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"If Prayer Were the Answer I'd Fall on My Knees" /s…
teenwolf  derek  au  highschool  fanfic  from twitter
november 2018 by silentdescant
Educating the Young
Eames talks teenage!Arthur through giving a blowjob.
arthur/eames  au  first-time  virgin  underage  blowjob  rimming  fluff  highschool  nc-17  inception 
february 2011 by silentdescant
Variations on a Theme
1. First kiss in private. 2. Tommy secretly loves butterflies; he finds them beautiful. 3. First kiss in the rain. 4. Adam proposes to Tommy in Cabo. 5. Wallsex. 6. DP. Tommy in the middle. 7. Tommy willingly auctions himself at a sex club as a pet for the weekend. Doms go off on bidding war.
bandom  glambert  adam/tommy  angst  nc-17  bdsm  drabbles  doublepenetration  highschool  au  public  exhibitionism  gsf  pg-13 
september 2010 by silentdescant
All that Glitters
What would happen, said I, if I set that Adam/Tommy high school AU I was wanting to write in Sunnydale during the Scoobies' senior year? Apparently, this. [BUFFY CROSSOVER]
bandom  glambert  adam/tommy  nc-17  crossover  highschool  au  first-time  virgin  voyeurism  bdsm  angst  fluff 
september 2010 by silentdescant
forsooth, do you grok my jive, me hearties? - Master Post: The Anatomy of a Fall
The unholy union of a high school AU and a ghost story. Gerard's life takes a strange turn when his family moves to a small town in Vermont, and he discovers the locals aren't all what they seem to be. Also includes: unexpected nature walks, murder, pining, improper treatment of crime scenes, a number of bone-related puns, high school bullies, and a short-range shrub named Ferdinand.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  highschool  au  ghosts  violence  first-time  vigin  bbb  bbb10  nc-17  h/c  angst  novembersmith 
august 2010 by silentdescant
The Mr. Lambert Effect
Tommy has seen the enthusiastic sort before, with their faces as shiny as a new penny, brimming over with wide-eyed notions about educating the next generation or some bullshit like that. They invite students to call them by their first names and don't understand when no one gives a crap about the Battle of Antietam or whatever. It usually ends in tears. Some of them don't make it past lunch.
bandom  glambert  adam/tommy  nc-17  first-time  virgin  highschool  au  scribblinlenore 
august 2010 by silentdescant
The Sex Jacket Incident
Gerard accidentally buys a sex jacket. Frank is not pleased.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  highschool  humour  crack  fob  msi  au  nokomis305  pg-13  fluff  multiplepairings  mikey/pete 
july 2010 by silentdescant
This Town is Wrong
Frank is in high school, Gerard is in college, and neither of them is heading in the right direction.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  first-time  highschool  college  au  virgin  nc-17  brooklinegirl 
july 2010 by silentdescant
That Sickly Feeling
The door shuts behind Frank with a hollow bang, and the hallway is totally abandoned. That's good. That's really, really good, because he cannot possibly deal with other people right now, like, at all. Other people touching him or bumping against him or hear their too-loud voices or anything at all. He feels like his skin is burning right off his body, he's at the boiling point, and he just needs to get to the nearest bathroom and then he'll be okay.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  au  highschool  werewolves  nc-17  public  mrsronweasley  wanking 
june 2010 by silentdescant
So Much For Afterglow
[sequel to The Intention You Caught and It Holds a Place in Time]

