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all good things are wild and free - Fic: Grown [SPN | Dean/Cas | NC-17]
The injustice of it is what rankles Dean most. He's fifteen, for God's sake, not ten, eleven, or twelve. He doesn't need a friggin’ babysitter. He doesn't need someone to watch him. He can take care of himself. But when he'd said as much to his father, all he got for his troubles was a raised eyebrow and a nod toward the burnt remains of the microwave Dean had managed to blow up the last time he stayed home by himself.

Whatever, that wasn't his fault; the stupid thing was old and faulty and nobody ever bothered to tell him that you can't put foil in the microwave. He thinks his dad left it on the counter to mock him. But whatever. It was an accident. Totally not his fault, not even a little.

But it’s too late; his father has already arranged for Cas, their neighbor, to watch him. Dean's face burns hot with shame when his father tells him that. It’s bad enough he has to have a sitter. The fact that it's Cas, whom Dean has been silently nursing a crush on for the last year, is almost unbearable.
fandom-supernatural  pairing-dean/castiel  specific-porn  specific-jailbait  kink-rimming  kink-dirtytalk  trope-first.time  trope-pwp  au-other 
december 2012 by singoutachorus
ink_like_blood: Joe/Patrick for Jessa
Joe seduces Patrick BADLY.

The reasons are twofold: 1) Joe sucks at seduction, as he really doesn't do candles and things that seem like a really great idea stoned (buy him socks! His feet are always cold!) are usually not heralded as anything other than bizarre in the harsh light of day ("Um, thanks for the tube socks, but, what?") and 2) Patrick is terrible about picking up on any sort of seduction hints, especially from boys, especially especially from boys in his band who aren't Pete. (Pete gets a pass. Pete's is ALWAYS in seduction mode, and Patrick just tunes him out.)
pairing-patrick/joe  specific-not.fic  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-porn  specific-humor 
november 2010 by singoutachorus
Blind Date by shrift
Kon laughs a little hysterically and he feels his eyelashes moving against Tim's throat. "Can you do the mad scientist thing later? Like when I'm not having a major life crisis?"

"Crisis?" Tim says, and then tilts his head. Kon can feel Tim's chin brushing over his hair.

"Wait, am I in your bed?" Kon demands. This is just beyond weird, and not because Tim sleeps in an honest-to-god bed rather than upside-down and hanging from the rafters.
trope-pwp  fandom-dcu  pairing-tim/kon 
october 2010 by singoutachorus
Emergency Contact
Pete calls Mikey.

Not because he thinks Mikey will know what to do, or anything useful. He just can't imagine speaking the words aloud to anyone else. He doesn't want to have to explain it because he can't, he doesn't know how, and Mikey has this uncanny ability to just take things at face value. Pete needs some of that right now.

Because right now he's got Patrick sprawled across him; he’s mouthing at Pete's neck, and every inch of his skin burning. Every time Pete tries to get up Patrick whines and latches tighter, clinging to every part of Pete he can. So Pete’s given up on the idea and remained reclined on the bed, making the phone call with Patrick draped over him, while feathering a hand gently through his strawberry blonde hair because it seems to soothe him.
pairing-pete/patrick  pairing-pete/mikey  pairing-patrick/mikey  pairing-pete/patrick/mikey  specific-threesome  trope-pwp  trope-sex.pollen  length-10k+  band-fall.out.boy 
june 2010 by singoutachorus
patrickxpeter: Incident Light // Pete/Patrick (+ Jon Walker) // NC-17
There's a definitive pause before Pete goes on. "You could… I mean, we can just forget this whole thing, you know. If that's what you want."

Patrick feels a pang of uncertainty, starting in the lower reaches of his stomach, traveling up to his throat, tickling at his tongue. Against the insistent voice in his head telling him to take the chance to back out, he swallows, willing his hesitation to dissipate. "Nah," he replies. "I'm alright."

"You're like, all modest and shit," Pete teases gently, leaning into Patrick, nudging him a bit.

"Yeah, well." Patrick looks up to catch Pete's gaze, a small grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.
kink-voyeurism  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
crayola123: fic: this ain't no hot line
The text says: just so u know, i'm not wearing anything at all.

Patrick snorts out a laugh and hits reply, says, I don't care, although he does. Not interested, although he is.

