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Infinite Possibilities
request was for non-historical AU. Sometimes AU is a big change, sometimes it's small. In a universe of infinite possibilities, there are a lot of things that could be different, but the important things sometimes remain the same. It's 2009. Billy is almost 30, Dom is 22. Billy never went to school, Peter Jackson never got Lord of the Rings off the ground, and Foreign Country never broke up.
lotrips  billy/dom  au  first-time  virgin  dizzydame  beecake  nc-17  angst 
january 2010 by silentdescant
And Now It's Time to Learn
Jack Boyd isn't one of Dom's best students, but he's probably one of the most charming. He's a cute little bugger and he's always into something but he's got some sort of innate charisma that Dom can't help but respect, even as he carts Jack off for yet another bout in the time out corner.
lotrips  billy/dom  au  first-time  dizzydame  kidfic  elementaryschool 
january 2010 by silentdescant
Scrambled Eggs with a Side of Bacon
Some might have thought that maybe Dom didn't actually want them there at all.

Billy's not some people. He knows Dom, and he knows this sort of behavior on Dom, and he doesn't take it as a personal slight. He takes it as a mission (a quest, a thing, yes, he owes a quarter to the Quote jar now). He'll seek out the root of this issue, wipe up a few tears, apply a nice cartoon print bandaid to it if necessary, and all will be better.
lotrips  billy/dom  gen  h/c  dizzydame  fluff  pg 
august 2009 by silentdescant
1, 2, 3, 4
Billy kisses like no one else.
lotrips  billy/dom  dizzydame  pg  fluff 
june 2008 by silentdescant
Bigger Than the Both of Us
”I want.” Dom licks his lips. “I want you to snog me.”
”Dom!” Billy says, sharply. “Matt would murder us both.”
lotrips  billy/dom  dizzydame  au  nc-17  first-time  virgin 
april 2008 by silentdescant
Half Step
How do you convince someone that you're serious about something that's been a running joke for the past four years?
lotrips  billy/dom  dizzydame  first-time  pg-13 
november 2007 by silentdescant
Elijah Notices
Dom and Billy hug at least five times a day. Elijah knows this – he can’t help but notice
lotrips  billy/dom  dom/elijah  unrequited  pg  angst  fluff  dizzydame 
november 2007 by silentdescant
A little pornlet by apple_pi and dizzydame.
Billy sits on the easy chair, his legs splayed and feet braced on the ground. Things are a wet sticky mess between them, but he doesn't care
lotrips  billy/dom  nc-17  pwp  apple_pi  dizzydame 
november 2007 by silentdescant
untitled melancholy ficlet
Here, at the end of all things. It's a nice phrase. Dom likes it. He's used it, once or twice. Mostly mocking. Coming off of the movie, he can't really get away with serious quoting.
lotrips  billy/dom  dizzydame  pg-13  h/c  angst 
november 2007 by silentdescant
One Day at a Time
He left," Tosh was the first to say. "He... he left."
torchwood  jack/ianto  dizzydame  angst  pg-13 
november 2007 by silentdescant
The Art of Getting Your Way
"Jack, no." Ianto hissed. For the fifth time that night, he removed Jack's hand from his thigh.
torchwood  jack/ianto  dizzydame  nc-17  public 
november 2007 by silentdescant
After Jack and Tosh have their drink to Real!Jack, that night Jack/Ianto comfort.
torchwood  r  dizzydame  jack/ianto  h/c  angst 
november 2007 by silentdescant
There's alcohol, then there's laughter, then there's sex. All of which Ianto is surprised to find he's actually quite all right with.
torchwood  jack/ianto  dizzydame  nc-17  pwp 
november 2007 by silentdescant
Desk Work
"Jack, perhaps you ought to send the others home early," Ianto said.
torchwood  jack/ianto  nc-17  dizzydame  pwp 
november 2007 by silentdescant
Having Kittens
Set in a fluffy, fluffy world where Dom moves to Manchester after Lost. No women. Just kittens and corny dialogue.
lotrips  billy/dom  pg-13  fluff  humour  dizzydame 
august 2007 by silentdescant
"You're just not meant for a band."
lotrips  billy/dom  pg  dizzydame  fluff 
august 2007 by silentdescant
Untitled Club PWP
"Do you want to suck me off, Dominic?" Billy says, and rubs his thumb over Dom's bottom lip. "I don't know how," Dom says.
lotrips  billy/dom  first-time  nc-17  public  blowjob  dizzydame 
july 2007 by silentdescant
"It doesn't do anything anymore. Doesn't... can't get... grounded." - based on Dom's Rolling Stone article
lotrips  billy/dom  pg  drugs  angst  h/c  gen  dizzydame 
may 2007 by silentdescant
Another (Kinda, Sorta) New Zealand Love
Dom walked in the door, dropped his bag onto the ground, and kissed Billy on the mouth.
lotrips  billy/dom  pg-13  dizzydame  first-time  fluff 
may 2007 by silentdescant
Inappropriate Conversation
"So," Elijah said, looking at him expectantly. "Does Billy have a pretty penis?"
lotrips  billy/dom  nc-17  dizzydame  dirtytalk  wanking 
april 2007 by silentdescant
T-Shirt ficlet by dizzydame
"Little ORC ficlet I wrote in the hotel room last Sunday night."
lotrips  billy/dom  nc-17  blowjob  handjob  dizzydame 
march 2007 by silentdescant

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