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FILL: Mikael Granlund/Mikko Koivu, weight gain (1/1, probably)
Player A puts on a few (or thirty/forty) pounds when he retires after an injury ends his career. Payer B is his roommate or boyfriend who can't stop looking at the new weight.
Complete  Pairing:Mikael_Granlund/Mikko_Koivu  Character:Mikko_Koivu  Character:Mikael_Granlund  Kink:Weight  Rating:Mature 
november 2017 by sinbinmod
FILL: Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn, weight gain
Post-retirement, it's normal for athletes to gain some weight since they aren't at their "normal" super-high activity level anymore, don't have to stick to a meal plan, and have to make a real effort to scale down their caloric intake since they can't continue eating 5-6000 calories a day and *lose* weight.

Tyler, once he of "3% Body-fat," chunks up. Jamie's really into it. Tyler's still muscular and flexible, but there's finally some jiggle to his ass when Jamie spanks it. His face rounds out a bit, there's a little softness to his belly and thighs over the firmness of the muscle when Jamie rubs off there.

Tyler's surprised how into it Jamie is. His self-esteem isn't bad, he was just getting (for him) chubby, but he had been planning to reign in his calorie intake and increase his workouts again.

But he's getting laid *a lot* so maybe he'll wait a bit since his body's really just "normalizing".
Complete  Pairing:Jamie_Benn/Tyler_Seguin  Character:Jamie_Benn  Character:Tyler_Seguin  Character:Jordie_Benn  Kink:Weight  Kink:Retirement  Rating:Mature 
june 2016 by sinbinmod

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