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love is a future that you just can't see - lalejandra - Bandom, Pete Wentz and His Humans [Archive of Our Own]
Pete waits for him to add "FREAK!!!" to that, or something else to denote that Pete is a fucking headcase, but he doesn't, just stands there in his dumb shorts and Pennywise t-shirt. He has skinny chicken legs, just like Pete.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/gabe  specific-angst  specific-not.fic 
july 2013 by singoutachorus
A Little Infamy - ladyfoxxx - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
"So, I have no idea why you chose me, but cool. I'm Pete." Pete sticks out a hand at Patrick and it takes a moment before he can stop staring long enough to take it and shake.

"Um, thanks for doing this. Travie recommended you."

"You met Travie and you still went with me? Dude, I'm kind of flattered and confused at the same time." Pete grins and it's weird to see it in real life after memorising it on video.

There are 35 clips under the name Peterpan on the Dirty Angels website and Patrick has watched them all. Some more than once. Some more than twice. The tattoo vid is a particular favourite. Patrick is starting to worry about chafing his dick; he hasn't jerked off this much since he was a teenager. He tries not to think about that as his palm meets Pete's, tries not to remember all the things he watched Pete's hands do on his computer screen. He already feels like a creeper.
fandom-bandom  band-fall.out.boy  pairing-pete/patrick  au-other  specific-porn  trope-fake.boyfriends  trope-misunderstandings  length-20k+ 
july 2013 by singoutachorus
Sparkle Motion - Bexless - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh, Gerard.” Bob sat down on his other side. He pushed Gerard’s feet off the table and picked up his game controller. “I’m sure you’re an excellent lover.”
band-my.chemical.romance  fandom-bandom  pairing-frank/gerard  specific-humor  specific-porn 
october 2011 by singoutachorus
there may not be another way to your heart - lalejandra - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
Ashlee calls him an asshole all the time, but when she starts to really mean it, when the words take on an edge, a glow, a push that makes them really hurt… that's when Pete starts counting down. The beginning of the end.

Everything ends. Pete knows that. He just thought maybe they'd have more time. He'd hoped his marriage would last longer than any one of his bands.

"Let it end," advises Gabe. "Just let it wind down in its own time." Pete isn't sure where Gabe is, but the line is crackling like when Pete talked to relatives long distance in the 1980s. That might not be a real memory, though; that might be something he saw on television.
au-trans.fic  fandom-bandom  specific-angst  specific-gen  pairing-pete/ashlee 
august 2011 by singoutachorus
otpsaurus_rex: Give It Up, Give It Up (gabe/pete, 3000 words, adult)
That itch under Pete's skin is back, irritating and prickly and driving him fucking nuts.

"You should really get that looked at," Gabe says, lazy and cocky even over the phone.

"Fuck you, man," Pete says. He squints harder at Travelocity and makes a face at how fucking expensive a flight to New York is these days.

"Pretty sure that's not what you're flying out here for, Petey." Even though Gabe's eating something and sounds crunchy and stupid, the promise in Gabe's voice makes Pete's dick twitch. Fuck.
kink-spanking  kink-D/s  fandom-bandom  band-cobra.starship  pairing-pete/gabe 
july 2011 by singoutachorus
turps33: A Bandom Kissing Meme.
Pete wanted to stop talking, and Patrick decided the best way to accomplish this was deepthroating. Pete really only ever stops talking when he can't breathe, but that's all right. Patrick knows Pete's limits better than Pete does. So he fucked Pete's throat with one hand tight in his hair and the other gentle on his cheek, and now Pete is on the floor gasping.
kink-D/s  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet 
july 2011 by singoutachorus
turps33: A Bandom Kissing Meme.
He slings an arm around Gabe’s shoulder, tugging him down closer to his own height to do it. Gabe goes easily, because that’s what they do. They’re best friends, fucking BFFs, riding the high life and owning the night. “We’re fucking rock stars, man.”
fandom-bandom  band-cobra.starship  length-ficlet  pairing-pete/gabe 
july 2011 by singoutachorus
when you're done acting tough, you only take two and a quarter to get fucked up - You're always window shopping but never stopping to buy
"It's not a joke," Pete said, and he'd pulled himself into his hoodie, wrapped his arms around himself. "Seriously, Patrick, what kind of dick do you think I am?" Patrick just sort of collapsed in on himself. Walked over to Pete, kept walking so Pete had to back up against the wall, and just. Pushed himself into Pete's space, fingers twining with Pete's, muscles straining and knuckles turning white. When they started kissing--Andy's still not sure who kissed whom, whether Patrick leaned impossibly further in or Pete moved forward--Andy looked at Joe, who rolled his eyes, and they collected Hemmy and left the room in silent accord.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet  specific-fluff 
march 2011 by singoutachorus
megyal - FIC: "good boys"; NC-17; FOB
"He just has a lot of sexual tension pent up inside," Andy said casually, turning a page, and Patrick took a betrayed inhale. Pete was raising his dark eyebrows in amusement. "Maybe he just needs to work it out."

