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Love Is an Ivar Storage Combination (That You Have to Put Together by Yourself)
Buying a house together is always a bit tricky, but when you're so engrossed in your world tour that you forget to buy furniture, too, things get twice as complicated.
bandom  mcr  ray/bob  nc-17  domestic  fluff  humour  frank/jamia 
january 2010 by silentdescant
twitter flirting
@raytoro hahaha awesome. do you want coffee less than 5 seconds ago in reply to raytoro

Usually Ray takes a while to respond, but Bob's phone chimes almost right away.
@bobbryar Yes! less than 5 seconds ago from TwitterFon in reply to bobbryar

Bob starts to reply, but his phone chimes with another text before he can even get the window open. Bob sighs and tabs back over to his messages. It's a text, not a twitter message. Bob frowns.
From: Frank
1-2-2009 10:21AM
bob why wont you get me a coffee dont you love me
bandom  mcr  ray/bob  fluff  humour  sinsense  pg 
november 2009 by silentdescant
I Only Hide What I Know I Can't Keep
There are no ghosts in this house, just Bob and Ray, and he dreads waking up in the morning and feeling that it's never going to be enough.
bandom  mcr  ray/bob  frank/bob  frank/jamia  angst  h/c  nc-17  first-time 
october 2009 by silentdescant
When the Lights Go Out
In which a new disease sweeps the world while the guys are at the Paramour, working on their next record. The mansion is for them a safe place to stay until Ray starts developing symptoms.
bandom  mcr  ray/bob  pg-13  dystopia  sickness  mindfuck  h/c  ghosts 
october 2009 by silentdescant
Bob works in museum security and has sex with everyone. [Bob-centric, eventual Bob/Mikey and Frank/Gerard]
bandom  mcr  au  ray/bob  gerard/bob  frank/bob  mikey/bob  frank/gerard  r  angst 
july 2009 by silentdescant
Take the Pieces and Build Them Skywards
Gerard's not happy with his life, but that doesn't mean he's particularly thrilled when he wakes up dead. To add insult to injury, he finds out that instead of crossing over, he's been chosen to join the ranks of the grim reapers. Things get more complicated when he falls for one of the living, a waiter named Frank Iero. And just when everything finally seems to be falling into place, Frank's name shows up on the list of souls to be reaped. Loosely based on the TV show Dead Like Me.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  fob  patd  ray/bob  mikey/pete  angst  nc-17  deathfic  au  first-time  fluff  h/c  fantasy  quarterturn  bbb09 
june 2009 by silentdescant
Skeleton Diner
"You know what I was thinking about with all of your saving lives shit? I was thinking about a vegan restaurant," she says, and he stills. "Veganism is about saving lives. Why don't we share that with people? Fuck, even if we can't get them to understand what happens to the environment when so many people eat meat, even if they don't care about their bodies, maybe we can save some goddamn fluffy bunnies."

Frank considers what she's talking about.

She keeps going before he can even say anything. "It's not just that it's important, either. I actually think it could work. There are no vegan places around here. We almost never go out, and when we do, we have to be so fucking careful when we order shit. Oh, does that have cheese in the sauce? Is that rice made with chicken broth? Can you make that without fish sauce? I mean, it's fucking ridiculous."
bandom  mcr  fob  au  frank/jamia  het  mikey/alicia  mikey/pete  gerard/pete  ray/bob  nc-17  fluff  angst 
june 2009 by silentdescant
The Library of Ill Repute: A Tale of Two (hundred) Text Messages
the Library of Ill-Repute, a collected work of chat transcription and AU crack fic, in really quite a lot of parts. Contents may contain silliness, unrealistic band interaction, Frank/Gerard, Bob/Ray, Mikey/Brian, Panic GSF, Pete/Patrick, and far more cameos than sanity allows me to mention. Also, some really bad puns.
bandom  mcr  fob  patd  pg-13  crack  humour  not!fic  frank/gerard  mikey/brian  ray/bob  pete/patrick  multiplepairings 
may 2009 by silentdescant
Natural Disaster
It happens like this: Frank needs a roommate. Apparently, independent record stores and garage bands don’t pay the bills. Or, not all of them at any rate. So he asks around and it turns out Mikey’s brother needs a place to live that is not their parents’ basement or Mikey’s couch. It’s the perfect solution and Frank happily empties out the spare room.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  ray/bob  r  first-time  humour  domestic 
april 2009 by silentdescant
Black tie and straightjacket
They had been doing it all night. All night, and Brian was tired of that game. He popped open another button of his black shirt, watching Gerard talking to Jay-Z and trying to ignore the way Bob was casually pushing himself against Brian's back, while pretending to be pressed by the crowd.