Gerard doesn't think about it after it happens. It just happened, and it was Frank and what do you do with that? But of course, two nights later they're outside a party, sitting on the hood of Gerard and Mikey's car and listening to the crappy music inside as it filters out of the open sliding glass door. They're passing a bottle of vodka between them when Frank turns on his side and looks at Gerard. "I had your cock in my mouth."
"Yes." It's not really a question, so Gerard's not really sure it's an answer, but regardless it's the truth. "You did."
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  highschool  blowjob  fluff  nc-17  public 
june 2010 by silentdescant
Smokeless Flame of Fire
"What kind of name for a genie is Gerard?" /// "What are you doing here?" The dude's voice was rusty, and he cleared it a little. "What do you want here?" He didn't sound like Frank thought he would, somehow. And he didn't have an accent at all. He stood up, and Frank took a little step back. The dude didn't move, though, just held weirdly still. And for the record, his clothes were totally weird. He had on a long black tunic over billowy black pants, and despite the heat he was wearing some kind of embroidered jacket. Like a goth hippy.
bandom  mcr  au  highschool  frank/gerard  fantasy  nc-17  first-time  virgin  angst  h/c  mikey/pete 
april 2010 by silentdescant
The Intention You Caught
Just because he saw Gerard standing along the fence at school, waiting for Mikey and he was flirting with that cheerleader, the one with the blond fucking ponytail and the short skirt and who was completely and totally out of Gerard’s league by like, the entire length of the L.I.E, and yet she was reaching out and touching his jacket and laughing – fucking laughing - and leaning in to tell him a secret, that didn’t have anything to do with Frank turning on his heel and figuring he’d take the fucking bus home rather than hitch a ride in the Way Shitmobile. It also didn’t have anything to do with him cornering that bitch’s boyfriend, the head fucking quarterback in the locker room, proving what a fucking pussy he was given that he didn’t even put up a fight when Frank slammed him into the locker and growled that he was going to suck his cock.
bandom  mcr  au  highschool  frank/gerard  frank/omc  nc-17  blowjob  public  voyeurism 
march 2010 by silentdescant
Show Me the Little Bit of Spine
Yes, Gerard thought, some things were worth dying for. But he wasn't sure this was one of them.

What the fuck were they even doing at prom? Gerard hadn't wanted to go to prom. He didn't think Frank really gave a shit. Ray had wanted to go but he wasn't here. Mikey, despite being only a sophomore, was here, because senior girls had been lining up to take him.
bandom  mcr  au  highschool  frank/gerard  fluff  pg-13 
march 2010 by silentdescant
Hypothesis Testing
Gerard and Ray are supposed to be working on a science fair project, but blowjobs > Chemistry. (plus a Frank/Jamia snippet)
bandom  mcr  au  highschool  gerard/ray  nc-17  blowjob  fluff  first-time  frank/jamia  impertinence  het 
march 2010 by silentdescant
It's Not Easy Being Green
Frank lives 1.5 miles away from Saint Peter’s High School for Catholic boys. He can walk that distance in just under twenty five minutes, and run it in just over fifteen – ten if he cuts through fields and gardens without stopping or getting caught. He’s had a lot of practice at this and has cut his time down to what he believes is of Olympic standard over the years. It’s toned his legs and chest, though there’s still that childish pudge around his stomach that refuses to move, improved his stamina and halved the amount of times he gets ill per season. If anything he should be glad about this and want to do it more often, maybe take up track at school or something, but the truth is he despises it. Maybe this is due to the reason he runs home from school almost everyday.
bandom  mcr  highschool  college  au  frank/gerard  first-time  blowjob  violence  fluff  nc-17 
march 2010 by silentdescant
Frank loses his virginity to Green Day's Kerplunk! album.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  first-time  virgin  nc-17  fluff  blowjob  highschool  au  pwp 
march 2010 by silentdescant
Genderswap, Boarding School AU
"What's what? You hear something?"

"No," Gee said, frowning, wiggling back against Frankie some more. "I mean, what's that?"

