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piecesof_reeses: Fic: Roomba v2.0 (1/2)
“Anyway, I was debating to myself the relative merits of different pick-up lines, when I realized that instead of arguing with myself about your feelings, I should just come and ask the man in question. Uh. Robot.”

“I’m not all that into pick-up lines,” Patrick says. “When you’re a robot, those tend to get really creepy really fast. Like, there are only so many puns you can make about turning me on, you know?”

“No, wait, that wasn’t what I was going to ask,” Pete says quickly.

“Well, I don’t like flowers, either,” Patrick says. “Or sonnets. Or, um, spontaneous bouts of nudity. Really.”

“Are you serious?” Pete asks. “That one always works! Haven’t you ever seen How I Met Your Mother? Best trip to the Museum of Media Arts ever.”
au-other  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-10k+  specific-angst  band-my.chemical.romance  band-fall.out.boy  people-robot!patrick  specific-humor 
april 2010 by singoutachorus
The anonymous bandom ficlet exchange - wanna talk to her (she's hot as hell) - (PG) (prompt 13)
"Sorry, sorry," Cassadee is saying, in between giggles, because she isn't just laughing, she is completely losing her shit. Surely there's no way Brendon is that bad of a kisser; someone would have told him, right? "It's just," she begins. "But. Aren't you gay?"
band-hey.monday  pairing-brendon/cassadee  specific-het  specific-humor  fandom-bandom  length-ficlet 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
The anonymous bandom ficlet exchange - No Expectations (Jon/Tom)
"I’m thinking of driving to California this time."

Tom doesn’t look up from the chess board. Very slowly, he pushes a pawn forward.

"Why would you do that?’ he says, after. ‘We’ve done that. It gets old after, like, thirty miles."
fandom-bandom  band-empires  specific-porn  pairing-jon/tom 
january 2010 by singoutachorus
ditchwitchbitch: Finder's Keepers 1/3 (Joe/Pete, NC-17)
“Joe,” the guy said, quickly holding out a hand for Pete to shake, and the formality of the action was endearing, in some misguided way. Did Joe even realize Pete was trying to flirt? He stepped up his game.

“You’re kind of cute,” he said, and maybe that wasn’t quite what he’d meant to say, but Joe’s cheeked reddened in a way that Pete could appreciate, a slow blush rising to his neck and making Pete want to see just how far that blush spread.  au-college  fandom-bandom  band-empires  specific-porn  pairing-pete/joe  pairing-pete/ashlee  pairing-jon/tom 
november 2009 by singoutachorus
sinsense: Fic, sort of - New Kid Makes a Rule - FOB/Panic, Joe/Spencer, Rish.
"New kid knows I'm gay for him," Joe tells Patrick, who looks up from playing with Hemingway to frown at him. "Gonna go freak out in my cubicle now."

"Okay," Patrick says. "Let's get ho-hos after work."

"Yes," Joe says feelingly. Patrick is the best friend of all time and space.
pairing-joe/spencer  pairing-frank/bob  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-my.chemical.romance  band-fall.out.boy  specific-humor 
november 2009 by singoutachorus
Bandom Story Swap - Intent Never Makes a Sound for scoradh
"You want to gloat over grilled cheese and milkshakes?"

Spencer gives him a funny look but doesn't stop walking. "There's nothing wrong with milkshakes and grilled cheese. It's perfectly acceptable for bragging about being awesome." Spencer turns around, walking backwards and managing to not bump into any people or walls the way Brendon is sure he would, and says, "But hey, if you want to spend more money, then you can take me to dinner."  fandom-bandom  pairing-brendon/spencer 
september 2009 by singoutachorus
enoughoflove: Fic - The Sun Always Shines Here
The door slams open a little before seven and Joe comes sloshing through the front door, accompanied by what looks like an enormous drowned rat, bringing in water and leaves on a gust of wind.

"Hey," Joe says, shaking his hair out of his eyes and getting water everywhere. "This is Patrick."

Patrick is, apparently, not a rat but a teenaged looking kid with glasses completely fogged and covered in water, an old trucker's hat covering blonde shaggy hair and a little over five feet of stocky boy.
au-college  pairing-pete/frank  pairing-frank/spencer  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-5k+  band-fall.out.boy  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-ust 
august 2009 by singoutachorus
interdire: let's try this trick and spin it, PG-13.
“So,” Patrick starts, “What do you do?” Brendon blinks a couple of times before looking down at his hands, which are pulling on the filthy tie around his neck.

