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Backstrom/Ovechkin, Big Dick Failures
Inevitably team talk always turns to sex, especially when they've been out drinking.

Ovi has some pretty disparaging things to say about guys with big dicks to contribute to the team discussion about past hookups/sex partners - they forget how to use them properly, expect the size to be enough they don't need to do anything more, etc etc.

Nicklas "Big Dick Nick" Backstrom isn't about to take that slight to his honor sitting down.

Bonus for pining??? Or Nicke casually previously in love with Alex but never said it???
Complete  Pairing:Nicklas_Backstrom/Alexander_Ovechkin  Character:Nicklas_Backstrom  Character:Alexander_Ovechkin  Character:Tom_Wilson  Character:Braden_Holtby  Kink:Pining  Rating:Mature  Link_to_Fill 
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FILL 1/2 (Any/any, digital rectal massage to stop hiccups)

A's had hiccups for ages. He's getting quite sick of them.

Someone else suggests a nice massage to stop them. A really wants the hiccups to stop, so he agrees to a finger up the rear.
Complete  Pairing:Braden_Holtby/Nate_Schmidt  Character:Braden_Holtby  Character:Nate_Schmidt  Character:Matt_Niskanen  Character:Andre_Burakovsky  Character:Alexander_Ovechkin  Kink:Hiccups  Kink:Fingering  Rating:Explicit 
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Fill: Sidney Crosby/Braden Holtby - hair kink
Prompt: Inspired by this, which I lifted from a thread at dekedangle: There's no mystery, then, as to why Sidney dreamed of becoming a hockey player when he grew up. "I didn't see myself as anything else," he declares. But when Sidney leaves the room, Trina begins to giggle fiercely. "When he was six, Sidney and I would play hairdresser," she embarks on a story that shows potential for future locker-room fodder. "One day we were driving to practice and he said, 'Dad, I don't know if I want to play in the NHL or be a hairdresser.' If you could've seen the look on Troy's face! Shocked, he said, 'Well, Sid, uh, you don't have to make any snap decisions just yet.' We didn't play hairdresser anymore." October 2005, Reader's Digest (Canada) Maybe it's the AU where Sid runs a hair studio and is feuding with a rival "team" at the hair studio across the street. Maybe Sid constantly angsts over his lost future as a hairdresser. Maybe he hires down-and-out now-a-prostitute!player because he n
Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Braden_Holtby  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Braden_Holtby  Kink:Hair  Rating:Teen_and_Up  Slash  Complete 
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