"What's – " Frankie started again, but then Gee heard the moment when things clicked. "What is that?" she agreed, shifting her hips against Gee, and the mattress shook as she squirmed around, then let out a little yelp. "What the crap?" she demanded. "Seriously, what the shit, Gee?" She was flailing out of bed, grabbing for the lamp, and when the light flickered on, Gee squinted against it to see Frankie standing there groping herself.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  genderfuck  humour  het  nc-17  fluff  highschool 
february 2010 by silentdescant
A lesson learned
Part of the Sub-'verse, along with Desperation in Darkness. The band roleplay together to teach Frank a lesson or two.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  frank/bob  frank/mikey  frank/ray  frank/brian  bdsm  roleplay  highschool  nc-17  spanking 
february 2010 by silentdescant
It Holds a Place in Time
Frank knows he shouldn’t stare, but he can’t quite help it, because he doesn’t think about Gerard having a cock – not that Gerard doesn’t get laid a disproportionate amount considering he’s a basement-dwelling geek – but usually when they’re talking about dicks, Frank’s pretty concentrated on his own.

But this is kind of hard to ignore, especially the way the fabric is kind of clinging to it, like maybe the tip is wet, but Frank’s more a briefs guy and Gerard is all boxers and baggy clothes and so it…molds to him different and Frank can’t actually look away. Well, he probably could if he tried, but trying seems like a lot of effort.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  au  highschool  blowjob  first-time  fluff  nc-17 
january 2010 by silentdescant
All That's Left are the Sticks and Stones That Were Built by Other People
Frank Iero gives good head.

Frank squints at the words, scrawled between the second and third urinal in the boys' bathroom by the science labs.
bandom  mcr  highschool  au  frank/mikey  nc-17  blowjob  first-time  drugs 
january 2010 by silentdescant
A Matter of Logistics
Frank would like to know the logistics of going down on girls. Gerard can help him with that.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  au  highschool  college  humour  rimming  first-time  nc-17 
january 2010 by silentdescant
It's Not Easy Being Green (but I could be your hero, baby)
Frank is the littlest animal activist and Gerard is the bullies' favorite punching bag.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  highschool  h/c  first-time  fluff  maryangel200 
december 2009 by silentdescant
I Was Your Silver Lining
"So what do you do?" "I wait." "You wait? Like, what, tables?" "I wait for you." Werewolves, Gypsy magic, soul mates, reincarnation and Gerard being a creeper.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  highschool  werewolves  fantasy  shoemaster  theopteryx  angst  h/c  deathfic  fluff  nc-17  blowjob  first-time  virgin  violence  mikey/alicia  fanart 
november 2009 by silentdescant
"What did you get from the library?"

"Guitar stuff," Frank says. The guitar book is shoved under the bed, though, so Frank digs around until he finds the palm reading book. "A book on palm reading. I wanted magic tricks, but--"

"That's still pretty cool," Gerard says. "Read my palm."
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  highschool  h/c  fluff  sinsense 
november 2009 by silentdescant
for the sake of loving
Frank is stupidly in love with Gerard, and chooses to inform him of this on Valentine's Day.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  angst  fluff  highschool  pg-13  first-time 
november 2009 by silentdescant
Outside the Rules
MCR + AI8: they are all high school outcasts and play fantasy card games together and Gerard, Mikey and Neil all take it really seriously but Adam is only interested in dressing up
bandom  mcr  fluff  au  frank/gerard  highschool  crossover  pg  bexless  humour  glambert 
october 2009 by silentdescant
To Cast Turpentine Kisses
High school teacher/student AU not!fic. Vaguely INOK-ish, but Frank is a student and Gerard is his teacher. Pretty much this started as an email back and forth about all the dirty shit that teacher!Gerard should do to student!Frank and we assembled it into an order that makes sense. But it's not a real story, do not be fooled! It just looks like one. Capslock and emoticons and "and then THIS should happen"s galore. Also: it's ridiculous.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  highschool  au  bdsm  first-time  fluff  angst  not!fic  theopteryx  ciel_vert  nc-17 
september 2009 by silentdescant
Just Maybe We Could Lose Ourselves This Time
Frankie has never actually seen Gerard’s dick, and until this past summer, she had never wanted to. Somehow, though, in the three years Frankie and Mikey have been friends, Gerard has gone from ‘Mikey’s older art nerd brother’ to ‘holy shit please put your hand up my plaid uniform skirt and do me now hot art student’ on Frankie’s radar with pretty much no warning at all.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  au  genderfuck  highschool  het  fluff  nc-17  first-time  virgin  giddy_london 
august 2009 by silentdescant
Remember to Feel Real
Lindsey Ann, the art freak everyone kicked around and laughed at, is throwing a house party this Saturday, and everyone wants to come.
bandom  mcr  msi  frank/lyn-z  het  fluff  pg-13  au  highschool  angst 
august 2009 by silentdescant
When Gerard signed the admissions paperwork for the Fordhaven School for Boys, he knew he was signing up for four years of sexual frustration. No one was gay at Fordhaven. Gerard was all-too-aware that he would be a virgin until he graduated. In his senior year, though, this stupid gay freshman disproves Fordhaven's straightness, and throws Gerard's entire world off-kilter.

