If You Literally Never Cook, Start Here
In my 20s I was obsessed with food but had no idea how to cook. Lots of recipes told me how to do things perfectly but I, an anxious mess, needed permission to try and mess up. I wrote this for past me and everyone else learning to boil water rn https://t.co/Cejb65saVd

— Meghan McCarron (@megmccarron) April 3, 2020

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Life in lockdown: Metro Vancouver man in Spain urges Canadians to take COVID-19 threat seriously
Interview I gave with people back in Vancouver today from Spain -https://t.co/XozxV5HQka

— Duane Storey (@DuaneStorey) March 23, 2020

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11 days ago
All the times I touched my face today
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred face touches https://t.co/F6h03un7X7

— Kevin Nguyen (@knguyen) March 4, 2020

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27 days ago
How Rebecca Solnit Found Her Voice
honored to have reviewed rebecca solnit's new memoir 🌞https://t.co/rasRAtQHFQ

— jenny odell (@the_jennitaur) March 7, 2020

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28 days ago
Railyards Passing By
Bit of poetry about that dis-intermediation between movement and a world stuck in place called "Railyards Passing By" https://t.co/9luosjGswI pic.twitter.com/dfYkPCxQvu

— DaveO (@DaveOstories) March 3, 2020

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29 days ago
Next global day of Flickr Photowalks on April 4
Join the next #Flickr Worldwide Photowalk Day on April 4th! Meet new people, take awesome photos, see your city through a new lens. Find out more: https://t.co/ENvgrE93ha#flickrphotowalk #flickrphotowalkday

— Flickr (@Flickr) March 5, 2020

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29 days ago
Back to the Future (of Drupal)
Back to the Future (of Drupal) https://t.co/D0HncC1Mzb #drupal

— Ethical Detergent (@e14t) February 24, 2020

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5 weeks ago
A security experiment with Fail2Ban, Syslog and Honeypot
A security experiment with Fail2Ban, Syslog and Honeypot
drupal  fail2ban  syslog  honeypot 
5 weeks ago
How urban design affects mental health
Cities are human habitat, evolved over thousands of years to be in balance humans. The radical experiment of the past century to reshape the places we live has changed what it means to be human in spooky ways we're struggling to grasp. https://t.co/dotNhkiYim

— Strong Towns (@StrongTowns) February 21, 2020

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6 weeks ago
I am the programming equivalent of a home cook
Since Ton referenced my cooking, I better share something recent.

Tonight was Broken Down Duck with Olives and Tomatoes. https://t.co/4SXwYiNHf5 pic.twitter.com/16zuo5F5HP

— Boris Mann (@bmann) February 18, 2020

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6 weeks ago
Tools for home cooking
Reading @robinsloan's "An app can be a home-cooked meal" got me bouncing around the blogosphere of @ton_zylstra & @rtanglao to write "Tools for home cooking" https://t.co/ERQ8sFWb6b

We can build tools for home cooking. But we have to design them that way from the beginning.

— Boris Mann (@bmann) February 21, 2020

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