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holding enemas, pregnancy kink, suckling, non-con to Stockholm Syndrome
Jensen is kidnapped by stalker!Jared who wants him to be his lover and "mother" to his children. Jared fills Jensen with enemas, that he forces him to hold in with plugs, that ape the physical stages/signs of pregnancy; Jared also works to get Jensen to lactate (breast pumps, nipple play/torture, hormone injections).
spnrps  jared/jensen  enema  mpreg  hostage  stockholmsyndrome  noncon 
july 2015 by silentdescant
Pretty piece of flesh
Hired killer Marley is sent to dispatch a trouble-making warlord.
spnrps  dubcon  au  mindfuck  jensen/jeff  voyeurism  violence  nc-17  dystopia 
december 2013 by silentdescant
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