Pete calls him back immediately (something about a separation complex), and barks out, "No but really, I am."
kink-phonesex  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy  specific-humor 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
1297: Hang Me Up to Dry
Zach does this thing with his thumb when he’s sucking him off, and it drives Chris nuts. Seriously, his tongue is enough – more than enough – but then he bends his thumb and runs the knuckle under the head of his cock until Chris is bucking helplessly and gasping for breath like someone is holding his head under water.

When it’s over and his muscles are limp and his heartbeat has lulled to pace less likely to kill him, he looks at Zach, his eyes slightly out of focus, and he almost doesn’t want to know where he learnt how to do it. When he learnt that he could conquer a man with just his thumb.
kink-orgasm.denial  kink-fingering  trope-pwp  fandom-star.trek  pairing-chris.pine/zach.quinto 
december 2009 by singoutachorus
Wash Away Your Worries
"So – nice shoes. Wanna fuck?” McCoy’s lips twitch into a poorly-disguised smile. “That really the best you can do?”

“You really need me to do better?” Jim challenges, fixing a brutally open, honest, inviting gaze on McCoy.

To hell with it, McCoy thinks. He hasn’t had sex in nearly a year, since months before Jocelyn finally came out and admitted she wanted a divorce, and if this arrogant prick of a kid with cocksucking lips wants him... His cock stirs insistently. He downs the last of his drink and pushes off the bar. “Let’s go,” he orders sharply.
trope-pwp  fandom-star.trek  pairing-kirk/mccoy 
december 2009 by singoutachorus
megyal - FIC: "The real thing" | RPS/BANDOM | Patrick/Pete
"Let me get this straight," he says in a low voice. "You hate real dicks--"

Pete shudders dramatically, lounging around on the bed that Patrick had claimed for his own in their hotel room. "Have you ever seen a real dick? Wrinkly."
kink-toys  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
december 2009 by singoutachorus
languisity: Fic: Didn't We Have Standards Once?
Joe and Andy were somewhere picking up "provisions" (code for Mountain Dew, Doritos, and M&Ms) because the last of all they had previously was stuck in some kind of hazardous coating on the van's floor. Pete and Patrick were supposed to be helping, but Pete had tugged Patrick to the changing room, picking up a Hello Kitty shirt for cover, and bargaining, "Five minutes. Just five minutes."

Five minutes turned into ten, which turned into Patrick sinking to his knees and saying, "Don't pull my fucking hair this time," before reducing Pete's entire existence to the perfect wet warmth of his mouth.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet 
october 2009 by singoutachorus
linzeestyle: will shield and i will follow [pete/patrick, porn]
Patrick's first time is in the back of a car.

SUV, actually, which probably makes it worse. He's not even sure whose SUV it is, which is probably, if he were telling this to a school counselor or a friend or whatever, the icing on top of a really sordid cake. Pete just...showed up in it, because his Corsica is "a piece of shit" (Pete's words, not his) and "fell apart, again?" (his words, not Pete's). It's possibly Pete's mom's, now that he thinks about it.

Not that it matters. Pretty much all vehicles are the same when you're being pushed up against them.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-first.time  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy  specific-jailbait 
september 2009 by singoutachorus
linzeeclutter: [fic][fob] (Fit Me) Like a Second Skin
Pete buys the butt plug at a megastore in Tennessee, a huge porn shop located just away from the border because once they cross into Kentucky, apparently, "we're basically illegal." When Pete hands it to the check-out woman it's the ultimate joke -- Joe turns red and Chris rolls his eyes and TJ's actually in tears laughing from Pete's theatrics, the way he tosses it into his cart alongside a blow-up sheep that will spend the next three weeks at the sound mixer of every venue they visit.

Patrick shivers, though, because he knows as soon as Pete finds it just how much he's not joking.
kink-D/s  kink-toys  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
september 2009 by singoutachorus
i found your heart on (the) line - Bandslash: two of a kind // most compatible ride
There are limits, Gabe’s sure of it, but he hasn’t come across them yet. Hands on Pete’s hips, fingers stroking the strip of skin between his clothes, long full-body hugs that end with him dragging his open mouth against the edge of Pete’s jaw – he does it all and more, but Pete just leans in, accommodating every intrusion with amused tolerance, pretending he doesn’t notice the hard line of Gabe’s dick pressing against his ass.
fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  band-cobra.starship  pairing-pete/gabe 
september 2009 by singoutachorus
heavyhart: And I'll Go Without Stopping
"Oh yeah, this is so sexy," Jersey deadpans. "The way you're laughing at me really turns me on."

