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Orion Zabini Potter - Slayer_of_Destiny - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry and Blaise are brought together by events that mean Harry has to flee Hogwarts, feelings develop and Harry's place in the war is in the balance.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  genre:au  type:mpreg  pairing:Harry.Potter/Blaise.Zabini  80k+.words 
march 2019 by silentflux
And Then There Were Three - swtalmnd - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Snape asks Draco and Harry to participate in the first round of his Petitioner's Courtship as a favour, and they both allow themselves to consider his suit more seriously than anyone expected.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  type:threesomes  Pairing:Harry/Severus/Draco  type:mpreg  50-80k.words 
december 2018 by silentflux
Patria Potestas - JBankai89 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry wakes on his twenty-fifth birthday to find that his magic has become dangerously unstable. A pureblood charm laid upon the Potter line appears to be the cause, and he must take part in an ancient courtship ritual to wed and produce heirs in order to save himself from losing his magic completely. The only problem is the person his magic has fixated upon happens to be the last person Harry would ever consider having a romantic relationship with: His godfather, Sirius Black.
Fandom:HarryPotter  genre:au  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry.Potter/Sirius.Black  80k+.words  type:mpreg  type:fixit 
november 2018 by silentflux
Misconceptions Universe - Diana Williams (dkwilliams), dkwilliams - Highlander: The Series [Archive of Our Own]
The shared Double Quickening in "Revelations" has an unexpected side effect, one that changes the lives of Methos and Duncan MacLeod.
Fandom:Highlander  genre:au  type:mpreg  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Methos/Duncan  80k+.words 
october 2018 by silentflux
Breakeven - theshizniiit (orphan_account) - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
When Harry walked inside the church (and then out of it, and right into Valentine's bullet) he didn't know he was pregnant.
And now he's back from the dead. This time, with an extra passenger and quite a few problems.
fandom:KingsmanTheSecretService  genre:au  type:mpreg  pairing:Harry.Hart/Gary.Eggsy.Unwin  80k+.words 
october 2018 by silentflux
Influence of Souls - Nia_River - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
He stared at his journal, a creation into which he had poured his memories and dreams, his heart and … soul. Now, to send it to where it needed to be.
Fandom:HarryPotter  genre:au  type:fixit  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  Pairing:Harry.Potter/Sirius.Black  20-30k.words 
october 2018 by silentflux
The Green Vial - eidheann - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
After months of seeing Harry Potter walk into his Apothecary disappointed and hopeless, Draco offers to carry the baby that Harry can't. Now he's just got to hide the fact that he's been half in love with Harry for years.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  Pairing:Harry/Draco  30-50k.words 
september 2018 by silentflux
You First, Loser - zeitgeistic (faire_weather) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
When Harry and Draco’s “not serious” three-year relationship results in a one-in-a-million pregnancy, they decide who will be the unlucky one to tell their families in a very mature and adult fashion that indubitably proves their inherently stellar parenting abilities: with a bet over a (probably rigged, let’s be real; Draco is playing) game of Exploding Snap.
Fandom:HarryPotter  genre:au  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  Pairing:Harry/Draco  05-10k.words 
september 2018 by silentflux
Revelations of a Return - Acherona, trulywicked - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The shocking return of someone thought long lost saves Sirius' life but the adventure is only just beginning because Remus has realized just how important Sirius really is to him and Harry is intrigued by the man who saved his godfather's life, Regulus.
Fandom:HarryPotter  genre:au  Genre:Slash  genre:het  type:mpreg  pairing:Harry.Potter/Regulus.Black  Pairing:Remus/Sirius  80k+.words 
september 2018 by silentflux
Black Fortunes - Herald_of_Dreams - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Harry breaks the copy of Sirius’ mirror in 7th year, after the horrific end of the war. He is sent back to 1975 and takes up the mantle of Lord Peverell. He hopes to turn around the tragic Black family story. How? By getting newly widowed Lord Orion Black to fall in love with him. SLASH, Mpreg, Time-Travel, mild Character Bashing.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  genre:au  50-80k.words 
june 2018 by silentflux
a mountain to climb - grimm - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Don’t do it,” he mutters. “Don’t do it, please, don’t do it.”

But there it is, a soft pink line appearing right next to the control. Stiles’ legs give out from under him; he sinks to the bathroom floor, hands shaking, his entire body shaking. It’s hard to breathe, his vision blurring around the edges. There’s a knock on the door behind him and then it opens and Scott sits down next to him.

