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Beginning with the weekend that starts off Dom and Jeremy's relationship.
lotrips  hprps  dom/jeremy  elijah/dan  dom/elijah  jason/jeremy  jason/dan  nc-17  crossover  underage  pwp  angst  beizy  first-time  virgin  frisbyg  melloniel 
august 2008 by silentdescant
Peter and Fran -- part 1
a joint-effort multimedia lotrips band-AU fic with many pairings, but monaboyd as a relative constant
lotrips  billy/dom  dom/elijah  viggo/orlando  au  angst  humour  multimedia  multiplepairings  drugs  pg-13  photo  ian/orlando 
april 2008 by silentdescant
NZ pub fic. Dom is feeling wretched; he and Orlando slip out for a bit. Angst.
lotrips  billy/dom  angst  public  nc-17  dom/orlando  dom/elijah  unrequited  absolutefiction 
december 2007 by silentdescant
The Short Side of Isosceles
For lotrips_remix 2007, of escribo/almaviva's Bothered, Bothered (By You), and (Not) Bothered (By You)
lotrips  billy/dom  dom/elijah  suede_scripture  remix  unrequited  almaviva  pg 
december 2007 by silentdescant
Me Neither
There are six white wines on offer: two from France, two from California, one from Chile and the other from Australia. Dom is just deciding to start memorising the reds--including the syrah he's half-drunk--when he hears Sean telling Elijah off, voice dis
lotrips  dom/elijah  pg  sparcck  blythely  tig  angst 
december 2007 by silentdescant
Elijah Notices
Dom and Billy hug at least five times a day. Elijah knows this – he can’t help but notice
lotrips  billy/dom  dom/elijah  unrequited  pg  angst  fluff  dizzydame 
november 2007 by silentdescant
It was the doorsill digging into his back, not an elbow or knee or any other part of Dom. There was also, unfortunately, the very unwelcome presence of pain radiating and pulsing from his hip, which felt as though it might be bruising
lotrips  dom/elijah  h/c  sickness  first-time  nc-17 
october 2007 by silentdescant
Orlando, Elijah, Dom, Billy and Ian get high, smoking joints.
lotrips  dom/elijah  r  v_angelique  drugs 
september 2007 by silentdescant
In This Place Called Heavenly
A somewhat surreal, very melodramatic account of the events in a small town one not-so-average autumn.
lotrips  au  angst  dom/elijah  elijah/hannah  incest  r  violence  deathfic  mindgames  v_angelique 
september 2007 by silentdescant
Anyone Who'll Lie Down
Set during "that year" after Dom moved to LA. He takes what he can get.
lotrips  dom/viggo  dom/elijah  r  angst  h/c  tarteaucitron 
august 2007 by silentdescant
This is fucked up, Elijah thinks, and we might be inclined to agree. Elijah's POV of Offering
lotrips  billy/dom  dom/elijah  dom/sean.a  elijah/sean.a  nc-17  angst  bdsm  blowjob  blood  kiltsandlollies  mindgames  wip 
august 2007 by silentdescant
Dominic's Gift, Wandering Star, Guttering Gold
Set forty-eight years from now, immediately after the death of Dominic Monaghan. Lots of bad things have happened to people we love. Mostly original characters.
lotrips  billy/dom  dom/elijah  dom/sean.a  dom/viggo  billy/elijah  billy/sean.a  elijah/sean.a  angst  deathfic  futurefic  mirabile_dictu  r 
august 2007 by silentdescant
[sb/ew/ob/dm] Sees it, almost, in their eyes now as they turn to him: brown grey blue gazes colliding on green: impact: and Sean feels the kaleidoscopic pulse. They grin at him, knew he'd come for them, and he grins back, yeah.
lotrips  dom/elijah  dom/orlando  sean/orlando  dom/elijah/orlando/sean  blowjob  voyeurism  exhibitionism  nc-17  gsf 
july 2007 by silentdescant
Out at the back of the beach house, Elijah is talking with Dominic when the other man is quite suddenly yanked from view. (inspired by Eddie Izzard's "flag" routine)
lotrips  dom/elijah  billy/dom/elijah  pg  fluff  humour  magickalmolly 
june 2007 by silentdescant
Absence, Heart, Fonder
Elijah didn't notice much about Dom for the first few months.
lotrips  dom/elijah  pg-13  almostnever 
june 2007 by silentdescant
ten simple things
Ten Simple Things You Ask to Make a Young Boy Sigh
lotrips  billy/dom  billy/elijah  dom/elijah  nc-17  angst  sparcck 
june 2007 by silentdescant
"Someday I'll watch my child being born and I'll be thinking, And this is how a new father feels,"
lotrips  billy/dom  nc-17  dom/elijah  h/c  angst  apple_pi 
june 2007 by silentdescant
As We Know It
"Physical manifestation means I’ve been contagious for two days..."
lotrips  billy/elijah  dom/elijah  pg-13  sickness  airgiodslv  angst 
may 2007 by silentdescant
They tell him stories, and some part of Dom's brain is busy filing the stories, filing the gestures and descriptions, accents and mannerisms away. It's what he does. It feels a little like theft, sometimes, but also good: the most perfect, sneaky joy.
lotrips  billy/dom  dom/elijah  nc-17  bdsm  h/c  apple_pi 
may 2007 by silentdescant
Turkish Coffee
"This is fresh ginger," Elijah explained. "It’s an aphrodisiac.”
lotrips  dom/elijah  nc-17  bdsm  v_angelique 
may 2007 by silentdescant
Second Sex
Elijah gets transformed into a girl for a while.
lotrips  dom/elijah  elijah/orlando  r  genderfuck  humour  angst 
may 2007 by silentdescant
He would watch, knowing that at any time he could pick one of them, choose one to be his, completely his, and he could walk away.
lotrips  billy/elijah  dom/elijah  billy/dom  angst  voyeurism  exhibitionism  wanking  nc-17  buckle_berry 
april 2007 by silentdescant
The best things in life are worth the wait.
Remix of Bind by airgiodslv
lotrips  dom/elijah  billy/karl  nc-17  bdsm  remix  brenda 
april 2007 by silentdescant
The Re-education of Dom Monaghan
It was like a brain transplant or something, only the replacement brain hadn't arrived on time.
lotrips  dom/elijah  r  blowjob  angst  crack 
april 2007 by silentdescant
The Mousse of Doom
crackity crack!fic. LotR parody, only with desserts instead of rings. O.o
lotrips  dom/elijah  pg  crack  au 
march 2007 by silentdescant
Chipped nail polish
Dom’s nails were painted black, because Billy had said it looked fetching on him. Drabble
lotrips  billy/dom  dom/elijah  pg-13  drabble 
march 2007 by silentdescant
what happens when the words are taken away?
billy/dom  dom/elijah  angst  kiltsandlollies  lotrips  r 
march 2007 by silentdescant

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