EC2 Packets per Second: Guaranteed Throughput vs Best Effort
Packet throughput and byte throughput are not correlated, unless payload and demand are held constant.
aws  networking 
6 weeks ago
Benchmarks Reveal Major Increase in EDB Replication Performance | EnterpriseDB
designed specifically for high-performance Postgres infrastructures. The result is a more powerful and better-integrated architecture capable of supporting the demanding and comple
10 weeks ago
Health Checks and Graceful Degradation in Distributed Systems
A readiness probe is used to determine if a Pod can serve traffic.
august 2018
From $erverless to Elixir – CoryODaniel – Medium
moving away from serverless lambda/api gateway for cost reasons
august 2018
Scalability at BUX – Inside BUX – Medium
tate is and we are able to change said state. But how does the actor come to be?
scale  database  architecture 
july 2018
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