“I’m fucked,” Stiles gasps, tears prickling at his eyes. “I’m fucked!"
fandom:TeenWolf  Genre:Slash  genre:au  type:a/b/o  type:mpreg  Pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles  80k+.words 
june 2018 by silentflux
To Have and to Hold - andrea_readwolf - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
After the war, one chance tryst could provide the Man-Who-Conquered just want he needed: love, home, a family, and a future worth living for.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry.Potter/Charlie.Weasley  type:mpreg  80k+.words 
june 2018 by silentflux
Stand a Little Rain - bluetoast - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
What if everything depended on a single, simple choice? Right after Sam left for Stanford and John took off for hunts unknown, Dean met up with a man in the middle of the afternoon over lunch - and they elected to spend the rest of the day (and night) together. Should have been a simple one night stand for Dean and Gabriel - except Gabriel forgot one thing in the heat of the moment - there are times when angels can impregnate a human, regardless of their gender. When he realized the possibility ...
fandom:supernatural  genre:slash  pairing:dean.winchester/gabriel  genre:au  type:mpreg  50-80k.words 
february 2018 by silentflux
Love!Verse - iamaslashaddict - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter - Rowling, Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Harry is seventeen when he defeats Voldemort and soon after realizes he no longer has a place in the wizarding world. Having come into his magical inheritance he was already a very powerful wizard, but in using an old spell to kill Voldemort, he also absorbed his powers. He is seen as a freak or worse, a danger to those around him. He leaves the wizarding world and goes to America where he meets the Winchester brothers and somehow the three of them find peace, love and ultimately family through it all.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Fandom:Supernatural  Genre:Crossovers  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  type:threesomes  Pairing:Harry.Potter/Dean.Winchester  Pairing:Harry.Potter/Sam.Winchester  30-50k.words 
january 2018 by silentflux
Eastern Homecomings - Sarcasmcat - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
After an unprecedented Goblin attack on the Shire, Bilbo finds himself whisked back to Erebor with his son he never wanted Thorin to know about.
fandom:TheHobbit  genre:au  type:mpreg  Genre:Slash  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  30-50k.words 
january 2018 by silentflux
You'll Be Mine and I'll Be Yours - tearsandholdme - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh my god!” Stiles hissed, his back colliding with the door. “Oh my god! I slept with my boss, oh my god. I'm a walking cliché!”

It was supposed to be a one night stand. No complications, no feelings, no baggage. But then a missed doctor's appointment in his childhood comes back to haunt him and Stiles is left with a lot more than one very good night.
fandom:TeenWolf  genre:au  type:mpreg  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles  80k+.words 
august 2017 by silentflux
The Kysra - JLencre - NCIS, Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Deltas have always been discriminated against. Probably the only useful thing Tony's father did for him was make sure he had a birth certificate that read XY, not XYD. Too bad an XY birth certificate doesn't fix everything. The new director has already tried, convicted, and sentenced Tony for his part in Jenny Shepard's death. No way in hell was Tony spending the rest of his life on a ship, so he came up with a desperate plan to use his nature to his benefit for once. Too bad when he picked a target, he didn't realize he'd chosen an alien who had plans of his own.

**Please read the author notes at the beginning of the story.**
Fandom:NCIS  Fandom:StargateAtlantis  Genre:Slash  Genre:Crossovers  genre:au  type:mpreg  50-80k.words  pairing:Ronon.Dex/Tony.DiNozzo 
may 2017 by silentflux
Knocked up and Alpha - llassah - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek comes back to Beacon Hills for a number of reasons. The most important one, though, is the result of a one night stand in Vegas. He's knocked up and Alpha, and Cora won't stop playing Papa Don't Preach whenever she gets to pick the music in the car. This shit just keeps happening to him.

Or, in which Derek gets the D, Stiles gets the D, then Derek gets Stiles's D.
fandom:TeenWolf  Genre:Slash  genre:au  type:mpreg  Pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles  10-20k.words 
october 2016 by silentflux
Knowing - divakat - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
In an odd turn of events, Gibbs finds himself unexpectedly pregnant after his first meeting with Tony on the case in Baltimore. What will Tony's reaction be when he finds out and how will the two of them manage this crazy change in the course of their lives just as Tony is starting his work at NCIS? The journey holds more surprises than either of them could have imagined.

