up a few hours later, the sun was setting, and his friends were gone, and his parents were calling for him, their flashlights swinging across the grass. There’d been blood on his bangs.

Anyway, now he can see ghosts.

Kind of.

Look, he’s not great at it.


Or: Ryan, personally, has three lists: “NICE GHOSTS,” “GHOSTS I DON’T FUCK WITH,” and, “IDK, SPOOKY STUFF.”
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  genre:au  wc:10001-20000  author:varnes  theme:telepathy 
september 2018 by siria
Let's just forget the Hollywood rules [by tearupthesky, Ryan/Shane]
Ryan rolls his chair closer to Shane. "Did you hear that, man?" he says under his breath. "That dog hates me, did you hear it growl at me? It almost took my fucking hand off! It could smell the curse. It recognized me with its primordial wolf senses."

"It's a fucking labradoodle," Shane says.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:1001-5000  author:tearupthesky  theme:transformedbodies 
september 2018 by siria
Hot Scary Summer [by thewindupbird, Ryan/Shane]
The boys hunt some ghosts, make some impulsive choices, and try their best to sort out what it means to get to the heart of this thing.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:10001-20000  author:thewindupbird 
september 2018 by siria
ghosts can't pick up power drills (probably) [by anarchetypal, Ryan/Shane]
“What you’re suggesting is that we have sex in the exact spot where a dude was once brutally murdered with a power drill. That is what you’re suggesting to me right now.”

Shane throws up his hands. “Well, sure, when you say it like that, it sounds ridiculous.”
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:1001-5000  author:anarchetypal 
september 2018 by siria
I’m Gonna Keep You in Love with Me (for a While) [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
Shane is pacing around the hotel room. It’s not a huge room and Shane’s legs are long enough that he doesn’t have much real estate to pace before he has to swing back around for another loop.

“Can you stop?” Ryan asks. “You’re making me dizzy.”

“Okay,” Shane says finally. “Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re just going to—we’re going to be married. The only way out is through.”

“Um,” Ryan says, because this plan strikes him as counterproductive to their shared goal of not being married.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:20001-40000  author:beethechange 
september 2018 by siria
Hold Your Breath, It Gets Better [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
Ryan stops short in the doorway of his bedroom, banging his shoulder against the doorframe in his haste, because he’s too late. Shane’s kneeling in front of the bottom drawer of his bedside table, peering down at the contents, hand frozen in a hover like he’d been about to reach in. His face is a blank mask.

“Ah. I keep the batteries in the top drawer. Not. Not the bottom one.”

“Yes,” Shane says, cocking his head to the left in puzzlement, and then he pauses for a fraction of a second too long as he considers his words. “I can see that the batteries are not in the bottom drawer.”
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  wc:10001-20000  theme:kink  author:beethechange  genre:rpf 
september 2018 by siria
Muscles Better and Nerves More [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
“I’m serious,” Ryan says. “Don’t go fucking up my body. I want that shit back in the same condition I left it.”

“The same condition—Ryan. I’m not spending hours in a gym every day so you don’t lose muscle mass.”

“I want you to treat my body with the respect you would a national park. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.”


A certain meddling Voodoo Queen of New Orleans thinks Ryan and Shane need some new perspective on life. After an inadvisable ritual deposits Ryan in Shane’s body, and Shane in Ryan’s, the ghoulboys pursue some soul-searching and self-discovery to put things right. Sometimes in a sexy way.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:20001-40000  author:beethechange  theme:bodyswap 
september 2018 by siria
In These Frozen and Silent Nights [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
“You know me,” Shane says, “I love a good cabin. I’m a cabinhead.”

“I’ll show you cabin head,” Ryan rebuts without thinking, and then he turns his face into the pillow to stifle a nervous snicker. “Oh shit, wait, that’s—”

Planning a shoot at a remote cabin in Vermont the week before Christmas wasn't Ryan’s best-ever idea. Taking a leisurely walk in a blizzard wasn't Shane’s. Scrap the ep, there’s a new plan: survive the storm, stay warm, try not to kill each other, and figure some shit out along the way.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  genre:hurtcomfort  wc:20001-40000  author:beethechange 
september 2018 by siria
The Denial Twist [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
“This is kind of surreal,” Shane says, taking a sip of his tea. It’s piping hot and delicious, except it tastes like hot chocolate and not like tea at all. “Sort of—Wonka-esque, right? Or Alice in Wonderland.”