"He's still under-aged in some states," Pete murmured, and turned his face to press against Andy's calf, still clad in dark jeans. "I mean, sometimes I have morals."

"Sometimes?" Andy smiled down at him, moving his leg a little. Pete made a little contented sound, curling up more against it and petting it like a favourite teddy-bear. Patrick's mouth was going dry. They... they wouldn't.
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-andy/pete  kink-voyeurism  pairing-andy/pete/patrick  specific-porn 
march 2011 by singoutachorus
iphignia939: fic: after midnight (FOB GSF, 1/1)
"Dude, I know what you were just," Pete said, eyes flicking down below Patrick's waist. Patrick glanced down, zipped his jeans closed and re-buttoned them. "Which, whatever, just tell me you're jerking off and I'll turn back around, okay? No need to punch anyone in the throat, jeez."
fandom-bandom  band-fall.out.boy  pairing-pete/patrick/andy/joe  pairing-pete/patrick  specific-gsf  specific-porn 
march 2011 by singoutachorus
no_tags: #70 - Lives Become Incredible
The weird guy watched Patrick all through class again. Art wasn't Patrick's favorite class, but he liked to flatter himself that he was decent enough to get by. Blue and red made purple, blue and yellow made green, he had it down. The weird guy threw him off his game, though. He wished, not for the first time, but the most fervently, that Ms Asher would let him wear his hat during class. She was cool about a lot of things, but firm about the school's stupid no hats during class rule.  fandom-bandom  band-my.chemical.romance  pairing-patrick/gerard 
january 2011 by singoutachorus
I Wanna Be Emo -
Patrick's pretty sure his band left him.

He's still sticky under his clothes, hair wet from ducking his head under the faucet, hat in one hand, jacket in the other, face still pink from the fading heat. He's starving, too, and there's a bag of Skittles with his name on it under the backseat of the van. Which is missing.

"Fuck." Patrick digs in his pockets for his phone, fingers still raw from playing. Freezing, he remembers handing it over to Joe before the show. He grits his teeth and hopes the call to Marie was worth the pounding he's going to get. Patrick kicks at the asphalt uselessly and hopes they notice soon.
pairing-patrick/lewis  au-musicvideo  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn 
december 2010 by singoutachorus
ficjournal: FOB: Allegedly
Joe's life is pretty fucking sweet: he's an awesome dude in an amazing band and young enough to enjoy it but old enough to not fuck it up.

He has run into one tiny problem. It's more of a hiccup in the way things are supposed to go in a band. He may - and this is an unsubstantiated rumor passed from his cock to his cheeks, which his brain overheard and could have misinterpreted - have a teensy weensy crush on Patrick.


He knows that - in theory or otherwise - this is probably a bad thing. Joe Perry probably never stood there on stage, staring at Steven Tyler and thinking about fucking him. So Joe should stop daydreaming about Patrick.
fandom-bandom  specific-humor  pairing-patrick/joe 
november 2010 by singoutachorus
ink_like_blood: Joe/Patrick for Jessa
Joe seduces Patrick BADLY.