Contains slash and Mpreg. If you like Mpreg, I have been told that you will love this fic. Just sayin'.
Fandom:NCIS  Genre:Slash  genre:au  type:mpreg  80k+.words  Pairing:Gibbs/DiNozzo 
october 2016 by silentflux
Influence of Souls - Nia_River - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
He stared at his journal, a creation into which he had poured his memories and dreams, his heart and … soul. Now, to send it to where it needed to be.
Fandom:HarryPotter  genre:au  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  Pairing:Harry.Potter/Sirius.Black  20-30k.words 
april 2016 by silentflux
Breakeven - theshizniiit - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
When Harry walked inside the church (and then out of it, and right into Valentine's bullet) he didn't know he was pregnant.
And now he's back from the dead. This time, with an extra passenger and quite a few problems.
fandom:KingsmanTheSecretService  Genre:Slash  genre:au  type:mpreg  80k+.words  pairing:Harry.Hart/Gary.Eggsy.Unwin 
january 2016 by silentflux
Last To Know - Never_Says_Die - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Kink meme fill in which every werewolf and shapeshifter in Beacon Hills is aware that Stiles is pregnant before he is. And apparently the first baby!werewolf being born into the pack (their Alpha's, no less) is a big freakin' deal and excuse enough for everyone to lose their damn minds. When Stiles figures out why everyone's been acting so weird around him, he's not amused.
fandom:TeenWolf  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles  50-80k.words  type:mpreg 
august 2015 by silentflux
It Takes a Nest - SailorChibi - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
It turns out there's more to sex with angels than Dean realized. Unfortunately he only discovers this after the nest is built and his body is ready for the next step. It's a good thing that at least Sam is willing to pray for help.
Fandom:Supernatural  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  Pairing:Dean/Castiel  30-50k.words 
may 2015 by silentflux
An Unexpected Son - Luthorchickv2 - The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo left Erebor with a treasure more precious then gold or rings. What happens when the dwarves discover Frodo? Will Thorin bend enough to admit he was wrong to force Bilbo to leave?
fandom:TheHobbit  Genre:Slash  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  type:mpreg  05-10k.words 
march 2015 by silentflux
Heavy With Many Burdens - Moonbeam (luvsbitca) - The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo leaves Thorin and the company following Thorin’s words before the BoTFA unaware that he is taking more from their relationship than a broken heart. Months later Dwalin finds Bilbo in need of help in the Shire when he is delivering Bilbo’s share of the treasure. He remains in the Shire unaware that he is leaving Ori behind in a precarious situation.

Written for the hobbitstory big bang at LJ

There is an amazing fanmix that was created for this as part of the big bang by the very lovely monkiainen.
fandom:TheHobbit  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield  30-50k.words 
july 2014 by silentflux
Tell Me This Night Is Over - Acherona, trulywicked - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John's on the verge of dying from a broken heart when a fainting spell and a trip to the A&E give him a reason to live again. Of course it's just when he's accepted the new hand fate has dealt him when Sherlock returns and upsets the apple cart once more...He deserved the broken nose.
Fandom:SherlockBBC  genre:au  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  Pairing:Sherlock.Holmes/John.Watson  80k+.words 
april 2014 by silentflux
Turn, Drop, Fall - Tessa Crowley (tessacrowley) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In his father's world of staunch traditions and strict gender dynamics, presenting as an omega is the worst thing that could happen to Draco, although accidentally bonding to Harry Potter and being forced into a marriage with Antonin Dolohov both come in close second.
Fandom:HarryPotter  genre:au  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry/Draco  20-30k.words  type:mpreg  type:a/b/o 
march 2014 by silentflux
Proof That Tony Stark Has a Heart - orphan_account - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
With Voldemort defeated and Harry turning seventeen, the elder Weasley boys decide to give him a chance to be a normal teenager for a while; namely, by buying him a ticket to Malibu, California. But of course, Harry Potter can never do anything normally. Especially not once he meets Tony Stark in a club, and begins a holiday romance that leaves him with more than just memories.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Fandom:IronMan  fandom:TheAvengers  Genre:Slash  pairing:Harry.Potter/Tony.Stark  80k+.words  Genre:Crossovers  type:mpreg 
february 2014 by silentflux
Die Hard - Outnumbered
There were different levels of avoidance and Matt knew when John didn’t want to talk about something big.
Fandom:DieHard  Genre:Slash  genre:au  pairing:John.McClane/Matt.Farrell  type:mpreg  05-10k.words 
january 2014 by silentflux
Alpha and Omega - lj_todd - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]