“If you’re aiming a shot over the bow about my height you can fucking forget about it,” Ryan says, watching with interest as Shane’s cup refills by itself. “But yeah, it’s surreal. Literally, because dreams aren’t real.”

Shane’s unsettled by the comment. It sets alarm bells ringing in his head but he doesn’t know why. He just wasn’t expecting Dream Ryan to be so, well—so on the nose.


Or, the one where Shane and Ryan have some really weird dreams and perhaps, eventually, some sex.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  author:beethechange  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:20001-40000 
september 2018 by siria
Out of Control with Ryan [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
“Are we a couple in this game?”

“A couple of scoundrels!” Ryan says. Shane smiles a patient little smile and lets Ryan dig his own grave. “Who needs labels nowadays, isn’t that kind of old-fashioned? Like, what is a couple anyway? I didn’t, I just, they started doing this without my permission. I don’t control Sim Ryan’s life.”

“Ryan,” Shane says, and Ryan stops babbling. “Ryan, you do. You literally control Sim Ryan’s life. That’s the entire point of The Sims.”

Shane’s got him there, Ryan has to admit.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  author:beethechange  wc:5001-10000  genre:slash 
september 2018 by siria
I’ve Kissed You Before, but I Didn’t Do It Right (Can I Try Again) [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
Ryan grabs for Shane’s banana and takes a bite out of it. In his head it was supposed to be sexy, but he realizes as he’s chewing that it might hit a little close to home. Shane must be remembering the same thing, because he blanches and looks away.

“Sorry, too soon?”

“I’m having a Pavlovian response to the flash of your teeth around a phallic object,” Shane says, “and now my balls are trying to crawl back inside my body. Something tells me that’s not what you were going for.”

“No,” Ryan agrees, still chewing.


After months of mooning around each other, forces (read: alcohol, nerves, gravity, tender feelings) conspire to ruin Ryan and Shane’s first night together. With a little help from their friends, dramatic training montages set to 80’s rock anthems, and the early filmography of Harrison Ford, can our heroes get things back on track?
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  wc:20001-40000  author:beethechange  theme:intoxication 
september 2018 by siria
Everything's Weird and We're Always in Danger [by beethechange, Ryan/Shane]
Ryan perches on the edge of the bed, an indistinct shape that Shane can only just make out in the dark, so he turns the lamp back on. He wants to see Ryan’s face, wants to know that he is alright. Ryan’s cheeks are damp, his hands fisted in the hideous flowered duvet.

“It won’t go away,” Ryan says miserably. “I’ve been like this since we got here, basically, and it won’t fucking—”

“Ah,” Shane says. “Well, you know, sometimes fear…adrenaline…they can affect people. Physically.” He waves his hands indistinctly crotchward. “It’s a, a scientifically known phenomenon.” Shane feels a little better staying in the realm of scientifically known phenomena.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:10001-20000  theme:sexpollen  author:beethechange 
september 2018 by siria
My Body Aches to Breathe Your Breath [by trinityofone, Ryan/Shane]
“We should probably fight this,” Ryan says.

“Probably,” Shane agrees, but his voice is muffled because he’s nipping at the curve of Ryan’s ass.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  theme:consentissues  wc:1001-5000  author:trinityofone 
september 2018 by siria
normal [by betp, Stiles/Derek]
“You’re the one who wanted normalcy,” says Derek. He hands Stiles a dish.

“Right.” Stiles accepts the dish. “And normal people have dishwashers.”