"But it's so WIGGLY." Cassadee shakes her hips again just to watch the purple dildo flop up and down in front of her and Jersey faceplants onto the bed with a frustrated noise.
band-hey.monday  pairing-jersey/cassadee  kink-pegging  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp 
july 2009 by singoutachorus
ficjournal: FOB: Where Your Mouth Is
It’s been scientifically proven that Joe will do absolutely anything if the price is right. This is assuming that “scientifically proven” constitutes ten ridiculous actions (or "experiments") for as much as fifty dollars and as little as a Whopper.

So when Pete tells Joe he’ll give him $25 if he’ll hook up with Patrick, Joe considers this easy money.

When Andy promises to double the offer if he’ll get Pete involved too, Joe thinks he may have won the lottery.
pairing-pete/patrick/joe  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-threesome 
july 2009 by singoutachorus
dig your own grave and save - victoria's secret
Pete said, “They’re very pretty,” and he brushed his fingers beneath Patrick’s navel, just above where the black satin ended. Patrick could feel goosebumps rising everywhere, on his arms and the back of his neck and especially under Pete’s fingers. He closed his eyes, certain he should pull away, get dressed. Run.

Instead, he held his breath and tried not to twitch into Pete's touch.
kink-crossdressing  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
linzeestyle: Belated Birthday Porn for rain_dances
"Ever do it in a limo?"

His expression suggests he completely expects the answer to be 'no.' Patrick bites his bottom lip, smiling up at Pete.

"Define 'it.'"
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
dig your own grave and save - Circumnavigation
Patrick opens his eyes. Pete's still got two fingers deep in Patrick's ass, but his other hand, the one that had been holding Patrick's cock steady for Pete's mouth, that hand is flicking open Pete's Sidekick.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
ficsoreal: Valentine's Day Pete/Patrick Porn
Pete drops his head down to nuzzle at Patrick's neck. He whispers, "How long has it been since we've fucked?"

Patrick blinks up at the ceiling, arching his neck to give Pete more skin to nibble at, lick at. He says, "This morning."
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
quettaser: Whoopee
They were smoking out behind the bowling alley when the aliens showed up. Not that Pete actually smoked with Joe, but she liked the excuse to get away from people and neither Andy or Patrick were smokers. Anyway, aliens. They were lumpy and purplish-grey and they wriggled as they walked. Ambled? Rolled? They didn't really have legs. They reminded Joe of the ancient Jello molds that haunted the back of his aunt's refrigerator.
fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  pairing-pete/joe 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
They traded off for a while, when they started, but they don't anymore.
fandom-supernatural  pairing-sam/dean  trope-pwp  specific-humor 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
i don't care if i'm a guilty pleasure for you - Bandom Porn: The Last Good Thing About This Part Of Town
Pete bites Patrick back, on the jaw. "You think I say that to everyone? Well, I fucking don't. Those other guys, they don't do this to me." He takes Patrick's hand, moves it to his crotch. Pete is hot and hard. Patrick strokes him through the leather of his pants. Pete whispers in Patrick's ear as he unbuckles his belt, "They don't make me come like you do."
au-hooker.fic  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
That girl who wrote that fic. - FIC: Cure (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)
“I’m not a big fan of fun these days.” He stood and put on his jacket. “If you see Kirk, will you tell him to come home sometime? If he thinks I’m so lonely, maybe he could, I dunno, keep me company himself once in a while.”
trope-pwp  fandom-star.trek  pairing-kirk/mccoy 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
Spock/Kirk + dubcon Spock gets drugged on a diplomatic mission and claims Kirk roughly. Think bruises and being held down and filthy sex.
The memories, few and broken though they may be, take 3 minutes and 12 seconds to return to Spock as he wakes up in the bed alloted to him during the Enterprise's stay on Capadocia during their trade discussions with the Federation. It took 3 minutes and 12 seconds for him to remember because it took 3 minutes and 12 seconds for him to roll in bed, look into his Captain's sleeping face, and realize that they were both naked.
pairing-kirk/spock  trope-pwp  fandom-star.trek  length-ficlet  kink-dubcon 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
That girl who wrote that fic. - FIC: With Benefits (Kirk/MCCoy, NC-17)
“For one thing, you’ve managed to bed half the cadets already, which makes me feel utterly inadequate. Second, we have no privacy, which makes it damn awkward to bring someone back here – not that you care, but I do. And third… Jesus, Jim, I’m not like you. You’re young and cute and I’m… not.” He couldn’t believe they were having this conversation in their open doorway.

