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Re: FILL: bled the flow- william karlsson/cam atkinson, punitive hair cutting (1/1)
Player A fucks up, B (any other player, coach, GM, player on the other team, idk) gets to cut his hair/shave his head as punishment/in retaliation.
Complete  Pairing:Cam_Atkinson/William_Karlsson  Character:Cam_Atkinson  Character:William_Karlsson  Kink:Hair  Kink:Punishment  Rating:General_Audiences 
may 2016 by sinbinmod
FILL: Backstrom/Ovechkin, mutual hair appreciation
Both Backstrom and Ovechkin have pretty damn fantastic hair, so what about them liking each other's hair a lot. Maybe Alex likes to wash Nicky's hair, smell it, likes how sun makes his hair look golden or whatever. And Nicky loves to mess Alex' hair, tug at, loves how wild it makes him loos idk. Any fic with any rating, with lots of hair appreciation. Can be sexy, can be sweet, I don't mind either way.
Complete  Pairing:Nicklas_Backstrom/Alexander_Ovechkin  Character:Nicklas_Backstrom  Character:Alexander_Ovechkin  Kink:Hair  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Hand_jobs  Rating:Explicit 
april 2016 by sinbinmod
Fill: Sidney Crosby/Braden Holtby - hair kink
Prompt: Inspired by this, which I lifted from a thread at dekedangle: There's no mystery, then, as to why Sidney dreamed of becoming a hockey player when he grew up. "I didn't see myself as anything else," he declares. But when Sidney leaves the room, Trina begins to giggle fiercely. "When he was six, Sidney and I would play hairdresser," she embarks on a story that shows potential for future locker-room fodder. "One day we were driving to practice and he said, 'Dad, I don't know if I want to play in the NHL or be a hairdresser.' If you could've seen the look on Troy's face! Shocked, he said, 'Well, Sid, uh, you don't have to make any snap decisions just yet.' We didn't play hairdresser anymore." October 2005, Reader's Digest (Canada) Maybe it's the AU where Sid runs a hair studio and is feuding with a rival "team" at the hair studio across the street. Maybe Sid constantly angsts over his lost future as a hairdresser. Maybe he hires down-and-out now-a-prostitute!player because he n
Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Braden_Holtby  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Braden_Holtby  Kink:Hair  Rating:Teen_and_Up  Slash  Complete 
august 2014 by sinbinmod

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