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Hazardous Hibernation - cutsycat - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Tony always talks about vacationing to sunny places. His actual vacations, however, completely snow filled. That wasn't unusual, though, what was unusual was the turn this vacation took. Can Tony figure out what is going on? Or is he doomed to follow the other victims?
Fandom:NCIS  genre:au  type:shifter  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Gibbs/DiNozzo  10-20k.words 
october 2019 by silentflux
Healed By Moonlight - Jacie - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Gibbs learns something interesting about Tony and his friend, FBI agent Derek Morgan. One night, Tony is grabbed from the street as he's out jogging. The teams combine their efforts to find him and bring him home.
Fandom:NCIS  genre:au  Fandom:CriminalMinds  Genre:Crossovers  type:shifter  30-50k.words 
january 2019 by silentflux
Strength of the Pack - Welfycat - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
Spencer Reid has never known what it was like to have the protection of a family and a pack, until he was recruited for the BAU by renowned profiler Jason Gideon. Suddenly finding himself surrounded by wolves, Spencer must come to terms with his own heritage, learn what it means to be part of a team and a pack, all while training to become a profiler for the FBI.

After mating and bonding with his pack leader, Derek Morgan never expected that there could be anyone else. But when Spencer Reid joins the team, Derek has to accept his past before he can look to his future.

Unit Chief and pack leader Aaron Hotchner has his own set of worries. In between balancing the demands of the job with the needs of his pack he does his best to keep everyone safe and well. The members of his pack sometimes make this more of a challenge than he could have ever anticipated.
Fandom:CriminalMinds  Genre:Slash  type:shifter  type:threesomes  pairing:Spencer.Reid/Aaron.Hotchner/Derek.Morgan  80k+.words 
may 2015 by silentflux

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