Five years ago Oliver Queen disappeared and was declared dead. Now, alive and returned to his city, he is trying to continue his life with the illusion that he hasn't changed all while hiding the truth. The truth about what happened on the island he was stranded on for five years. The truth about his double life as a vigilante targeting wealthy dirt bags. The truth about his dynamic as an Omega. Everything was going fairly smoothly until a figure from his past decides to roll back into town, causing enough of an upheaval that Oliver's carefully built house of secrets and lies may very well come tumbling down around him.
fandom:Arrow  Genre:Slash  pairing:Oliver.Queen/Slade.Wilson  50-80k.words  genre:au  type:mpreg  type:a/b/o 
january 2014 by silentflux
The Second Coming (of Werewolf Jesus) - lupinus, uraneia - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles was enjoying his senior year until his crazy English teacher decided he made the best candidate to gestate Derek's kid. Now Stiles is a seventeen-year-old pregnant dude and he and Derek have to figure their shit out, because in nine months they are going to be tied together for the rest of their lives.
fandom:TeenWolf  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles  30-50k.words  type:mpreg 
october 2013 by silentflux
Tiny Houses - ohmyjetsabel - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"So this is what Stiles does. He lies in Scott’s bed and waits for Melissa to say she’s found someone to get it out of him, to cure him of the wrongness and the bad, and he dreams.

God, he dreams.

He dreams of fire and swollen bellies and that scene in Alien, of giving birth to jackals through his urethra, the whole horrific nine yards. His head is a terrible place to be, he can’t imagine his stomach is much better, why anyone would want to put a thing inside of it."
fandom:TeenWolf  genre:au  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles  type:mpreg  50-80k.words 
october 2013 by silentflux
The Prince - astolat - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"So, er," Volstagg said, after several moments of silence. "Is — is — er, he — pretty?"

"He's a frost giant!" Thor shouted.

"Is that a no?" Volstagg asked.
fandom:Thor  Genre:Slash  genre:au  Pairing:Thor/Loki  10-20k.words  type:mpreg 
september 2013 by silentflux
Slave to Nature - Chrys - The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Marcone and Hendricks have been kidnapped and are being held in the Nevernever – meaning they are away from the drugs that control and suppress their hormones. Rescue can be even more complicated than captivity. Alpha/Beta/Omega 'verse
Fandom:DresdenFiles  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry.Dresden/John.Marcone  20-30k.words  type:mpreg 
june 2013 by silentflux
The Father, the Son, and the Zombie Spirit - kerfuffling - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
There are three things you should know about Sam right now: he's still crazy, he's one of the only survivors in a Leviathan-led zombie apocalypse, and, oh yeah, he's pregnant with an incest parasite-baby-thing. And no, this isn't a guess-which-part-is-a-lie game. When you spend your days being chased by the brain-hungry undead and your nights fighting with your stubborn brother about your new-found condition, you're forced to learn things about yourself. And maybe, with a pinch of luck, you might be led to a happy ending. But considering Sam's a Winchester, that road seems like a fat chance.
Fandom:Supernatural  Genre:Slash  pairing:sam/dean  20-30k.words  type:mpreg  type:zombies 
june 2013 by silentflux
Chimera - JoeLawson - Dark Angel [Archive of Our Own]
Mix Alec, his out-of-control pheromones, and a reluctantly attracted Ames White, then add a dash of Manticore meddling and stir.
Fandom:DarkAngel  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  Pairing:Alec/Ames.White 
august 2012 by silentflux
An Earlier Heaven - Regann - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In the wake of Cuba, Charles and his students are ready to pick up the pieces and work toward achieving Charles's dream of a safe haven for young mutants. Those plans, however, take a surprising turn thanks to a very unexpected complication. As he slowly builds a future for his students and for his child, Charles struggles with the loss of Erik and the secrets he's willing to keep to protect his family, but those strides are shattered when Erik makes a startling reappearance into his life. [mpreg, kidfic, ensemble]
fandom:x-men  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Charles.Xavier/Erik.Lehnsherr  type:mpreg 
july 2012 by silentflux
Harry/Draco MPreg - Fic: Our Family
Summary: Snape is a child. Draco is pregnant. Harry is... well.. Harry.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry/Draco  type:mpreg 
june 2012 by silentflux
Avengers-Having-Babies - sparrowshellcat - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Captain America (2011), Fantastic Four (Movieverse), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel, Marvel (Movies), The Avengers (2012), Thor (2011), X-Men (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It all started when the Avengers captured Loki, only to discover that he was pregnant - and that pretty much any of them could possibly be the "father". Only more and more possible "fathers" keep showing up, Steve is falling in love with a god, and nothing ever seems to go right for Tony, lately.
fandom:TheAvengers  Genre:Slash  genre:au  type:mpreg  pairing:Steve.Rogers/Loki  pairing:Tony.Stark/Johnny.Storm 
may 2012 by silentflux
snape_potter | SNARRY-A-THON12: FIC & ART: Duty Calls
Harry suppresses his longing for a partner and a family as he answers a new call to duty: Minister of Magic
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry/Severus  type:mpreg 
may 2012 by silentflux
snape_potter | SNARRY SWAP: FIC: House Arrest
Discovered in a forbidden relationship with Harry Potter, the Ministry threatens to take Severus into custody whilst the Department of Magical Law Enforcement investigates the matter. Fearing the worst, Severus and Harry decide to act before the Wizengamot can try him.
(warning - 16 year old Harry and mpreg)
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry/Severus  genre:au  type:mpreg 
january 2012 by silentflux
Queen Mother Chapter 1: First chapter, a Stargate: SG-1 and Harry Potter crossover fanfic - FanFiction.Net
WIP, Eventually slash and sort of Mpreg. Not yet in this part, though. Spoilers all around.