The reasons are twofold: 1) Joe sucks at seduction, as he really doesn't do candles and things that seem like a really great idea stoned (buy him socks! His feet are always cold!) are usually not heralded as anything other than bizarre in the harsh light of day ("Um, thanks for the tube socks, but, what?") and 2) Patrick is terrible about picking up on any sort of seduction hints, especially from boys, especially especially from boys in his band who aren't Pete. (Pete gets a pass. Pete's is ALWAYS in seduction mode, and Patrick just tunes him out.)
pairing-patrick/joe  specific-not.fic  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-porn  specific-humor 
november 2010 by singoutachorus
gigantic: token (joe/various, r)
William thinks the whole thing is a travesty. Not the gay sex, he clarifies, but the fact that Joe is going about it all wrong. Joe tells him about his dream and his valiant efforts with Brendon and Ryan the next time he's in Chicago, and William shakes his head, tsking.

"What? What did I do?" Joe asks.

"Well," William explains. It's not what Joe did. It's what he didn't do. He respects his attempt to jump right into sex with dudes in a threesome and as a bottom. That's really bold, but also sort of like trying to swim before one can float, like trying to saddle up before Joe has a horse to mount.

"Huh," Joe says. He hadn't thought about it that way. That sort of makes sense. "So, I should -- "

"So we should fuck!" William says, smiling. "Top, to be specific. You should top."
pairing-patrick/joe  pairing-ryan/brendon  pairing-joe/ryan/brendon  pairing-joe/william  pairing-joe/travis  fandom-bandom  trope-first.time  trope-crack  specific-threesome  specific-humor 
november 2010 by singoutachorus
WAIT and SEE ... - Fic: Haircare Tips for Zonerunners, Frank/Gerard
“Open your eyes,” Frank says, and Gerard didn’t know they were closed. “Gee, look at me.”

He does. Frank’s face is inches from his, so close it’s blurry. Frank’s breath is hot on Gerard’s skin. Everything smells of ammonia. Gerard wishes he could smell Frank instead, Frank’s sweat, Frank’s breath. He tastes it instead, and the moment his lips touch Frank, Franks falls into his lap, folds into him.
au-musicvideo  specific-killjoys  fandom-bandom  pairing-frank/gerard  specific-angst  band-my.chemical.romance 
september 2010 by singoutachorus
barnacling: Two posts, two days in a row. I think th
But anyway, I've been thinking lately about what would happen if Kanye and Patrick got bodyswapped.
fandom-bandom  length-ficlet  trope-crack 
august 2010 by singoutachorus
megyal - FIC: Formed, as notes of music are, for one another | Bandom | Patrick/Pete
"Patrick," Pete called again, and sniffled a little. Patrick made a little moue of distaste at the tone of his voice. Weak; needy. "Patrick, please."

"What is it?" Patrick said and turned the page again, but more viciously this time. The edge of it sliced the side of his forefinger. Patrick flinched, then put his finger to his mouth, tasting the tang of his own blood. "What do you want, Pete?"
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  specific-angst  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet  specific-porn 
july 2010 by singoutachorus
languisity: Fic: The Lower I Get, the Higher I'll Fly
"Didn't think you'd go down like that, though," Derek adds and shrugs.

"You fucking pushed me," Pete points out, and it sounds calm, but he's angry. He's embarrassed that this is happening, and he's angry that he's embarrassed at all.

"And I should fucking punch you," Pete says, but he's been in four fights this month already, and anymore means he might get kicked off the team.

"If you were gonna, you would've done it, man," Derek says. He smacks Pete on the shoulder once, then jogs off. Pete follows after him, but just gathers his things and heads home instead of taking a shower at school.
pairing-pete/omc  kink-humiliation  fandom-bandom  specific-porn 
july 2010 by singoutachorus
Two Conversations
The song was about him, about Patrick, about how Pete saw him and how much Pete cared about him. It was somehow wonderful to know, but Patrick just wasn't sure if he wasn't going to be able to sing that in front of other people. Pete finally looked up at him. "You think it should be something private, just between us."
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet  specific-porn  specific-fluff 
june 2010 by singoutachorus
patrickxpeter: Incident Light // Pete/Patrick (+ Jon Walker) // NC-17
There's a definitive pause before Pete goes on. "You could… I mean, we can just forget this whole thing, you know. If that's what you want."

Patrick feels a pang of uncertainty, starting in the lower reaches of his stomach, traveling up to his throat, tickling at his tongue. Against the insistent voice in his head telling him to take the chance to back out, he swallows, willing his hesitation to dissipate. "Nah," he replies. "I'm alright."

