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This Tired World Could Change [by dharmaavocado, Baze/Chirrut]
“Run,” said the monk and took his arm.

“I'm not with you,” Baze snapped, ducking as blaster fire whined overhead.

“Tell that to them!” The mad monk was grinning as if this was all a grand game. The street erupted into chaos, but the monk slipped nimbly through the churning currents, Baze following in the cleared path, aware of the troopers at their backs.

In which Baze and Chirrut meet under less than auspicious circumstances, go on the run, vex Baze's partner, and maybe find their way back home.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:slash  wc:10001-20000  author:dharmaavocado  pairing:baze/chirrut 
april 2017 by siria
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