The Trio accidentally get trapped in a ship that takes them to the planet where Egeria is.
Fandom:StargateSG1  Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  type:mpreg  Genre:Crossovers 
january 2012 by silentflux
He's Having His Baby
Something happened on the planet... and now, Sheppard is pregnant, lol
Fandom:StargateAtlantis  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Rodney/John  type:mpreg  from delicious
june 2011 by silentflux
Decoy by lilyseyes
Written for the 2009 Snarry Games/Team Cauldron - Auror Harry Potter needs assistance from an unlikely source as he is given the assignment to be the decoy for a wizarding serial killer.<br />
Warnings: Crossdressing, non-graphic Mpreg, semi-public!sex, wall!sex, rimming, fluff
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry/Severus  type:mpreg  from delicious
january 2011 by silentflux
An Insatiable Appetite
Severus bottoms as a treat to his young lover and ends up pregnant.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Harry/Severus  type:mpreg  from delicious
january 2011 by silentflux
Her Meanness
Tony groaned, holding his stomach as another pain shot through it. "I'm not happy," he growled down at his stomach. He stood up and had to clutch the desk for a minute before heading to the elevator. He got down to the lab, grabbing Abby, ignoring the others in there. "We have an issue," he said plainly, staring at her. "Let's go."
Fandom:NCIS  Genre:Gen  type:mpreg 
september 2010 by silentflux
Story: Guilty as Sin
Harry finds out that he's a dark creature... claiming, bloodplay, D/s, threesome, mpreg
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/severus/draco  genre:slash  type:threesomes  type:mpreg 
october 2008 by silentflux
Blaise Zabini believes he's won the last laugh after leaving Draco with a nasty reminder of just what happens when you spurn a Slytherin. What he doesn't anticipate is what is unleashed when you screw with a Gryffindor—especially one with Potter's courage and dumb luck.
type:mpreg  pairing:harry/draco  genre:slash  fandom:harrypotter 
september 2008 by silentflux
skyehawke :: archives :: :: Story :: Indago
A missed potion reveals a secret about Draco and Snape and Harry finds out his own place in their sexually charged and animalistic hold. Will he be able to adjust to this final battle for a peaceful life? M/M,M/M/M,Anal,D/s,Slash, Mpreg
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/severus  pairing:harry/draco  pairing:harry/severus/draco  genre:slash  type:mpreg  type:threesomes 
september 2008 by silentflux
A Convenient Marriage Part 1
Sometimes a marriage of convenience can become so much more...
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/severus  type:mpreg  genre:slash 
september 2008 by silentflux
Saving Draco Malfoy (HP), Prologue/44
While the Wizarding world waits for Harry Potter to save them, Draco Malfoy decides to save himself.
Links to prologue which links to the rest of the 44 chapters.
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  type:mpreg  genre:slash 
september 2008 by silentflux
Content at Last by lilyseyes
lovely Snarry fic where Harry and Severus come together through capture by Deatheaters and the trials thereafter
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/severus  genre:slash  type:mpreg 
july 2008 by silentflux
Love, Preganancy and Camel Riding
48-year-old Harry Potter is the victim of an accidental immaculate conception. DH spoilers including the epilogue, mpreg, awkward sex... fantastic characterizations
Fandom:HarryPotter  Pairing:Harry/Severus  Genre:Slash  Type:Mpreg 
may 2008 by silentflux

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