Most kids didn’t really mind talking about their powers, or what they knew about them. It’s generally a safe topic unless they’ve killed someone by accident or something. How they ended up at the institute was the loaded question.
fandom-x-men:movieverse  au-powers  pairing-ryan/brendon  pairing-jon/spencer  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-crossover 
may 2009 by singoutachorus
foxxcub: Fic: Jon and Spencer Make a Porno
"You do realize we've never so much as kissed in our entire lives, right?" he asks softly. It's not like that between them, never has been. At least, that's what Spencer's always taught himself to believe, even when he goes through weird phases where he hates everyone who so much as takes Jon out for coffee. [Zack & Miri Make A Porno AU]
pairing-jon/spencer  au-movie  pairing-ryan/brendon  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  band-fall.out.boy  specific-porn 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
claire_debonair - The Little Things, a bandom AU.
Patrick is a chocolatier. No ifs, buts or kind-ofs. He’s a chocolatier in the way that Michelangelo was an artist, the way that Louis Armstrong was a jazz musician and the way that John Sheppard is a pilot. It’s something he was born to do, and so it’s what he did. Ever since he walked into a specialist chocolate shop with his mom at aged five, Patrick has been fascinated by the variety of chocolates, and the wondrous things you can do with the right tools and a bit of creativity.
pairing-ryan/brendon  pairing-jon/spencer  au-college  band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  pairing-frank/gerard  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-fluff 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
bexless: fic
“He can tick my box any time,” Frank said dreamily, staring at Creepy Comic Book Guy. “If you know what I mean.”
band-fall.out.boy  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  pairing-frank/gerard  band-my.chemical.romance  pairing-brendon/spencer  specific-humor 
march 2009 by singoutachorus
anon_lovefest: post jon/brendon, spanking
They’d been fucking for a couple of months; Jon being without Cassie and Brendon being tired of the increasingly crazier groupies, and they had fallen into a routine – sporadic, but vaguely patterned, at least.
pairing-jon/brendon  kink-spanking  fandom-bandom  length-ficlet  specific-porn 
january 2009 by singoutachorus
welltimedsmiles: fic: Everybody's Living Like They're Crazy in Love (PATD/The Cab, Brendon/Cash)
Brendon passes out with his head on Cash’s hip; Cash wakes up with hand in Brendon’s hair. “Dude, you are so gay,” Brendon says pulling himself up so he’s looking down at him. “Fuck off.”  pairing-brendon/cash  trope-wedding.fic  specific-fluff  fandom-bandom  specific-future.fic 
october 2008 by singoutachorus
we_are_cities: Prompt #2 - "click"
"You're going to come and visit me and we are going to miss Chicago together."  pairing-jon/tom  fandom-bandom  specific-gen 
may 2008 by singoutachorus
tequilideas: fic: vote 'YES' on Jon Walker!
Spencer wants to kill everyone. “You guys,” he snaps, “Jon Walker is not. That. Awesome.” // “Spencer Smith, do you doubt me?” Jon says from behind him. Apparently, in addition to his ungodly charisma points, Jon Walker is mad stealthy.
pairing-jon/spencer  specific-humor  fandom-bandom 
april 2008 by singoutachorus
fell in love with sunsets at four in the afternoon - fic: This Is Not A Love Story
“We don’t talk,” Tom says shortly. Jon looks confused, like all of his hastily assembled logic has fallen down around his ears. “But, you said-“ // “I said he calls. I didn’t say anything about talking.”  pairing-tom/william  fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  kink-exhibition  pairing-jon/tom 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
like the burned-out poets in the hinterland - Fic: roll off your tongue (Brendon/Ryan, NC-17)
Ryan fucks like it's an art form, like the steady beat of chords and drums and bassline, and Brendon will never, ever snicker at the first verse of "Lying" again.
pairing-ryan/brendon  fandom-bandom  trope-first.time  trope-pwp 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
etben: made out like bandits [bandslash, Bob Bryar / Brendon Urie]
"Pancakes first, sex afterwards." He stretches out, swinging his legs up onto the couch and leaning back against the armrest. "It's afterwards now, right?" Bob laughs. "Yeah," he says, kneeling on the edge of the couch. "Yeah, it is."
pairing-bob/brendon  fandom-bandom  length-5k+  trope-pwp  band-my.chemical.romance 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
passe_simple: Star Shaped (1/5)
“Brendon, are you being sexually harassed?” Gabe asked. “You can file a complaint. Did Ryan touch you in your bikini area?” “Not yet,” said Brendon, “but I’m kind of hoping, so you should go away.”