Derek looks flatly at him. He valiantly does not get distracted by the self-satisfied crinkle in the corners of Stiles’ eyes. Even having just been fed—romantically fed, Derek would like to emphasize—there’s always something sullen in Stiles. Some low-level entitlement. Derek wants to fuck it right out of him.
type:fanfic  fandom:teenwolf  genre:slash  genre:futurefic  wc:1001-5000  author:betp  pairing:derek/stiles 
september 2018 by siria
Cultural Miscues [by Regann, Bashir/Garak]
Gilora Rejal continues to make the wrong assumptions about Humans and their relationships -- with more than a little help from Garak on the subject of a certain doctor. Coda for Season Three's "Destiny."
type:fanfic  fandom:startrek  genre:slash  genre:episodecoda  author:regann  pairing:bashir/garak  wc:1001-5000 
september 2018 by siria
rooms/shares [by pocky_slash, Erik/Charles]
Erik is single, working a cube job he hates, letting his master's degree in mutant studies collect dust, and living on his best friend's couch. When she kicks him out, he's forced to trawl Craigslist for the least-offensive rooming option within his meagre budget. He never expects a response from the persnickety, high maintenance ad he replies to as a joke, but it's possible this too-nice apartment and mysteriously absent roommate might be the answer to all four of his problems.
type:fanfic  fandom:xmen  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:10001-20000  author:pocky_slash 
september 2018 by siria
the gift we cannot destroy [by susiecarter, Bashir/Garak]
Julian has no soulmark. He knows what that must mean, and he's learned to accept it. Meeting Garak, getting to know him, is almost enough to make him think—but it's not possible. Garak must have a soulmate, and there's simply no way it could be Julian. Right?

(Or: five times Julian thought he was alone, plus the time he realized he'd been wrong all along.)
type:fanfic  fandom:startrek  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:5001-10000  author:susiecarter  pairing:bashir/garak 
september 2018 by siria
you touch me within and so i (know i could be human once again) [by notcaycepollard, Sam/Bucky]
It’s inevitable, the way it goes. He’s my friend, Steve says, and he is, he is, he must be. Sam’s best friend is Steve, and Steve’s best friend is a werewolf, that’s just how Sam’s life works now.

But once he realizes he’s attracted to Bucky and Bucky can tell, everything becomes, like, a thousand percent more difficult to negotiate. Sam’s just trying to live his life, that’s all, and he keeps getting confronted by Bucky Barnes in a soft flannel shirt, sleeves rolled up, hair all soft and shiny. Bucky glances over at him and smirks, and this is really very embarrassing, how Sam can’t hide his attraction even if he keeps a totally straight face.
type:fanfic  fandom:captainamerica  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:10001-20000  author:notcaycepollard  pairing:sam/bucky  theme:transformedbodies  genre:hurtcomfort 
september 2018 by siria
Schrodinger's Wedding [by Sixthlight, Peter/Nightingale]
If a marriage takes place but neither of the parties involved knows it’s real, is anybody really married? Unfortunately for Peter and Nightingale, the answer according to the Registry Office is yes.

All they have to do is get divorced. It’s the twenty-first century. How hard can it be?
type:fanfic  fandom:riversoflondon  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:10001-20000  author:sixthlight 
september 2018 by siria
On Tilt [by 13th_blackbird, Han/Solo]
The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.

Han and Lando understand this about the world—and each other. No hard feelings, right?

“You want to play?” Han says, nodding at the cards, before he can think better of it. “Or are you just showing off?”

“Can’t it be both?” Lando says. He shuffles again, his fingers dancing over the cards too quickly for Han to make sure he’s not palming any of them. “Stakes?”

“I’m broke,” Han admits. “And I know you are, too.” And before Lando can propose putting up the Falcon again, Han grins as a plan takes shape. “They say clothes make the man. Wanna bet on it?”
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:slash  wc:1001-5000  author:13th_blackbird  pairing:han/lando 
september 2018 by siria
first string [by blazeofglory, Han/Lando]
“You know this is a little pathetic, right?” Lando asks, peering down at Han with an arched brow.

“If anything, it’s impressive,” Han counters, resolutely ignoring Lando’s eye roll. “I still have your number memorized after all this time, I gotta get points for that. My mind is a vault.”
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:slash  genre:au  theme:earthside  wc:5001-10000  author:blazeofglory  pairing:han/lando 
september 2018 by siria
Normal People [by manic_intent, Jimmy/Scott]
“Dating is a security risk,” Phil said. He patted Jimmy companionably on the shoulder as he said it.

Jimmy pointedly shrugged off Phil’s hand. “Seriously? Is this really the time?”

