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jubileebanker: Pete/Trish pegging
Pete got it for her as a present, and he didn't really think she'd use it, but she hadn't even hesitated before slipping into the harness and fucking him hard. He was glazed the whole next day.
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january 2010 by singoutachorus
anon_lovefest: Post #10
Brendon and William (or, more likely, the saner members of their bands) had cited Pete himself as exhibit A and refused to send pictures, though Ryan had later admitted that Brendon really didn't look that different once they got him to pull his shirt back down. And Vicky-T had been, in Gabe's own words, the most fucking amazing drag queen in the world. So he walked into the bathroom expecting Patrick-with-tits, not a gorgeous strawberry blonde girl made of perfect curves and creamy skin.
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jubileebanker: Girl!Patrick (the original)
There's no excuse to be cuddled so close except that they want to. He knows that she's really good at songs, but second-guesses herself to be very good with words, so when she slides up close, he takes the biggest risk of his entire life and kisses her. It's gentle, soft. She's practically vibrating she's so nervous. Now that she's here, she can't remember the last time anyone kissed her just because they liked her, not for her fame or anything. Joe doesn't want anything from her except herself, which is kind of scary in itself. It's almost easier when you know it's nothing personal. She sort of tries to shrink down into the pillow when Joe takes her hat away and carefully pulls her glasses off--nothing to hide behind now. But he puts his hand on face and pulls it up, kisses her again.
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jubileebanker: Trish and Pete and Joe and pegging
Trish blinks. "Okay," she says mildly, "weird." She smacks Pete's arm again. "Although hey, way to freak Joe out. That's gonna require all kinds of apologies. Possibly blowjobs."

"I'll blow Joe," Pete says. "Sounds like fun," but he raises his eyebrows and Trish just rolls her eyes. Pete thinks about it that night, the worshipful look in Joe's eyes when he drops to his knees in front of her on stage, and Pete wants to blow Joe. He wants Trish to watch.

Which is exactly how he phrases it when he mentions it to her, half-expecting Trish to be talked into it. But Trish just thinks about it for a second and says, "Cool, but we should probably ask Joe."
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july 2009 by singoutachorus

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