"You're like, all modest and shit," Pete teases gently, leaning into Patrick, nudging him a bit.

"Yeah, well." Patrick looks up to catch Pete's gaze, a small grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.
kink-voyeurism  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
iphignia939: fic: 5 People Patrick Stump Didn't Sleep With...(1/1, bandslash, multiple pairings)
The first time was faster than Patrick would've liked -- but, he reminded himself, it was four in the morning and they were both jet-lagged. Besides, it was hard to stay on your game when you had a curious bulldog coming in and jumping on the bed at exactly the wrong moment.

"I'm sorry," Pete had said, trying to stop laughing. "I'm sor -- no, this isn't funny. It isn't. I'll lock him out on the patio next time, okay?"

"Or," Patrick had said, rubbing his head where he'd smacked it against the headboard, "you could just shut the door."

"Or I could shut the door," Pete had agreed, and they'd tried again.
pairing-patrick/travis  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  trope-five.things  pairing-patrick/gerard 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
jinxedfilm: 001.
Joe’s not the picture of a distressed friend, mostly because he’s been through this a hundred times before and he’s become so calloused to the bullshit Pete pulls every dayweekmonth that he can’t really feel anything other than apathetic to the situation. Still, he takes a seat across from Pete and folds his arms over his chest, the color beneath the sleeves of his hoodie hidden away. His eyes and face are questioning, he wants answers and Pete knows this, but he doesn’t speak, nor does he even look up from his coffee.
fandom-bandom  specific-angst  pairing-pete/joe 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
piecesof_reeses: Fic: Roomba v2.0 (1/2)
“Anyway, I was debating to myself the relative merits of different pick-up lines, when I realized that instead of arguing with myself about your feelings, I should just come and ask the man in question. Uh. Robot.”

“I’m not all that into pick-up lines,” Patrick says. “When you’re a robot, those tend to get really creepy really fast. Like, there are only so many puns you can make about turning me on, you know?”

“No, wait, that wasn’t what I was going to ask,” Pete says quickly.

“Well, I don’t like flowers, either,” Patrick says. “Or sonnets. Or, um, spontaneous bouts of nudity. Really.”

“Are you serious?” Pete asks. “That one always works! Haven’t you ever seen How I Met Your Mother? Best trip to the Museum of Media Arts ever.”
au-other  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-10k+  specific-angst  band-my.chemical.romance  band-fall.out.boy  people-robot!patrick  specific-humor 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
no writing technique is so awesome it can't be overused - Fic: But I Get Up Again (1/2)
Pete scratches at the side of his neck, and opens his mouth to say something, then closes it. What comes out instead is, "So, did you have a good time?"

"Yeah," Patrick says. "It was awesome. Thanks for getting me trashed, by the way."

"I can't believe you let me," Pete says, bouncing on his feet, deciding to brazen it out. "And, man, I'm sorry, but you've turned into an affectionate drunk. That was fucking awesome, I'm gonna have to do it again."

Patrick squints at him, and Pete forces a laugh, then waves a hand, saying, "Sorry, sorry. No, really, I'm sorry, I didn't expect you to actually drink all of them, since when do you listen to me? You're a pretty sweet kisser, though," and Patrick winces.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-10k+  specific-angst  band-fall.out.boy 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
bexless: ficcish
Okay, so let’s say Frank’s parents are a) still happily married and b) move around allll the time because of his Dad’s job, or something, so Frank goes to like two, sometimes three different schools a year, never stays long enough to really make friends or get involved in anything, and after a while he just stops trying.
fandom-bandom  pairing-frank/gerard  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-porn  specific-humor 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
got the style/but not the grace - you're perfect, yes, it's true (bandom, fob, pete/patrick)
He has a head full of rubbish and he shouldn't be using Patrick as a trash compactor. Not now. Patrick is writing an album, he doesn't need Pete's words (at all) right now. He's writing without Pete and he needs to be left alone but right now Pete needs him and feels like an asshole for it.
kink-fightsex  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
damnyouwentz: Past the state line with the radio glowi
Pete Wentz is a train wreck. Anyone who's seen him in a relationship knows it. He's the only guy Joe knows who's managed to fall in love with one-night-stands, actual song-lyric-writing, chick-flick-watching, calling-other-girls-at-three-AM love.