Phil shaded his eyes against the sun. They were both wrapped heavily in parkas, knee-deep in snow a couple of miles out from Mt. Lussari village. Nothing but brilliant blue sky, mountains, and the wreckage of a military plane with all the bodies suspiciously missing. “It’s always a good time. Especially if you insist on using unsecured apps.”
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  wc:40000+  genre:slash  genre:au  author:manic_intent  pairing:scott/jimmy 
august 2018 by siria
fathers and sons [by m_leigh, Charles/Erik]
“I have an – interest – in Peter Maximoff,” Erik said, somewhat grudgingly, glaring. “A – familial – interest –”

Everybody stared at him.

“In that – mutantkind is one – large – family –” Erik said valiantly, if pathetically.

“Oh, shit,” Alex said. “No way. No way.”
type:fanfic  fandom:xmen  genre:slash  wc:5001-10000  author:m_leigh 
august 2018 by siria
Tricky Productions [by manic_intent, Scott/Jimmy]
“The annoying thing about all this is, I know actual magicians,” Jimmy grumbled, as he glared at Scott’s hands. “People who have real powers that bend space and time. Chaos magic. Mutant powers. None of that pisses me off. This does.”

“You say the sweetest things, darling,” Scott said. He had cards everywhere on the table and his laptop, prepping tricks for a corporate show. Jimmy glowered at Scott. He’d been in the middle of making Scott coffee, but magic tricks always drew Jimmy close, made him forget what he was doing. Even now, dressed for church in a suit. “Shouldn’t you be heading out?”

“You should come to church, you heathen sorcerer,” Jimmy said. He smirked and set the cup of coffee down by Scott’s wrist.
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:5001-10000  author:manic_intent  pairing:scott/jimmy  genre:hurtcomfort 
august 2018 by siria
Nice and Easy [by manic_intent, Scott/Jimmy]
Jimmy padded over into the living room proper, where Scott was crouched at the coffee table before the TV, frowning in concentration over a black velvet cloth. Playing cards were strewn over the carpet, the table, and a battered notebook scrawled with notes. Scott nudged a silver coin under a card, flicked away the card, and made the coin disappear.

“Saw you pick that up,” Jimmy said, and grinned as Scott yelped and dropped the coin he’d palmed into his hand.

“Shit! Didn’t hear you come in.” Scott started guiltily gathering up the mess on the carpet, then he looked closely at Jimmy. “You all right?”
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:1001-5000  author:manic_intent  pairing:scott/jimmy 
august 2018 by siria
Never the Wrong Card [by manic_intent, Scott/Jimmy]
Scott peeked in. He was a little late thanks to traffic. On a quick sweep of the place, he thought for a moment that whoever he was meeting was also late. Or had stood Scott up. No such luck. In the corner of the restaurant, checking his phone, was a guy in a suit with a white tulip pinned to his lapel.

Huh. Scott felt a little embarrassed for snipping a wildflower off the sidewalk now, but he’d genuinely forgotten about the flower thing until he was on his way. He sidled over to the table and sat down. “Paxton’s friend?” Scott asked, then added awkwardly, “er, hi.”
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:1001-5000  author:manic_intent  pairing:scott/jimmy 
august 2018 by siria
I Don't Know What's Going On [by Porcupinegirl, Jack/Bitty]
A winter storm means SMH's flight home from Washington D.C. is cancelled. Incredibly, Jack and Bitty somehow wind up being the only two who have to spend the night there. You won't believe how many beds are in their hotel room!

Or, Jack drags Bittle to museums until he finally figures out why looking at Bittle makes his tummy feel funny.
type:fanfic  fandom:checkplease  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:5001-10000  author:porcupinegirl 
august 2018 by siria
two sticks of butter, softened [by inlovewithnight, Scott/Jimmy]
So now here Scott was, looking up heirloom Dutch recipes on his phone in the baking supplies aisle at the grocery store.
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  genre:slash  wc:1001-5000  author:inlovewithnight  pairing:scott/jimmy 
august 2018 by siria
Cultural Differences [by manic_intent, Scott/Jimmy]
“Shoes,” Jimmy reminded Scott, as they got through the door.

“Oh right. Cassie sweetie. You’ve got to take your shoes off,” Scott said, nudging his sneakers off his feet.

