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holding enemas, pregnancy kink, suckling, non-con to Stockholm Syndrome
Jensen is kidnapped by stalker!Jared who wants him to be his lover and "mother" to his children. Jared fills Jensen with enemas, that he forces him to hold in with plugs, that ape the physical stages/signs of pregnancy; Jared also works to get Jensen to lactate (breast pumps, nipple play/torture, hormone injections).
spnrps  jared/jensen  enema  mpreg  hostage  stockholmsyndrome  noncon 
july 2015 by silentdescant
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“If Eyes are the Windows to the Soul, Yours are the Door to Hell” /will
dubcon  noncon  hannibal  angst  from twitter
june 2013 by silentdescant
The Kindness of Strangers
Adam hadn’t spared Tommy Ratliff a second thought ever since. And why would he? The moment Monte crossed the guy’s name off their list that afternoon, Tommy Ratliff was useless to Adam, a non-entity.

But now, here he was, still as pretty as he’d looked that day at the audition, blond hair painstakingly arranged on his head and makeup perfect on his delicate face. He was clearly drunk, moving about restlessly on the bed, the room no doubt spinning madly for him.

He was still watching Tommy, trying to gauge just how drunk the guy was, when three men walked into the room. Adam shrank back from the bathroom door, twisting his body around a little, so that he could stay as hidden as possible but still be able to see into the bedroom.
bandom  glambert  adam/tommy  college  au  tommy/omc  nc-17  angst  noncon  dubcon  violence  gangbang  bdsm 
november 2010 by silentdescant
Under Your Spell
I'd love a story where Adam gets affected, but it turns him animalistic and brutal, the need for sex overwhelming. Tommy is with him (doesn't matter where they are), and he can see that Adam is ready to assault the next person he sees. Rather than have Adam possibly hurt someone, Tommy makes a hasty decision to just let Adam take him.

Tommy doesn't want it, but it's not exactly non-con. It would be more like sacrifice sex. Again, emphasis on sex being rough, animalistic, all about Adam and more than once. The pollen makes him extra potent or something

Then, the aftermath, when Adam wakes up and sees what he's done. Guilt, tears, whatever, but most of all, taking care of Tommy
bandom  glambert  adam/tommy  first-time  virgin  dubcon  noncon  angst  violence  h/c  nc-17  drugs 
august 2010 by silentdescant
The Totem
He calls the acerbic point man and is genuinely unnerved at the immediate effect of Arthur’s black “What do you want, Eames?” Said like “Fuck off and die, Eames.” it isn’t exactly scintillating. But for some reason the sound travels from the airways and leaps down his body like warm lightening, settling with vicious weight in the back of his balls. It takes him a minute to accept he’s turned on but he gets over it.
inception  arthur/eames  noncon  violence  unrequited  nc-17 
august 2010 by silentdescant
untitled ficlet
Beating, whatever con. Adam catches his supposedly straight bassist, who he's been crushing on for months, pretty much about to get it on with a guy (or a few guys), and at least one of them resembles Adam quite a bit. Then stuff happens, then Tommy tries to apologize and say he's in love with Adam. (drunk?) Adam grabs him, slaps him around, yells at him and ends up fucking him until it hurts so, so much. Tommy can't stop crying, Adam is not stopping... and Tommy is loving it and hates himself for it. There might be tender, apologizing Adam after this, and the start of a Dom/Sub relationship.
bandom  glambert  adam/tommy  first-time  virgin  noncon  dubcon  nc-17  violence  bdsm 
august 2010 by silentdescant
A Rush of Cold and Hot
So one of them walks in on the other sleeping with someone else, and is outraged/sad/etc, and expresses this at some point or acts differently towards the person. Later, they find out it was rape.
inception  arthur/eames  angst  noncon  h/c  r 
august 2010 by silentdescant
untitled Arthur/Cobb hurt/comfort
So, I need to see something where the reason Cobb and Arthur are so close is because once a job went wrong and Cobb and Arthur got caught by bad peoples, and Arthur got tortured the heck out of (and possibly non-conned) to get to Cobb. Could be, like, that time in history and be Cobb/Arthur H/C.
inception  arthur/cobb  h/c  noncon  violence  r  angst  concinnity_blue 
august 2010 by silentdescant
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
The Decaydence: that’s what the inmates call the D Block of Janick State Correctional Facility. The Decaydance is full of your garden variety mobsters, gangsters, pimps, drug dealers, crazy cult leaders, murderers, and other dangerous offenders. What people appear to be isn’t necessarily who they are but all that matters is reputation, how they stay alive and where they fall on the Decaydance food chain.
bandom  mcr  fob  cs  patd  tai  au  angst  multiplepairings  pete/patrick  gerard/brian  bob/ryan  frank/jamia  gabe/william  gabe/ryan  h/c  priest  prison  mafia  deathfic  dubcon  noncon  jimmy/chantal  violence  bbb  bbb10  nc-17  mindgames  dancinbutterfly 
april 2010 by silentdescant
They were desperate for a good HIV case manager. The first two interviews were a complete loss. The nine o'clock scared Gerard--and whatever else Gerard was, easy to scare he was not--and the eleven o'clock had such a heavy accent that despite really, really trying, Gerard couldn't understand most of what the interviewee said. If the guy's first language had been Spanish or even Chinese or Korean Gerard would have hired him in a flash, since the clinic saw huge numbers of patients whose first language fell under one of those choices. It was Yugoslavian, though, and Gerard just didn't have much call for that.