Now, in between drawing, avoiding bullies, running an incredibly serious tabletop RP game, failing out of math, and hanging out with friends, Gerard is also busy kind of falling for this asshole who's way too young for him. It's not what he planned on, but it's what's happening. In conclusion: high school sucks.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  nc-17  au  highschool  sinsense  bbb09  angst  first-time  virgin  fluff  humour  theopteryx 
june 2009 by silentdescant
My Chemical Diary
CRACK, OMG. Mikey-POV diary. Gerard is a vampire. Mikey cuts his wrists a lot. Frank turned into a girl called Pansy for a while. Ray is Gerard's best friend. Bob is monosyllabic. There is a Mary-Sue. There are also macros, pics, and videos.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  frank/mikey  gerard/mikey  frank/ofc  gerard/ofc  ray/ofc  het  genderfuck  mikey/pete  mikey/quinn  noncon  angst  crack  humour  vampires  highschool  r  multimedia  multiplepairings 
may 2009 by silentdescant
all the ways you devastate me
she has her vices; he has his weaknesses; same difference. sort of a high-school AU.
bandom  mcr  msi  gerard/lyn-z  het  r  angst  alcohol  drugs  highschool 
may 2009 by silentdescant
The Dove Keeper
The old man was cocky and arrogant, only to front himself, protecting himself from the things he was still missing. The boy, well, the boy was just missing in general. When they saw each other, a color explosion had been born. Blue went everywhere, just like dreams, and lives started to intertwine. The old man had to become a teacher, soaking up youth like a sponge, while the boy needed the attention and affection the old man gave. And eventually, they both learned to realize that the best art they could make was only with each other. They learned and grew together, painting a picture blindfolded, proving to everyone else that art was something they could not control. The boy started to become a man, while the old man just started to live again. They fell in love, despite the odds and even apart, they stayed together. Art would always be art. It just couldn’t be helped. [final chapters here: ]
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  frank/ofm  first-time  virgin  violence  angst  fluff  domestic  nc-17  h/c  het  underage  highschool 
may 2009 by silentdescant
modern grrrl
And, just like that, Jamia has a partner in crime that actually lives in her town.

Frank doesn't fuck around. He reminds her of Amanda in that way, just all-out, no apologies. He's not exactly walking around St. Joseph's announcing to the world that he wants to have sex with guys, but he's not hiding it, either.
bandom  mcr  jamia/amanda  femmeslash  au  frank/bob  first-time  pg-13  highschool 
may 2009 by silentdescant
in which frank is a lip virgin who can drive: the never been kissed AU by Stereomer
I’m a staff writer for a newspaper with modest readership. I have six milk crates in my closet filled with records. I haven’t grown an inch since I was fifteen years old. I have never been kissed.
bandom  mcr  thecab  cs  patd  frank/gerard  angst  highschool  humour  stereomer  pg-13  alcohol 
may 2009 by silentdescant
the arrival, part 1
Frank is a 15 year old angry teenager, Mikey is a gothic businessman, and Gerard is Captain Creepy McCreeperson Vampireface.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  wip  vampires  angst  highschool 
april 2009 by silentdescant
The Stupid High School AU Where Hardly Anyone's Gay
"I love that guy." He sat down next to her - next to her, seriously, what was wrong with him? - and pulled out a pencil.