fandom-bandom  band-my.chemical.romance  pairing-ryan/brendon  pairing-jon/spencer  specific-angst  specific-fluff  au-kidfic  au-college  length-50k+ 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
ficjournal: PatD: I'm Like A Girl With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You to Open Up Pickle Jars (Me & You)
Spencer smiles, all teeth and pinched lips and wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. It makes Jon feel warm and it hits him again, making him sure “Okay,” he says. Smiling back, Jon hopes he can do the same for Spencer.
fandom-bandom  specific-fluff  pairing-jon/spencer 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
foxxcub: Fic: last good thing about this part of town
"You get to be the smart one, how 'bout that," Tom mumbles into Jon's hair. Jon snorts. "As opposed to a rock star?" // "Whatever, anyone can fucking play a guitar." He scrubs a hand over the back of Jon's neck, adds softly, "But we'll miss you on MTV."
au-college  fandom-bandom  specific-porn  pairing-jon/spencer 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
7_daze: Fic: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Brendon Urie
He's been nursing a crush for the past three weeks, ever since he and his new friend -- Jon -- bonded over Aladdin. Brendon is convinced that no straight man knows all the words to A Whole New World, so. Jon is going to be his.
pairing-jon/brendon  au-college  fandom-bandom  specific-fluff 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
foxxcub: Fic: Superstars Sucked Into the Supermassive
"Muse, dude. They blow your fucking face off." He bites his lip and fumbles a bit with the stereo buttons. Spencer laughs, slow and deep. It's not really his real laugh, but he likes the sound anyway. "So you've said. Several times."
fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  pairing-jon/spencer 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
foxxcub: Fic: starts in my toes (high school AU!)
"You turn pink really fast, you know that?" Ryan says as he leans against his locker door, watching Spencer with a smirk. "It's like a cartoon, almost." Spencer tries a lot harder after that to be more inconspicuous.  fandom-bandom  specific-fluff  specific-humor  pairing-jon/spencer 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
beingothrwrldly: fic: the brightest of all the colors (panic, jon/spencer)
Jon just watches him, waiting. "Chicago is really far to run away to," he says quietly, and Spencer looks at him. "I mean."
fandom-bandom  specific-fluff  pairing-jon/spencer 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
MadScienceChick's Lab - FIC: Designer
Jon can't even imagine Spencer in boy-cut pants; it messes with his fundamental understanding of the universe
fandom-bandom  trope-pwp  specific-humor  pairing-jon/spencer 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
foxxcub: Fic: read me like no one else (we'll make them so jealous) (1/2)
So how have your daemons reacted to all this sudden fame? // We're all taking it really well, so I think they're fine. Anyway, isn't it bad press to say a band's daemons are suffering?
fandom-his.dark.materials  pairing-ryan/brendon  pairing-jon/spencer  fandom-bandom  pairing-pete/patrick  length-5k+  band-fall.out.boy  specific-angst  specific-crossover  specific-porn  specific-fluff 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
foxxcub: Fic: Little You and I (high school AU!)
He's got Pete Wentz's stamp of approval, and that's enough to keep people from giving him the New Kid Stare. It's nice and convenient, and Patrick figures it could be worse. Only, it kind of is, because a month later, Patrick realizes he maybe likes Pete.
fandom-bandom  band-fall.out.boy  pairing-pete/patrick  pairing-jon/spencer  specific-fluff  specific-humor 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
dsudis: Fic: (Panic! at the Disco Almost Changed Their Name to) Fuzzy Kitten Cuddle Time (1/2)
Brendon wanted to scoot closer, to reach for him. He wanted to pet Jon's hair and tell him things would be all right. But this wasn't just about Spencer being pissed, this was about Jon losing Cassie, about Jon turning into a kitten, and Brendon couldn't fix any of that, and he didn't know what any of it was going to mean.
fandom-bandom  pairing-jon/brendon  au-powers  specific-porn  specific-fluff  specific-humor  length-10k+ 
march 2008 by singoutachorus
secrethappiness: fic: The Pete Wentz Fic Club
The whole thing starts after their second CD comes out and Pete discovers there are entire Livejournal communities named after him.
fandom-bandom  band-fall.out.boy  band-my.chemical.romance  specific-gen  specific-crack  specific-humor 
march 2008 by singoutachorus

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