But then, Joe's never fallen in love like that, either.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/joe 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
impertinence: Big Bang: Monsters Inc, Pete/Patrick, PG-13, 1/2
They had an apartment because Pete had made Patrick move in with him, which was another brilliant idea. Pete was, it turned out, full of them. Because Pete was awesome. Patrick only occasionally agreed, but that was okay, because Pete had high self esteem.

Well, not that high. “Patrick. Patrick. Tell me I'm awesome.”
au-movie  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy 
march 2010 by singoutachorus
no writing technique is so awesome it can't be overused - Fic: Compulsion
Once they’re sharing a bus, it gets worse, because he’s shameless, there’s no one to make him feel ashamed, because Patrick doesn’t at all, and so Pete can spread himself across him when they’re watching movies, can drape himself over Patrick’s back as he stands in the kitchenette staring into the fridge. He is shameless, and he thinks, I don’t have a choice, with a desperate kind of exhilaration, because he doesn’t and so it’s like throwing himself over a cliff and hoping Patrick will catch him, each time, and Patrick always does.

Andy says, “You’re spending a lot of time with Patrick, huh.”

Pete shrugs. He doesn’t have to answer.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  specific-angst  band-fall.out.boy 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
oxoniensis: Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines)
Gabe licked his lips, drawing Pete's attention to his mouth all over again. "Mikey's leaving on tour tomorrow. We're having a going-away party."

Pete looked around the room. "You're the only two here."

"Any room I'm in is a party," Gabe informed him, just before Mikey's hand snaked up around the back of his neck and pulled him down to kiss some more.
pairing-pete/mikey  pairing-pete/mikey/gabe  fandom-bandom  challenge-porn.battle  band-my.chemical.romance  band-cobra.starship  specific-porn  specific-threesome  pairing-pete/gabe 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
oxoniensis: Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines)
Victoria’s not sure who picked the theme of the party, but she’s amused when everyone stares at her in shock. They expected her to go with the moll theme, not the gangster, but she’s enjoying giving new meaning to ‘double-breasted suit’. She takes her flask from her pocket when someone offers her a drink and tosses back a good shot of whiskey. It burns in all the right ways and she winds her way through the party, looking for fun.
kink-pegging  fandom-bandom  challenge-porn.battle  band-cobra.starship  length-ficlet  specific-porn  specific-het  pairing-gabe/vicky-t 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
oxoniensis: Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines)
"Come on," she says, and pulls him into the bathroom, locking the door behind them. He's got that stupid fucking smile on his face now, like he knows exactly how this is going to go, and even as she doesn't have to look at it anymore because he's kissing her the mere memory of it pisses her off more. So when he's got his hands on her waist and her back against the wall and his face in her cleavage (and, okay, she's breathing pretty hard, which sort of makes it easier for him to get at said cleavage), and one of his hands goes for his pants, she grabs hold of his wrist and stops him.
fandom-bandom  challenge-porn.battle  band-cobra.starship  length-ficlet  specific-porn  specific-het  pairing-gabe/vicky-t 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
heygirlfriends: That's Because It is a Good Idea
Last night things got a little weird. That's all. He's still in Pete's bed, fully clothed, although not for lack of trying on Patrick's part, when he wakes up and decides being in a band like this, with Pete next to him, is too much for him to do. Pete's not awake to stick a fork in him for once. Patrick takes it as a sign.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  specific-angst  band-fall.out.boy  trope-crack 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
jubileebanker: Pete/Trish pegging
Pete got it for her as a present, and he didn't really think she'd use it, but she hadn't even hesitated before slipping into the harness and fucking him hard. He was glazed the whole next day.
kink-pegging  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn  specific-het  people-girl!patrick 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
faily stealth sex
Patrick is doing his best to keep the potentially embarassing noises in his chest locked away behind the sealed gate of his bitten lip. He can't, however, keep the seat from squeaking every time he rocks up into-

Jesus Christ, Pete's hand is in his pants.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet  specific-jailbait 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
crayola123: fic: this ain't no hot line
The text says: just so u know, i'm not wearing anything at all.