His drawing was different from hers, and she wanted to make fun of it before it had even taken shape as anything recognizable. Unfortunately she couldn't, because it was slowly becoming obvious that he was drawing a gruesome zombie, completely at odds with how friendly he'd been.

She wanted to say something smart, like, "There's a disparity in your personality and your art." Instead she just poked his arm and said, "What the hell?"
bandom  mcr  msi  fob  gerard/lyn-z  het  au  highschool  nc-17  first-time  virgin  mikey/pete  mikey/alicia/pete  threesome  humour 
april 2009 by silentdescant
Typical Girls
When Gerard realizes that he’ll never get with Lyn-Z after his friends let him know she’s into girls, there’s only one possible course of action: dress in drag and join her punk rock Dolly Parton cover band in hopes of wooing her. High school AU.
bandom  mcr  msi  fob  het  au  highschool  gerard/lyn-z  mikey/alicia  mikey/pete  pete/alicia  mikey/alicia/pete  threesome  pg-13  jimmy/chantal  frank/jamia  humour  angst  nokomis305  crossdressing 
april 2009 by silentdescant
Set in 1954. The local high school is having an upcoming prom and Gerard is confused why Frank doesn't want to ask any of the girls to go with him.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  au  pg  highschool  angst 
april 2009 by silentdescant
Stalker Love
Gerard has a creepy crush; so does Brian.
bandom  mcr  gerard/brian  highschool  college  humour  au  fluff  first-time  r  voyeurism 
april 2009 by silentdescant
Tell Us A Story
The world as these kids know it is ending, and Gabe Saporta is throwing the party. High school AU based on the movie Can't Hardly Wait.
bandom  mcr  theused  tai  cs  fob  patd  au  highschool  bexless  frank/gerard  pete/patrick  jon/spencer  mikey/gabe  multiplepairings  gerard/ryan  nc-17  first-time  virgin  humour  angst  unrequited 
march 2009 by silentdescant
The Boys and Girls in the Clique by Arsenic
"Hey," Spencer said, and smiled. It was possible (or, you know, probable) that when he'd invited Bob to lunch, he'd expected the invitation to be totally disregarded. "Gerard and Frank have fucked off to parts unknown, but this is Ryan, and that's Mikey."

Mikey poked at his food. "And by parts unknown he means the comic store. Without me. Assholes."

Ryan said, "We can go on our own after school. It's walkable, Gerard just thinks he's special because he has a car. Or a close approximation to one." Ryan had a somewhat epic crush on Mikey. It was often painful for Spencer to watch, since Mikey had that brand of obliviousness that was special to, well, Mikey.
bandom  mcr  patd  au  highschool  frank/gerard  mikey/ryan  bob/spencer  nc-17  first-time  virgin  angst  fluff 
february 2009 by silentdescant
Discovering Fig Newtons
"What have you discovered?" Gerard sort of whispers. Frank didn't think it was that serious, but Gerard's sort of whisper makes it a big deal. He tries not to fidget.

Frank swallows. "Well, like, I like dogs," he says like he snapped his fingers.

"Clearly. Everyone knows that already, Frank," Gerard scoffs, "You organized the rally and now have your save the pets and bring me vegetables for lunch campaigns."

"I like being a vegetarian. Clearly, one can be both an animal lover and a meat eater. I'm not trying to tell you you're wrong."

"People don't eat dogs," Gerard mumbles. He's laid back down since Frank didn't give him anything real that he discovered about himself.

