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breathe deep and suffocate - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Sam calls it an anxiety disorder. Dean thinks ‘disorder’ makes it sound too obstinate.
spn  sam/dean  underage  gen  h/c 
june 2014 by silentdescant
Sam just needs to feel close to Dean one more...
spn  sam/dean  necrophilia  angst  deathfic  nc-17  violence 
may 2014 by silentdescant
The truth is, the crossroads demon made a deal. She brought Sam back to life.

In Dean’s mind.
spn  sam/dean  necrophilia  drabble  angst  deathfic  mindfuck 
february 2014 by silentdescant
Adult Content Notice
“Mirror, Mirror (ain’t fair at all) Remix” /dean /c
sam  angst  spn  bdsm  sam/dean  from twitter
october 2012 by silentdescant

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