Patrick snorts out a laugh and hits reply, says, I don't care, although he does. Not interested, although he is.

Pete calls him back immediately (something about a separation complex), and barks out, "No but really, I am."
kink-phonesex  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy  specific-humor 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
The anonymous bandom ficlet exchange - wanna talk to her (she's hot as hell) - (PG) (prompt 13)
"Sorry, sorry," Cassadee is saying, in between giggles, because she isn't just laughing, she is completely losing her shit. Surely there's no way Brendon is that bad of a kisser; someone would have told him, right? "It's just," she begins. "But. Aren't you gay?"
band-hey.monday  pairing-brendon/cassadee  specific-het  specific-humor  fandom-bandom  length-ficlet 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
sing_on_a_star: 4 things Patrick Stump will not do for Pete Wentz, and 1 thing Pete WILL do for Patrick
Patrick Stump is not a never-nude.

He just has some issues with being naked around people. This goes especially for the people he's dating.

And since Pete had to open his big, stupid, undying-love-confessing mouth, such has been the case.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  trope-five.things 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
I Saw Three Ships: The Words and the Music
See, this is why Patrick doesn't like to get crazy-drunk: because he will end up alone in a booth in the back of a club with a completely sober Pete and Ashlee, and when Ashlee starts joking about how pregnancy is making her feel like a hippo, he will say, with the earnestness that only the wretchedly drunk possess, "But your pregnancy boobs are amazing."
pairing-pete/patrick/ashlee  pairing-patrick/ashlee  fandom-bandom  specific-porn  specific-threesome 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
shelvability: [fic: bandom] don't think that these feelings are gonna leave
Pete sees Patrick hovering awkwardly around the mike stand, as though unwilling to admit he's the singer. Patrick licks his lips nervously, and Pete tracks that movement involuntarily, staring at the slick of Patrick's lips under the club's flashing lights, the sweat already beading around Patrick's forehead. Pete spares a moment to think, fuck, I don't even care if he can't sing a single note because Pete's not discriminatory about talent, really, and then Patrick opens his mouth right against the mike, and Pete takes half a step closer.
kink-dirtytalk  au-other  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn  specific-jailbait 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
The anonymous bandom ficlet exchange - No Expectations (Jon/Tom)
"I’m thinking of driving to California this time."

Tom doesn’t look up from the chess board. Very slowly, he pushes a pawn forward.

"Why would you do that?’ he says, after. ‘We’ve done that. It gets old after, like, thirty miles."
fandom-bandom  band-empires  specific-porn  pairing-jon/tom 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
The anonymous bandom ficlet exchange - An Uncommon Proposal
"I'm sorry if this isn't your ideal proposal, Mr. Wentz," Ashlee said, "but perhaps you should have thought of that before you compromised me. I'm afraid you're rather stuck with me now."
au-historical  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/ashlee 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
oxoniensis: Porn Battle VII (The Seven Deadly Sins)
He watched as Patrick lifted his glass for Ashlee to take a sip, as he reached out and brushed an invisible drop from the corner of her lips. Lights flashed around them, cameras capturing random moments of revelry, and Pete found himself hoping they'd get caught like that, looking at each other in a way that couldn't mean anything but sex. It'd serve them right, plotting against him like that.

More importantly, he'd be able to pull that photo out, look at it whenever he wanted.
pairing-pete/patrick/ashlee  fandom-bandom  challenge-porn.battle  length-ficlet  specific-porn  specific-threesome 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
disarm_d: The Bandon Goes Down (first oral meme!)
"...Pete," Joe said a second later, tugging at Pete's hair, "Pete, what are you doing."

"Dude, no wonder you've never gotten laid," Pete said, unable to stop cracking up. "You don't ask that, man. The hair-tugging's cool, though."
fandom-bandom  trope-first.time  length-ficlet  pairing-pete/joe 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
Bandom Story Swap - War (Pete/Joe)
"Fuck you, fucker, pay attention to me," Pete says.

