Chatted for over an hour with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. Fun was had.
podcast  interview  shoptalk 
july 2012
The Great Discontent
Had the honor and pleasure of chatting with Ryan and Tina for the latest Great Discontent.
may 2012
Desk inspiration
For those that are into workspaces, here's .net magazine's roundup of 20 web designer desks (including mine).
desk  design  workspace 
may 2012
The CSS3 Experience
A full-length talk I gave at An Event Apart in San Diego back in late 2010.
video  presentation  talk  aea 
april 2012
Using Media Queries in Sass 3.2
Very handy features for Responsive Web Designing coming in the next version of Sass.
sass  res 
april 2012
Taking animated GIFs to a more artistic place.
gif  animated 
april 2012
Silicon Valley is desperate for designers
Little quote and mention of Dribbble in this CNNMoney article on the demand for designers.
cnn  article  quote  dribbble 
april 2012
Neue Haas Grotesk
"The digital version of Helvetica that everyone knows and uses today is quite different from the typeface’s pre-digital design from 1957."
type  helvetica  fonts  haas 
april 2012
Wind Map
Real time visualization of current wind direction/speed in the U.S.
maps  data  visualization 
march 2012
Now this looks like an amazing sketching/drawing app for the iPad.
ipad  sketching  app 
march 2012
Farewell, Earl Scruggs
Nice retrospective from Steve Martin on the man that changed the banjo forever.
banjo  scruggs  stevemartin  newyorker 
march 2012
Woodcut Maps
Handmade wooden maps made from your crop of Google Maps. (via @shiflett)
maps  handmade  wood 
march 2012
Double Dribbble with a Boston Accent
A podcast interview I had with The Industry.
podcast  interview 
march 2012
Dribbble on Founders Talk
Rich and I chatted for a bit with Adam Stacoviak on Founders Talk, a 5by5 podcast. Fun times ensued.
5by5  podcast  dribbble 
november 2011
From leader of the original iPod and iPhone teams, comes a beautifully designed thermostat that learns to conserve energy as you use it. Sign me up.
nest  thermostat 
october 2011
Lytro light field camera
Fascinating technology that allows you to focus on different parts of the photo after the fact. (via @tdominey)
camera  tech 
october 2011
F@#$ Yeah Made in USA
Fantastic collection of videos profiling companies and people making handmade products.
design  video  handmade 
october 2011
Title Scream
Type + Graphic inspiration from 8/16bit games. (via @jessicahische)
8bit  art  type  games 
october 2011
Great idea and execution: Free, instant websites for non-profits.
charity  design 
september 2011
Gradient App
Really well done Mac too for quickly creating CSS3 gradients.
design  css3  mac  app  gradients 
september 2011
Made by Hand
Short films about craft and people behind it. A small gin distiller in Brooklyn is featured in the first installment.
film  craft  handmade 
september 2011
The Boston Globe
Ethan Marcotte's write-up of his groundbreaking work with Filament Group on the new respsonsive site for the 'Globe.
responsive  design  ethanmarcotte  filamentdesign 
september 2011
Contents magazine
A new digital magazine focusing on content strategy coming this fall. Brought to you by some extremely smart folks.
contents  magazine  content 
september 2011
Digital 3D rendered film in 1972
The founder of Pixar's fascinating 40 year old experiments in 3D rendering. Amazing. (via @beep)
3D  pixar  film  1972 
september 2011
The Original Lens Bracelet™
Rubber bracelets that look like camera lens focus rings. (via @danachis)
camera  lens  bracelet 
august 2011
Animated loading spinner with no images, CSS3 and fallbacks for sad old browsers. (via @AaronGustafson)
js  css3  spinner 
august 2011
HTML for Babies
A board book for little ones that aims to get "a new generation up to speed on web standards". Via @malarkey
html  book 
august 2011
A mixy mix I made for the wonderful Designers.MX. Songs to help you get moving, etc.
mix  music  design 
august 2011
Just My Type
A book about fonts by Simon Garfield. Sounds like a very interesting read. Coming next month in the US.
typography  books 
august 2011
Golden Grid System
A folding grid for responsive design.
css  design  responsive  grid 
august 2011
The Last Rocket
Shaun Inman's new 8-bit game for iOS is coming very soon. Can't wait.