Kirk grinned. “You think I’m cute?”
trope-pwp  fandom-star.trek  pairing-kirk/mccoy 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
shockselectric - Star Trek, Kirk / McCoy, NC-17
When McCoy and Kirk get blazingly drunk together, they go all out, and this time is no exception.
kink-voyeurism  trope-pwp  fandom-star.trek  pairing-kirk/mccoy 
june 2009 by singoutachorus
i don't care if i'm a guilty pleasure for you - FIC: I slept with Pete Wentz, and all I got was some girly underwear
Although, honestly, Patrick is beginning to doubt that even four years of absolutely killer bands is worth all this bullshit. He's beginning to wish he'd never listened to his stupid roommate when he said, "Dude, I know you think fraternities are, like, the spawn of Satan or something, but The Aura is playing at the CKC house, and that band totally rules."
kink-crossdressing  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-5k+  band-fall.out.boy  trope-pwp 
may 2009 by singoutachorus
anon_lovefest: Post #29 - baby!Patrick/Pete, mirror
Barefoot in his parents bedroom, Patrick had said 'this isn't a good idea' and 'please Pete' and 'I've never...'
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  challenge-anon.lovefest  trope-first.time  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-jailbait 
april 2009 by singoutachorus
neery: Fic: "Stay", Pete/Ashlee/Patrick, 4700 words, NC-17
"Peter Lewis Kingston motherfucking Wentz III-" his cock twitches in his grip, and he gives himself a little squeeze. Ash only curses during sex, and even then only rarely; it's still really fucking hot to him every single time. "-if you don't stop fucking around and get me off now, I will stop this bus, walk over, and have Patrick get me off. While we tie you up in the corner."
pairing-pete/patrick/ashlee  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-threesome  specific-het 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
saturnalia: RL crap; also a Pete/Patrick/Ashlee ficlet
"Okay, seriously," Patrick says. "Can we please focus? I'm giving you my best work, and you two are busy chatting."
pairing-pete/patrick/ashlee  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-threesome  specific-het 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
lacquerdreams: beautiful - pete/ashlee - nc-17 (pregnant!ashlee, girl!oral) - 560 words
The way he looks at her when she's wearing sweatpants and rubbing her stomach, curled up on the couch in the evening, makes her feel more beautiful than any photoshoot she's ever done.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-het  pairing-pete/ashlee 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
longtime_lurker: Ficlet: race through my red lights (OR holy random pairing, batman OR who are these bands again?)
In the bathroom she brushes her teeth, fingercombs her hair and examines her unshaved legs in resignation before turning on the fan and making a brief call to her big sister ("Help. Should I hook up with this guy who's in one of the bands we're on the road with?") which ends in her leaving Ashley a rambly voicemail that will prove totally embarrassing in the morning ("I know tourcest is like, the worst idea, but I totally have the opportunity and and he's kind of cute. Why aren't you theeeeeeere, dammit, you always used to still be up at three. Loser.")
band-hey.monday  pairing-cassadee/cash  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-humor  specific-het 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
keepaofthecheez: spn: With bombs and the devil, and the kids keep comin' [sam/dean, adult]
“What?” Sam suddenly sits up, glares at Dean full-on with all the pent up anger and teenage bitterness Dean suddenly realizes he’s been burying all along. “You gonna spank me again if I don’t behave?”
fandom-supernatural  pairing-sam/dean  kink-spanking  length-5k+  trope-pwp  specific-jailbait 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
neery: Fic: "Something New", Patrick/Pete, by Neery
The thing was, Patrick had known that Pete came with a whole bunch of kinks back when he'd started this relationship, and he was perfectly happy to participate in most of them. He wasn't even generally opposed to roleplay, but headmaster and Catholic schoolgirl? Seriously?
kink-crossdressing  kink-spanking  kink-roleplay  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
highon_life: Band: Happy with the Consequence (NC-17) Pete/Patrick
Seriously, Patrick’s mouth. It’s not like Pete’s never thought about this, because he has. He so has. Patrick’s mouth has, like, the starring role in at least half of Pete’s jerk-off material. It’s the good half, too, the half he uses when he really has time to make it good, you know? Not just quicky shower material. Patrick’s mouth is too good to be wasted like that.
fandom-bandom  band-fall.out.boy  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  trope-sex.pollen 
february 2009 by singoutachorus
impertinence: Doritos and Dildos, Pete/Patrick, Adult
"Hey, do you think they took us here to make us have sex?"

