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Google Analytics And The Page Load - Simo Ahava's blog
This article explores the page load process and what you need to pay attention to when implementing Google Analytics on the page.
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october 2015 by shoesiq
Terminus - Powerful UTM URL Builder for Marketers
Terminus helps you track your email, social, ppc, and all other marketing campaigns consistently and reliably.
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september 2015 by shoesiq
A modern approach for Computer Vision on the web.
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april 2015 by shoesiq
An industry-wide collaboration for innovative technology solutions that improve the digital experience for consumers, publishers, advertisers and third-parties.
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june 2014 by shoesiq
Profitably, Customer tracking death match (part 1)
We need to know everything we can discover about a customer’s first visit
If a customer first arrives via Adwords but then returns 4 times before signing up, that customer is an Adwords customer regardless of the entry point for visit 4
We need to know about all the visits between first entry and signup
Is our sales cycle a two-week period, and which resources are accessed during that period and at which stages?
We need to continue to know all these things after a customer has signed up
For all the funnels in the marketplace, many startups can’t show you their churn cohorts by campaign medium, etc.
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october 2010 by shoesiq
We’ve cut the clutter you find in other analytics applications and packed Reinvigorate with the features you need to gain the advantage in today’s real-time web.
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september 2010 by shoesiq
Optimized Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code
Use Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code to speed up your site. Use this optimized, minified and compressed async Analytics snippet for maximum impact.
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august 2010 by shoesiq

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