Workbench – The data journalism platform of the future
Clean, scrape, and analyze data without coding
Data workspaces for journalists
scraping  data  tool  journalism  tools 
8 weeks ago
Tool to help you sell creative content.
ecommerce  store  creators  platform  monetization 
8 weeks ago
Kepler.gl is a powerful open source geospatial analysis tool for large-scale data sets.
data  datavis  mapping  maps  opensource 
9 weeks ago
Tool to organize and find insights from user research.
designresearch  transcription  tool 
july 2018
TTC Labs: Designs
These designs demonstrate how others have designed for trust, transparency and control.
privacy  designpatterns 
may 2018
Welcome to Monoskop, a wiki for collaborative studies of the arts, media and humanities.
archive  art  design  media  wiki 
february 2018
Avant Garde
Every issue, digitized and browsable
avantgarde  design  history  archive  art 
december 2017
Explorable Explanations
Welcome to Explorable Explanations, a hub for learning through play!
design  complexity  learning  explanations 
november 2017
Shapes of UX designer – Amplify Design – Medium
Good examples of mapping design skills into spider diagrams.
design  ux  mapping  career  tool 
november 2017
Welcome | Clarifai Developer
Build amazing apps with the world’s best
image and video recognition API.
images  ai  api  webdev 
november 2017
Set Up a Home Surveillance System with FaceTime Redux
Note that there isn't a Terminal command to remove a user from your auto-accept list; you'll have to open up com.apple.FaceTime.plist in ~/Library/Preferences and remove items from the AutoAcceptInvitesFrom key if you want to remove people.
october 2017
Designing the Invisible Computer
NYTimes review of the AC4D Living Surfaces conference.
interactiondesign  history  ac4d 
october 2017
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