"I found out some other things," Frank practically whispers. Gerard doesn't hear him, just flips channels until he gets to a Huckleberry Hound marathon.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  highschool  first-time  pg 
february 2009 by silentdescant
Conflict Resolution Number Five
Gerard was pretty sure that he was gay until Lyn-Z Ballato transferred to Our Lady of Sorrows High School.
bandom  mcr  au  highschool  first-time  virgin  nc-17  frank/gerard  frank/lyn-z  gerard/lyn-z  frank/gerard/lyn-z  threesome  het 
february 2009 by silentdescant
Eighteen Forever (Sun Poisoned)
In three months Gerard would leave but right then, they had all summer. Three months to spend eating cherry popsicles and kissing under the slide at the park. Enough time to drive out to Newark together, sit on the front porch sharing cigarettes, find parties and crash them. Or if they didn't feel like that, they could spray-paint immense hearts on the side of the high school, over the chalked-on phone numbers and crude drawings. In three months, Gerard would leave to become an adult. But lying on his living room floor with Frank, their hips and wrists pressed together, everything fell into place. He was a little boy or he was a man and none of it made the slightest difference.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  highschool  fluff  first-time  r 
february 2009 by silentdescant
The One Where Gerard Totally Comes Out of His Basement to Try and Impress Bob
This, this Sunshine Club, no matter how dire the name, was obviously fate's way of bringing them together. Before he could chicken out, Gerard quickly scrawled his name into the last free space on the list. He could bare to spend time outside, if he got to be near Bob Bryar, probably.
bandom  mcr  gerard/bob  au  highschool  nc-17  first-time 
january 2009 by silentdescant
Best Damn Dress
"You know who else kiss each other all the time, Frank? People who are dating." set in INOK-verse
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  au  highschool  first-time  pg  fluff  crossdressing 
january 2009 by silentdescant
Imagine We're Glorious
It turns out that Frank's an okay guy. He's energetic and has this high, disarming giggle that Bobs grows accustomed to hearing. The girl that Bob sees him with all the time is named Jamia, who Frank introduces as his girlfriend and says that one day they're going to get married. It isn't even a question for him, even though they're like fifteen. Bob chuckles about it when Frank first tells him about their vague future plans, but the more he spends time around them, the more he realizes they aren't kidding.

Bob actually really digs that confidence about them. They laugh openly, handle each other easily, and are so comfortable that it only startles Bob for a second when he comes over to Frank's, walks around to the backyard as usual, and finds Jamia finishing up some eyeshadow on him. Frank holds still, talking to her quietly, and when Bob speaks up to say hello, Jamia sits back and Frank's eyes flutter open.
mcr  bandom  au  highschool  het  pg-13  threesome  frank/jamia  frank/bob  frank/jamia/bob  crossdressing  first-time  angst  fluff 
january 2009 by silentdescant
Say A Prayer for Recognition
“I kissed you.” Mikey says finally. “I don’t know if you remember that, but I kissed you.”

Gerard’s eyes are practically eating up his whole face, and Mikey thinks he looks like an anime character. Maybe one of the Sailor Scouts, which had been Gerard’s favorite anime when he was younger, and that’s a secret that Mikey’s sworn to take to the grave.