The two o'clock showed on time. He said, "Hi, I'm Frank," and shook Gerard's hand with just the right amount of pressure.

He smiled and it caught his eyes, and Gerard thought, Mikey will kill you if you hire him because he's the most gorgeous person on the face of this planet. "Hi. Uh, Gerard."
bandom  mcr  patd  fob  au  frank/gerard  mikey/ray  brendon/ryan  bob/spencer  nc-17  threesome  hooker  sickness  h/c  angst  dubcon  noncon 
february 2010 by silentdescant
Creep In Like a Whisper
Gerard and Mikey are wealthy land-owners, and Frank is a newly-attained slave with trust issues. They show him they're not like typical masters.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  angst  h/c  nc-17  first-time  slavery  wordslinging  noncon 
october 2009 by silentdescant
The Curse of Obedience
After a time, Bob turns to Frank and says, “Hey, get me another beer from the minibar, huh?”

He knows Frank will not do it. He knows that Frank will likely flip him off and that they will both laugh.

Frank too knows that he will not do it.

And yet he finds himself standing, because suddenly it is vitally important that he do what Bob says.

He tries to stop his legs from moving, trying to dig his feet into the carpet, but they will not respond. A prisoner in his own body, he walks to the fridge, pulls out the beer and hands it to Bob before finally sitting back down.

Bob stares at the bottle in his hand as if he’s not really sure it exists. “I didn’t expect you to do it.”

The same clutching fear that Frank experienced two days ago is back. “I didn’t want to. I tried not to, but I couldn’t stop it.”

[other chapters:]
bandom  mcr  frank/mikey  gerard/ray  r  noncon  angst  mindfuck  mindgames  fantasy 
may 2009 by silentdescant
My Chemical Diary
CRACK, OMG. Mikey-POV diary. Gerard is a vampire. Mikey cuts his wrists a lot. Frank turned into a girl called Pansy for a while. Ray is Gerard's best friend. Bob is monosyllabic. There is a Mary-Sue. There are also macros, pics, and videos.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  frank/mikey  gerard/mikey  frank/ofc  gerard/ofc  ray/ofc  het  genderfuck  mikey/pete  mikey/quinn  noncon  angst  crack  humour  vampires  highschool  r  multimedia  multiplepairings 
may 2009 by silentdescant
Liars and Visionaries
Frank is a asylum-bound teenager obsessed with Nietzsche, firmly intent on becoming the Superman, who ends up only finding fulfillment in the person who embodies everything he's rejected.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  gerard/mikey  deathfic  angst  noncon  h/c  nc-17 
may 2009 by silentdescant
Your Whole Body is a Target
The first time was an accident. Just the same as any other accident with Frank- on stage, in the heat of the moment. Mikey had been standing by Bob's kit, eyes closed, feeling the music rock through his body. Then, Pansy was flying at him, and the world went black. For three weeks, Mikey wore stitches through his temple where the guitar had broken the skin open.
bandom  frank/mikey  r  violence  noncon  dubcon  angst 
april 2009 by silentdescant
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