That party was crowded, yes, but Brian was quite sure that Bob's erection didn't come from a sudden love for big groups of people. The tease.
bandom  mcr  gsf  frank/gerard  ray/bob  bob/brian  gerard/brian  frank/brian  ray/brian  bdsm  first-time  nc-17 
march 2009 by silentdescant
Tied to the Tightrope Walker
Once Gerard and Mikey were out of the van, Frank and Ray both settled on either side of Bob, not crowding him, just close enough for comfort. Ray had an arm around Bob's shoulder and Frank's hand was on Bob's thigh, patting absently. "So..." Frank said. "Have you changed your mind about keeping those handcuffs?"
bandom  mcr  gerard/bob  frank/bob  ray/bob  mikey/bob  nc-17  desolationrow  bdsm  blowjob  gsf 
march 2009 by silentdescant
Rhymes With Bang Bang Sob
It was not long after this conversation (and the subsequent conversations that involved copious use of the words 'cockslut' and 'bottom Bob') that the members of My Chemical Romance (sans Bob, naturally) decided to throw Bob a surprise gangbang party.
bandom  mcr  nc-17  pwp  crack  humour  frank/bob  frank/gerard  gerard/bob  ray/bob  mikey/bob  gerard/mikey  incest  rimming  blowjob  gsf 
february 2009 by silentdescant
the easiest of things bear the most repeating
The reality is that Frank has the most trouble. His signing is sloppy, stuttering, and sixty percent of what he learns today can't be remembered tomorrow. Gerard doesn't ever mention it, however, because he does wake up in the dead of night once to find Frank curled on his side next to him, shifting frequently.

Gerard raises his head, moving to touch Frank's shoulder, and stops. Frank holds a cheap, stupidly dim key-chain flashlight over an open book, his face inches away from the paper as he squints to see without glasses. His right hand curls and twists, diligently translating the illustrations into reality.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  ray/bob  pg  angst  deaf 
february 2009 by silentdescant
Like They Do On The Discovery Channel
Zoo AU. Frank gets a job at the zoo and thinks Gerard, the guy who works at the ticket booth is a jerk.
bandom  mcr  au  nc-17  frank/gerard  ray/bob  first-time  fluff  wip 
january 2009 by silentdescant
The Old Straight Track
Death is weird, Frank thinks, though he suspects this is not the way it’s really supposed to go. [ghost!Frank/Gerard]
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  au  ray/bob  wip  fantasy  angst  r  ghosts 
january 2009 by silentdescant
Untitled GSF Comment Ficlet
Gerard and Mikey never do anything unless it's with the five of them.

Sometimes Brian joins in too, or Cortez, but they don't touch unless it's onstage or all of them are there. There are looks, of course, and sometimes Mikey makes a move to touch Gerard but he pulls away, goes to find Brian and give him a look like we need to have one tonight. They're careful about their own rules, when they can touch and when they can't, but sometimes they need his help before things go too far.
bandom  mcr  nc-17  gerard/mikey  incest  ray/bob  frank/brian  gsf 
january 2009 by silentdescant
I see the girls are out, a lot of freaks in the house ...
Lyn-z loves everything about college. Before she moved out west, she’d always kind of felt like an alien. An alien trapped in New Jersey.

It’s maybe a little strange that she finds her place in a Jesuit school in bumfuck Washington.

But she does. She finds a place, a name, a whole person. A life.
bandom  mcr  msi  au  college  mikey/alicia  gerard/lyn-z  jamia/lyn-z  frank/gerard  ray/bob  femmeslash  het  r  first-time  virgin  fluff 
january 2009 by silentdescant
"Smokes," Mikey reads aloud. "Likes dogs in case ever get one. Likes rock music. Likes loud rock music. Is interesting. Does not hog bathroom." He looks at Frank over the top of his glasses. "Dude, it's like you're meant to be."
bandom  frank/gerard  ray/bob  fluff  angst  nc-17  first-time  mcr  au  bexless 
october 2008 by silentdescant

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