8bit  shauninman  ios  game 
august 2011
Luma Loop
Ingenious, simple strap for carrying a DSLR on your hip. Recommended.
camera  strap 
august 2011
Everything Is a Remix
Excellent series of short videos on how creativity is built upon previous efforts.
documentary  videos  creativity 
august 2011
Mike Guppy replaced the subjects of some famous paintings with marching ants.
art  gif  animated 
august 2011
Hire Love
We launched a cool feature for Dribbble Pro members today: the abililty to indicate you're available for hire, allowing potential clients to contact you through the site.
dribbble  screencast 
july 2011
Mona Lisa in 140 dots print
Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Mona Lisa' reduced & remixed down into 140 exact circles of colour. (via kottke)
july 2011
180° South
If you like Patagonia (the company or the place), surfing, climbing or the idea of those things, this documentary is worth watching.
patagonia  documentary 
july 2011
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Just read this iPad book to my son. It was a giant hit. Great story, amazing artwork, and almost-hidden interactions.
ipad  books 
july 2011
An animated GIF maker for the iPhone. Looks like a simple way to create looped animations. The mighty GIF is making a comeback.
gif  animation  iphone 
july 2011
Pure CSS3 Post Tags
Nice technique by using :before and :after pseudo-elements to create the pointed end and hole. (via Veerle Pieters)
css  tags  article 
june 2011
The Current State of HTML5 Forms
Handy writeup with browser support charts from Wufoo. (via Matt Haughey)
forms  html5  wufoo 
june 2011
Web Typography
A forthcoming book by Mark Boulton, Richard Rutter and Jon Tan. Great news.
typography  webfonts  book 
june 2011
Walt Disney's MultiPlane camera
Fascinating little video from 1957 about the animation invention that created depth and movement in backgrounds. (via daringfireball)
animation  disney  video 
june 2011
Customer Stories: A Book Apart
Great little film put together by MailChimp profiling the wonderful folks who bring you "brief books for people who make websites".
mailchimp  video  abookapart 
june 2011
Spinning the Web
Eric Meyer creates art by rotating popular websites with CSS. Wonderful.
css  art 
june 2011
These Golden Books Are Not For Children
Pixar artsit Josh Cooley illustrates some famous movie moments in the classic children's book style. Brilliant.
cooley  illustration  pixar 
may 2011
Get Out There and Make Something
Got quoted in a Smashing Magazine article by Michael Aleo regarding designers creating their own products.
smashingmagazine  quote  article 
may 2011
Adaptive Web Design
A new book by Aaron Gustafson on crafting rich experiences with progressive enhancement.
aarongustafson  books 
may 2011
Ideal Sans
Another winner from Hoefler & Frere-Jones, with subtle quirky characteristics and beautiful italics.
h+fj  type  ideal 
may 2011
Online Portfolio von Jan Ploch
Ingenious use of browser's scroll and background images.
portfolio  design 
april 2011
Coffee + Pixels = Victory
A brillant new tee by Ethan Marcotte and United Pixelworkers.
tshirt  ethanmarcotte 
april 2011
THE HOBBIT Start of Production
Peter Jackson's first video from the set of The Hobbit. If there are more of these posted, you can be sure I'll watch them.
video  hobbit 
april 2011
The Cicada Principle and Why It Matters to Web Designers
Brilliant article on creating organically varied, seamless, tilable images with a small file footprint.
css  backgrounds 
april 2011
Timeout with Rogie
A new mini interview series we're starting at Dribbble, getting to know the folks behind the shots a bit better.
dribbble  rogie  timeout 
april 2011
Mad Men opening credits done with CSS3 animations.
css3  animation 
april 2011
Game Mechanics, Badges and the Social Web
Gowalla's Josh Williams on badges, gameification and Mary Poppins.
gowalla  badges  gaming 
april 2011
Do Lectures
New site by Trent Walton, Frank Chimero, et al. Nice example of responsive design as well.
paravel  frankchimero  responsive 
april 2011
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