Cassie pulled a face at him, unimpressed. “I know, Dad. You’re the one who keeps forgetting.” She kicked off her shoes and sprinted into the house, zooming past Jimmy’s father with a rushed hello. There was a laugh from the kitchen and a yell of “Gramma!” from Cassie that made Jimmy grin as he put Cassie’s shoes on the rack.

“She’s right,” Jimmy told Scott, as he racked his own shoes.
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  genre:slash  wc:5001-10000  author:manic_intent  pairing:scott/jimmy 
august 2018 by siria
Superheroes [by manic_intent, Scott/Jimmy]
“Just gimme the chicken soup,” Scott said, once Agent Woo ran out of breath.

Woo blinked and handed over the plastic soup container. It was lukewarm to the touch and smelled rich and oily and herby in a way Scott didn’t recognise. Strange wrinkly red raisin-like things floated on the surface among odd white shards, and the chicken was a weird charcoal colour through the clear plastic lid. “Err. Is this really chicken soup?” Scott asked, trying his best not to sound suspicious and failing.

“It’s obviously chicken soup,” Woo said, a little defensively.
type:fanfic  fandom:antman  genre:slash  wc:5001-10000  author:manic_intent  pairing:scott/jimmy 
august 2018 by siria
Constant as the Northern Star [by Nestra, Ronan/Adam]
When Ronan reached for him, Adam realized that Ronan had never been unsure.
type:fanfic  fandom:ravenboys  genre:slash  wc:5001-10000  author:nestra 
july 2018 by siria
we the people [by magneticwave, Finn/Poe]
“I’m sorry,” Poe says, fifteen minutes into the sitrep in Mothma’s office, “can you repeat everything that you just said, but slower? Maybe try words with fewer syllables.”

Mothma, austere as ever in a silver pantsuit and her Rachel Maddow haircut, leans back against her desk and says, “The First Gentleman punched Greedo Baxter in the face this morning.”
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  pairing:finn/poe  genre:slash  genre:au  theme:earthside  wc:5001-10000  author:magneticwave 
july 2018 by siria
tell me, get my shit together [by paperclipbitch, Han/Lando]
“I thought we were actively avoiding each other after the Trandosha Shitshow,” Han says.

“We’re actively avoiding each other after the Iridonia Shitshow,” Lando corrects him, “the Trandosha Shitshow is That Which We Do Not Speak Of.”
fandom:starwars  author:paperclipbitch  type:fanfic  wc:5001-10000  pairing:han/lando  genre:slash 
june 2018 by siria
Targeted Persuasion [by galwednesday, Rhodey/Tony]
Jim opened Tony's most formal closet and started pulling out tuxedos. "Put one of these on.”


"We're getting married."

Tony froze. "No, we're not."

"Oh yes we are." Jim tossed three tuxedos onto the bed. Three was a good number of options, enough for Tony to make a choice, but not so many that he'd get lost analyzing the ramifications of navy pinstripes vs. charcoal paisley. Tony did best with clear, specific expectations rather than an unlimited universe of possibilities that he would inevitably filter through his neuroses and obsess over, and Jim was really kicking himself for not considering that, oh, ten years ago when they’d first started this, but there was no point in beating himself up about it now when he could put that energy towards solving the problem instead. "You brought this on yourself, Tones. Pick a damn tux."
type:fanfic  fandom:ironman  genre:slash  wc:1001-5000  author:galwednesday  pairing:rhodey/tony 
june 2018 by siria
the road leads back to you [by nightswatch, Eric/Jack]
Bitty meets Jack Zimmermann on 5 AM on a Sunday morning after someone set their grilled cheese on fire in his dorm. He doesn't really expect that they'll become friends. Or that he'll become friends with an entire hockey team.
type:fanfic  fandom:checkplease  genre:slash  genre:au  wc:1001-5000  author:nightswatch 
june 2018 by siria
one night on the falcon [by topaz119, Han/Lando]
If Han was the kind of guy who thought about things like this, the idea of fucking Lando Calrissian in the ship he'd used to own would have fallen somewhere on the Cool side of the prospective ideas spectrum, probably shading to the Not really likely to happen but still fun to think about group.

In which Han gets a thing or two he hadn't really ever expected
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:slash  wc:1001-5000  author:topaz119  pairing:han/lando 
june 2018 by siria
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