"I am, I so am," Joe says. He sounds drunk. "Oh fuck," he says. Pete has one hand around Joe's dick, which on its own is enough to earn Joe's undivided attention, but then he licks around the head and sucks it into his mouth, and Joe can't help the way he knocks his head against the wall and closes his eyes.
au-college  fandom-bandom  specific-porn  pairing-pete/joe 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
Bandom Story Swap - The Man on My Right (Pete/Joe)
“What the hell happened?” Joe takes a step forward and, unthinking, presses the tip of his fingers gently to one of the marks, right by Pete’s nipple. Predictably (or maybe not, because Pete takes pride in being unpredictable) Pete shudders at the touch; a series of expressions spasm across his face too fast for Joe to parse.

“Candle wax,” Pete says.
kink-aftercare  fandom-bandom  specific-angst  pairing-pete/joe 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
Bandom Story Swap - This Year's Apologies (Pete/Patrick)
From what Joe had said about him before, Patrick was expecting a tidal wave, or a whirlwind or, well something. But Pete just says, "Patrick?" and when Patrick nods slowly, Pete nods back, looks him shoes to hat and says, "Alright." He starts sipping at his overpriced coffee drink and stays silent, but his eyes don't leave Patrick's face while he and Joe shoot the shit for a while.
pairing-patrick/jon  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-10k+  specific-angst  band-fall.out.boy  specific-fluff  specific-ust 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
deuteragonist: Fic - Storm
Before, a lifetime ago, possibly only the day before yesterday, they were closer than physicality. They were the same skin, and he still remembers how it felt to slide into the space between their individualities, that place where they were PeteandPatrick.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  specific-angst  band-fall.out.boy 
december 2009 by singoutachorus
flimsy: Drabbles - Various Pairings & Ratings
It’s like a secret; on the soft slope of Patrick’s hipbone, dark against his pale skin, a small single bass clef. A little squiggle and two dots, as he explained to the tattooist when asked what it looked like, before drawing it on a sheet of paper with steady hands, the dark ink bleeding a little on the tissue.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet 
december 2009 by singoutachorus
crayola123: fic: Be Sought Or Seeking (Or Found)
After the first time they do it, the it it, Pete snuffles in close and breathes against Patrick's neck with soft hot little in-outs that sound too loud in Patrick's ears. Pete's fingers are heavy and damp against his skin where they rest, and Patrick holds tight to the touch and feels like he's having an out of body experience, almost. The ceiling is black and the air is black and Pete's hair is even blacker where it tickles the side of his face, his shoulder. Patrick figures the time is now for existentialism, so what the hell.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-10k+  trope-first.time  specific-angst  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn  specific-fluff 
december 2009 by singoutachorus
foxxcub: Hurray, porn!
"Look, sorry, dude, but when you're getting hot and heavy with ahmygad-Pete-from-Racetraitor in the back of a dirty old van, you don't really expect to have the experience cut short because the dude comes in his pants before you even get to see his dick."

Pete folds his arms, stubborn. He thinks his ears might be a little pink, but hopefully Patrick can't tell in the dark. "First of all, who ever says 'hot and heavy' anymore, and second of all, you can blame your stupid fucking porn-star mouth for ruining your Pete Wentz experience, okay?"
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet  specific-porn  specific-humor 
december 2009 by singoutachorus
megyal - FIC: "The real thing" | RPS/BANDOM | Patrick/Pete
"Let me get this straight," he says in a low voice. "You hate real dicks--"

Pete shudders dramatically, lounging around on the bed that Patrick had claimed for his own in their hotel room. "Have you ever seen a real dick? Wrinkly."
kink-toys  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-pwp  band-fall.out.boy 
december 2009 by singoutachorus
ditchwitchbitch: Random ficlet for Jacqui
“I like people better at night,” Pete’s saying, his eyes occasionally finding Patrick’s through the darkness as they pass a streetlamp. “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars, right? And sometimes I think in the day, people are too harsh looking, and judging. At night, though, everyone’s beautiful.”
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  length-ficlet  specific-fluff 
november 2009 by singoutachorus
lordessrenegade: advent, day 1: fob, pete/joe
When Pete finds him, Joe is slumped against the back wall of the club, giggling, some guy with blue hair kissing his neck.

"Pete!" he says, beaming. "Pete Wentz! My very favorite Pete!" His hand wraps around Pete's wrist and pulls him in, close enough that he's bumping up against the guy molesting Joe's neck, close enough he can feel Joe pressed up warm against his side. "Pete, this is..." he looks blank for a second, then grins again. "This is my new friend!"