Patrick punched his shoulder. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Aliens don't care about gay sex."
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  trope-crack  specific-humor 
february 2009 by singoutachorus
You Quite So New [pete/patrick][nc-17]
"Stop it." It's firm in a way Patrick usually isn't; Pete goes silent abruptly, eyes wide and hands still clasped behind his back. Patrick's still not used to being able to do that, use his voice to make Pete obey. Still not used to how Pete gets off on it. How much he himself likes doing it.
kink-D/s  kink-collaring  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp 
february 2009 by singoutachorus
anon_lovefest: pete/patrick, unresolved halloween sex
Suddenly, there is a big warm mess of someone pressing into his side, and a deep, raspy voice in his ear saying, "I'm pretty sure I've never met you. But here you are in my house with those legs and those feet in those pumps. What's up with that."

Patrick scoots down the couch, away from the crazy person, and says, "I'm a dude, just so you know."
kink-crossdressing  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  challenge-anon.lovefest  trope-pwp  specific-jailbait 
january 2009 by singoutachorus
souldiers: Calms Jittery Nerves (Patrick/Pete)
"It's okay, just--" Pete stopped, and ran his palms over his face, "Don't throw me to the wolves." He pulled his knees to his chest and looked at Patrick with a dark expression. "And make sure you're alone, ok? I don't want your mom calling the cops."

Laughing, Patrick asked, "What is it, a bong?"

And Pete replied seriously, "No."
kink-toys  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  specific-jailbait 
january 2009 by singoutachorus
anon_lovefest: Pete/sexbot!Patrick
"Can you turn into a firetruck?"

The boy-shaped robot inside frowned at him. "The closest thing I have in my phrasebook is "Can I slip into something more comfortable," is that what you mean?"
au-other  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy  people-robot!patrick  length-ficlet 
january 2009 by singoutachorus
Anon_Lovefest: Pete/Patrick, tutor
Everything Pete had or did had a nasty habit of being sexy to Patrick--even his stupid laugh and his unrestrained douchiness. Patrick knew he had it bad, embarrassingly bad, but he didn't care. He just *wanted*.  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  challenge-anon.lovefest  trope-first.time  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-jailbait 
january 2009 by singoutachorus
these boys are too refined
The first time she suggests it, just sort of light in that 'it-could-be-a-joke' way, she's really not expecting him to go for it.
band-the.hush.sound  pairing-patrick/greta  kink-pegging  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-het 
january 2009 by singoutachorus
Ficlet: Kant's theory of the sublime.
"Right." Pete sighs. "I need a profound deep dicking. That's what I need." // "See, but this is what I was saying!" Frank points at him. Beer sloshes out of his cup and down over his wrist. "I was saying that the Way brothers are motherfucking cockteases."
pairing-pete/frank  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-humor 
january 2009 by singoutachorus
A Mess Of Youthful Innocence - Pete/Patrick; NC-17
“Oh my god.” Patrick grabs Pete’s arm and drags him inside. He closes the door firmly and turns both locks. “Why are you stripping on my front porch? How do you even know where I live?”
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  specific-jailbait 
december 2008 by singoutachorus
pornish_pixies: LONG: Just Desserts (Remus/Sirius)
Sirius is full of bad ideas, a disaster just waiting to happen, and yet it has always been impossible for Remus to resist him.
sirius/remus  au-genderswap  length-5k+  trope-pwp  fandom-harry.potter 
september 2008 by singoutachorus
iphignia939: fic: In the Sound (Gabe/Patrick, 1/1)
He's out at 11:30 on a Tuesday night, avoiding history homework and getting hit on by a guy who looks vaguely familiar. This was not his life two years ago. This is so much better.
pairing-gabe/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-jailbait 
may 2008 by singoutachorus
jewels667: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
It sort of sucks when his entire band is about to have an orgy with another band. "So," a voice says in Ian's ear. "Our entire band is about to have an orgy with Panic at the Disco."  pairing-marshall/ian  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp 
april 2008 by singoutachorus
neverneverfic: Ficlet: The Straightest Dude in Straight-donia (bandom cash/marshall)
But Cash was straight. And straight guys didn’t suck dick. Cash didn’t know what to do. So he decided to seek help from the straightest dude he knew. He called Brendon Urie.  pairing-cash/marshall  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  length-ficlet 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
like the burned-out poets in the hinterland - Fic: rather fight with you (Pete/Patrick, NC-17)
"Oh," he says, voice a low purr in Pete's ear, "so that's how it is."