Gerard sinks onto Mikey’s bed. “I thought I kissed you.” He says quietly. “I didn’t remember a lot but I remembered a kiss. I thought that I ruined everything.“ He looks up at Mikey. “You kissed me?”
bandom  mcr  gerard/mikey  au  angst  first-time  nc-17  alcohol  highschool 
january 2009 by silentdescant
If You Can Make It Through This
The campus of Amcrest College Preparatory Academy was expansive, but once you got past the tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, lacrosse, football, track and soccer fields, baseball diamonds, picnic tables, stream full of colorful fish that the administration dumped in for realism, the commemorative fountain, commemorative statue and commemorative garden, there was a shallow forest at the edge of the grounds. INOK-verse story, featuring Gerard the sullen outcast and Brian the new kid. Lots of cigarettes are smoked and angst is had. Crushes and garage bands, I don't even know.
bandom  mcr  gerard/brian  first-time  angst  au  highschool  frank/jamia  pg-13 
january 2009 by silentdescant
Kissing Booth Fic by Mxtape
"Do you want to kiss me?" Gerard asks lowly, eyes searching Frank's.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  first-time  au  highschool  pg-13  fluff 
january 2009 by silentdescant
Call It Love Rocket by Pearl O
"Bob Bryar," Frank said, when he could get his breath back enough to talk, still gasping around his laughs, "I want to be your boyfriend."
bandom  mcr  fob  au  frank/bob  mikey/pete  gerard/lyn-z  pg-13  first-time  humour  highschool 
january 2009 by silentdescant
Nothing's Fair in Love or High School
Frank looked at him and was glad he was wearing sunglasses. It was fucking tiring keeping himself from staring at Gerard, all adoring and shit.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  pg-13  au  first-time  angst  highschool 
november 2008 by silentdescant
Church of Hot Addiction
When Gerard Way gets transferred to Our Lady of Peace in Arlington a few weeks into his Senior year, he thinks it's his chance to be cool. Too bad his idea of "cool" is no cooler than it was in 3rd grade, even if there aren't any green tights involved any more. (An AU of the INO AU, more or less.)
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  frank/mikey  mikey/pete  first-time  virgin  angst  au  drugs  alcohol  highschool 
november 2008 by silentdescant
This Never Happened
I repeat: this is not a story. My thoughts on what would happen if Frank had to move in with the Ways for his senior year of high school do not constitute a story. It's ~in costume~ as a story. A twenty-eight and a half thousand word costume, because apparently even my badfic wolfshirt bullshit things are bafflingly long-winded. Warning/disclaimer/oh god don't even read it, it doesn't even make any sense: this is the most self-indulgent dirge I have ever spewed in my life. It's one of those high school badfics, where Frank cries all the time and Gerard wears a dress to the Prom. It has Frank/Gerard and Frank/OMC. It's NC-17, kids, because if something's worth doing, it's worth doing with porn. Oh, maybe I should also warn for dubcon or voyeurism or something? There's sleep-groping and someone watches someone else jerk off from a closet. There we go. (Happy birthday, Frank! Just what you always wanted, I know.)
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  voyeurism  crossdressing  au  nc-17  first-time  virgin  angst  crack  humour  highschool 
november 2008 by silentdescant
Nightswimming (Sequel to Everyday Mysteries in the Summertime)
Gerard's eyes go really round, and it's the fucking last straw--Gerard's standing there like the biggest, prettiest fucking dweeb in the world, with his jeans getting soaked and his fucking shoes on, and Frank's every breath hurts. Being in love is kind of crazy, he thinks. And then he looks at Gerard and sort of nods to himself--it's really that easy--yeah, I'm totally in love with you, you fucking dork. Holy shit.
frank/gerard  nc-17  first-time  virgin  drugs  angst  mikey/pete  mikey/alicia  h/c  wax_jism  highschool 
october 2008 by silentdescant
Everyday Mysteries In the Summertime
ete laughs and says, "You are so fucking cute, dude. Fuckin' A." He reaches up and touches Mikey's cheek with his fingertips, so lightly it's like a tickle more than a caress. Mikey squeaks out surprised laughter and slaps his hand over Pete's.
bandom  mikey/pete  nc-17  first-time  virgin  frank/gerard  angst  wax_jism  highschool 
october 2008 by silentdescant
The Holly Golightly Club
Highschool AU based on MCR's I'm Not Okay video. 5 parts plus epilogue ficlet
bandom  mcr  fob  frank/gerard  mikey/pete  au  angst  first-time  virgin  nc-17  highschool 
october 2008 by silentdescant

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