New Friend's eyes flicker up in acknowledgement, then he goes back to biting at Joe's earlobe, making Joe melt against Pete a little, fingers twitching around Pete's wrist.
fandom-bandom  length-ficlet  pairing-pete/joe 
november 2009 by singoutachorus
ditchwitchbitch: Finder's Keepers 1/3 (Joe/Pete, NC-17)
“Joe,” the guy said, quickly holding out a hand for Pete to shake, and the formality of the action was endearing, in some misguided way. Did Joe even realize Pete was trying to flirt? He stepped up his game.

“You’re kind of cute,” he said, and maybe that wasn’t quite what he’d meant to say, but Joe’s cheeked reddened in a way that Pete could appreciate, a slow blush rising to his neck and making Pete want to see just how far that blush spread.  au-college  fandom-bandom  band-empires  specific-porn  pairing-pete/joe  pairing-pete/ashlee  pairing-jon/tom 
november 2009 by singoutachorus
languisity: Fic: People In Love
"Seriously?" she says, but shifts a little to spread her legs. "What is that, like, some kind of claiming thing? Me Ashlee. Me Pete's woman." Pete worms his fingers in through the opening in the front to touch her, and Ashlee bites her lip against a smile.

"Kind of think I'm the one that's owned," Pete says.
fandom-bandom  specific-porn  pairing-pete/ashlee 
november 2009 by singoutachorus
sinsense: Fic, sort of - New Kid Makes a Rule - FOB/Panic, Joe/Spencer, Rish.
"New kid knows I'm gay for him," Joe tells Patrick, who looks up from playing with Hemingway to frown at him. "Gonna go freak out in my cubicle now."

"Okay," Patrick says. "Let's get ho-hos after work."

"Yes," Joe says feelingly. Patrick is the best friend of all time and space.
pairing-joe/spencer  pairing-frank/bob  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-my.chemical.romance  band-fall.out.boy  specific-humor 
november 2009 by singoutachorus
coricomile: Title: Bedroom Talk
"So, you know you can kiss me, right? That's what the whole dating thing was for- I get to grope you in public and-" Pete is forced to stop mid-sentence by the press of Patrick's lips to his own. He grins and pulls Patrick closer to him, laughs as Patrick tackles him down to the floor.
fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  trope-first.time  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn 
november 2009 by singoutachorus
impertinence: this entry is kind of embarrassing
seriously i keep thinking of things like Ashlee pegging him on their weirdass teddy bear rug and realizing it might be canon. peeete how are you such a furry?
kink-pegging  fandom-bandom  specific-porn  pairing-pete/ashlee 
october 2009 by singoutachorus
impertinence: Fic: Sway, Pete/Ashlee, Adult
They were leaving him alone with surprising diligence the night he introduced himself to Ashlee. “Hi, I'm Pete,” he said. “I think your album did better than mine.”

She scrunched her nose up and laughed. It wasn't a very pretty laugh, way too loud and kind of stupid sounding. “My sister's did even better.”

Whoa, issues. Pete's smile was real this time. “I'm going to dump the girl I'm here with. Want to get out of here?”
fandom-bandom  specific-porn  pairing-pete/ashlee 
october 2009 by singoutachorus
impertinence: Fic: Dry As Your Bloodshot Eyes, Pete/Travis, R
Pete nodded and curled up next to him. He'd been tentative to touch Travis the first few times, because he could seriously squash Pete like a bug and Pete wasn't really into getting beat up, but they'd long since passed the point where Pete felt fine with crawling all over Travis.
pairing-pete/travis  fandom-bandom  band-gym.class.heroes  specific-angst  specific-porn 
october 2009 by singoutachorus
dysintegration: A light that waits for tired shipsPete/M
"I'll defend you from the leaves," Pete says, "if you want me to." He grabs Mikey's hand and traces a broad kindergarten leaf in the palm with his blunt fingertips, covers it with a star, covers it with a quick dry kiss. "I don't think I need to, though. I think the leaves just want to love you, Mikeyway."
fandom-bandom  band-my.chemical.romance  length-ficlet  specific-fluff  pairing-pete/mikey 
october 2009 by singoutachorus
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