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Frank is still hot, Gerard is still into him. And now that they've gotten to know each other better, Frank finds himself wanting more. Sequel to Dummy.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  deaf  first-time  virgin  fluff  nc-17 
february 2009 by silentdescant
Mikey and Frank attend the North Jersey School for the Deaf, Gerard is studying to be a translator. Frank is hot, even if he is a baby. The shenanigans, they happen. As they do.
bandom  mcr  au  frank/gerard  deaf  first-time  virgin  blowjob  fluff 
february 2009 by silentdescant
dot dot dot
They’re not actually a band anymore, is what no-one said. How could they.

How could they be.

You can’t be a band with a lead singer who’s deaf.

He means. Well. ‘Perforated ear drums due to sudden, massive noise’ was the medical terminology, or sort of; it was all more complicated than that, but since none of them are doctors either it got simplified for them.
bandom  mcr  angst  pg-13  gen  gerard/mikey  deaf  cry 
february 2009 by silentdescant
the easiest of things bear the most repeating
The reality is that Frank has the most trouble. His signing is sloppy, stuttering, and sixty percent of what he learns today can't be remembered tomorrow. Gerard doesn't ever mention it, however, because he does wake up in the dead of night once to find Frank curled on his side next to him, shifting frequently.

Gerard raises his head, moving to touch Frank's shoulder, and stops. Frank holds a cheap, stupidly dim key-chain flashlight over an open book, his face inches away from the paper as he squints to see without glasses. His right hand curls and twists, diligently translating the illustrations into reality.
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  ray/bob  pg  angst  deaf 
february 2009 by silentdescant

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