Something about Patrick speaking triggers a fresh wave of adrenaline. Pete thrashes and snarls, snaps his head forward blindly at Patrick’s face. Next thing he knows, Patrick's got his teeth deep in Pete's lower lip. It's not a kiss. Pete tastes his own blood.
kink-fightsex  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  specific-angst  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
neery: Fic: Worst Case Scenario, Pete/Patrick, NC-17
"Us sexual deviants got to stick together, right?" Patrick didn't actually think being gay was all that terribly similar to his kink for cross-dressing, but if Wentz wanted to draw parallels, Patrick sure as hell wasn't going to stop him. "Right," he said
kink-crossdressing  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
fell in love with sunsets at four in the afternoon - fic: Make Me Go All Out
Patrick doesn't look at anyone and think to himself, "Oh yeah, I need to tap that," because he's only fourteen and anyway, his mother raised him better than that.
pairing-patrick/nick  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
fell in love with sunsets at four in the afternoon - fic: This Is Not A Love Story
“We don’t talk,” Tom says shortly. Jon looks confused, like all of his hastily assembled logic has fallen down around his ears. “But, you said-“ // “I said he calls. I didn’t say anything about talking.”  pairing-tom/william  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  kink-exhibition  pairing-jon/tom 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
like the burned-out poets in the hinterland - Fic: roll off your tongue (Brendon/Ryan, NC-17)
Ryan fucks like it's an art form, like the steady beat of chords and drums and bassline, and Brendon will never, ever snicker at the first verse of "Lying" again.
pairing-ryan/brendon  fandom-bandom  trope-first.time  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
etben: made out like bandits [bandslash, Bob Bryar / Brendon Urie]
"Pancakes first, sex afterwards." He stretches out, swinging his legs up onto the couch and leaning back against the armrest. "It's afterwards now, right?" Bob laughs. "Yeah," he says, kneeling on the edge of the couch. "Yeah, it is."
pairing-bob/brendon  fandom-bandom  length-5k+  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
xylodemon: FIC: Pictures of Me and You
There's always fucking coffee. Frank thinks Gerard would have sex with the coffee maker, if the coffee maker would stop playing coy and tell Gerard how it likes it.
fandom-bandom  pairing-frank/gerard  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-humor 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
riflethrough: Fic: if we wake at all
“You guys are really gay sometimes, you know that? What, are you two gonna cuddle on the bed over a pint of ice cream, maybe catch a movie on Lifetime?” Ian’s eyes are wide, almost spooked, when he says, “Dude. How did you know?”  pairing-cash/ofc  pairing-marshall/ian  specific-het  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
riflethrough: Fic: feel you through the weather
“Hey,” Ian says, after Cash has fallen asleep for sure and Marshall is fidgeting with his t-shirt. His hand falls on Marshall’s hip again. “You want to go take a shower?”  pairing-cash/mashall/ian  pairing-marshall/ian  specific-threesome  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
audreysrev: fic: closer to drowning
But, really, the way he wants to press up against Marshall , the way he wants to touch bare skin and revel in the soft, warm touch of Marshall, that doesn't make all that much sense either.
fandom-bandom  pairing-cash/marshall  trope-sex.pollen  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
lordessrenegade - Sex Pollen Pornomeme!
A quiet night, the two of them alone on the bus, and Gerard was drawing. Brian was working, or pretending to, but he kept falling asleep on top of his laptop, so Gerard pulled it away from him and started drawing on his hand while Brian dozed.
fandom-bandom  band-my.chemical.romance  pairing-brian/gerard  trope-sex.pollen  trope-pwp  length-ficlet 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
Eyeliner = Consent by Arsenic
Pete hated Ryan Ross. He had been nothing, nothing but a good friend to Ryan, pulling him out of Nevada, getting him laid by the boy of his very own dreams, and Ryan--the asshole--just went about carrying out threats against him.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  pairing-pete/joe  specific-humor 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
foxxcub: Fic: Superstars Sucked Into the Supermassive
"Muse, dude. They blow your fucking face off." He bites his lip and fumbles a bit with the stereo buttons. Spencer laughs, slow and deep. It's not really his real laugh, but he likes the sound anyway. "So you've said. Several times."
fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  pairing-jon/spencer 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
No Rhyme or Reason - Random Pete/Patrick
He made everyone record sexy-sounding pickup lines they could use as samples over a loud bass line.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
giddygeek: New fic: A Little Less Independence Day (a little more fireworks)
"Come here," Bob says, and Pete's been in enough accidental threesomes to know the invitiation was coming the second Bob rolled his eyes...
pairing-pete/patrick/bob  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-threesome  pairing-patrick/bob 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
YES I AM. - Whee.
Patrick wakes up sometime in the dark-dusk of morning to Pete straddling him, eyes bright and dark as he fucks down onto his own fingers.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  length-ficlet 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
violentfires: Breaking Arrangements
Pete’s a restless bastard who has trouble sleeping, this isn’t new, and generally on most days Patrick can be sympathetic. But he seriously doesn’t need to fidget so goddamn much when there’s blatantly no room for it.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
That is so punk rock. - yes, I'm spamming, but it's with porn so whatever.
He's unsure whether this is going to be fighting or fucking until Patrick kisses him, a collision of teeth more than anything else.
kink-fightsex  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  specific-angst  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
fluffontop: Ficletty: How To Get Gerard To Fuck Frank In The Morning
Frank loves morning sex. It's just all around a great start to the day. Everything is new and rosy, and you're usually hard and relaxed and warm and naked already, so it's also kind of convenient. Frank is 28 and convenience is starting to rank pretty hig
fandom-bandom  pairing-frank/gerard  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-humor 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
rain_dances: Come On, Bring It (Wait)
Pete’s been stuck in traffic for roughly 55 minutes, and he’s spent the last 30 of those minutes thinking about Patrick. More specifically, Patrick’s mouth.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  specific-humor 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
txtequilanights: hey look, another ficlet!
“Are you sure?” Pete asks, for at least the fourth time in the last half hour. He just, he really wants to make sure, okay? Because if Patrick isn’t like, 250% sure, then they aren’t doing this. Pete is totally not that guy, no matter what anyone
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-first.time  trope-pwp  length-ficlet  specific-fluff 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
MadScienceChick's Lab - FIC: Designer
Jon can't even imagine Spencer in boy-cut pants; it messes with his fundamental understanding of the universe
fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-humor  pairing-jon/spencer 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
When I Think of You... - Fic: Never Happened to Gee
Alicia makes a growling noise of frustration and shakes his shoulders. “No. I have my very own dick, not the strap on. Check this out,” and she shucks off her pajama bottoms and kneels over him.
pairing-pete/mikey/alicia  people-girl!mikey  au-genderswap  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-threesome 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
anonymous porn meme - Dirty-talk - pete/patrick
Pete crawls into Patrick's bunk at some ungodly hour, but Patrick lets him in anyway, moving back to give him room.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  length-ficlet 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
anonymous porn meme - Lyn-Z/Gerard + strap-on
The thing is, Gerard had had a pretty good idea of what was going on before she actually showed up with the strap-on in her hand.
pairing-gerard/lyn-z  kink-pegging  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance  length-ficlet  specific-het 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
impertinence: Frank/Mikey ficlet: Quiet, Adult
"Don't say anything," he whispered, and Frank bit his lip desperately. This wasn't even backstage proper, they were a corner and a curtain away from the fucking crowd, and Mikey was dropping to his knees.
fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance  length-ficlet  pairing-frank/mikey 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
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