Ukulele Chords
Lots of variations for every chord.
december 2012
Impudence, And Now, An Educational Message
I’m going to show you how to take apart GETs now, and tell you why you may want this knowledge.
tools  internet 
march 2012
How Small Businesses Are Using Pinterest | Fox Small Business Center
DeBebians started using Pinterest in December of last year. According to the company, of the 421 people who pinned the rose halo engagement ring, one hundred of them clicked through to the company’s site.
march 2012
Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong by William D. Nordhaus | The New York Review of Books
I saw an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal of January 27, 2012, by a group of sixteen scientists, entitled “No Need to Panic About Global Warming.” This is useful because it contains many of the standard criticisms in a succinct statement.
march 2012
NPR's Ask Me Another Live Taping
Join us for a live taping of NPR's newest radio show--an hour of puzzles, games, and trivia called Ask Me Another. Taping will begin at 7:30pm, but we ask that all attendees be in their seats no later than 7pm.
march 2012
How to rig an election: Weighing the votes | The Economist
THE only poll that counts, supposedly, is election day. But for the sophisticated vote-rigger that is terrible advice. Election day is too late.
essay  satire 
march 2012
Hollywood Upstairs Medical College
The more important factor for my enjoyment, however, is that it doesn’t pathologize and stereotype girlhood.
february 2012
My Little NON-Homophobic, NON-Racist, NON-Smart-Shaming Pony: A Rebuttal : Ms Magazine Blog
There are lots of different ways to be a girl. You can be sweet and shy, or bold and physical. You can be silly and friendly, or reserved and studious. You can be strong and hard working, or artistic and beautiful. This show is wonderfully free of “token girl” syndrome, so there is no pressure to shove all the ideals of what we want our daughters to be into one package. There is a diversity of personalities, ambitions, talents, strengths and even flaws in our characters–it’s not an army of cookie-cutter nice-girls or cookie-cutter beauty queens like you see in most shows for girls.
mlpfim  television 
february 2012
Birthday Gift | Courtney Milan, Historical Romance Author
In 2011, Trial by Desire was up for DA BWAHA. I promised my fans that if I won one of the rounds, I would post a short scene between Smite Turner and Richard Dalrymple—one that occurred when they were both boys.

One that revealed secrets that are not revealed in either Unveiled or Unclaimed.

So, here you are. And thank you!
romance  fiction 
february 2012
Washington Declaration on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest
The Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, August 25-27, 2011, convened over 180 experts from 32 countries and six continents to help re-articulate the public interest dimension in intellectual property law and policy. This document records the conclusions from the Congress and is now open for endorsements and comments.
february 2012
Abandoned Zone
Includes Print Magic from Epyx
january 2012
Translations of "My hovercraft is full of eels" in many languages
הרחפת שלי מלאה בצלופחים — "My hovercraft is full of eels" in many languages:
january 2012
Maslow's hierarchy, take I
november 2011
Annie and Amy exchange letters.
october 2011
Vanguard of American Journalism | MetaFilter
"Current TV, the media company founded by Al Gore after the 2000 election, has picked up the kinds of in depth long form journalism being rapidly dropped by major networks, but has been tantalizingly unavailable for those without cable; until now. They have been putting their Vanguard episodes up on their website and on YouTube."
october 2011
Nerd Merit Badges - Welcome
1.5", fully embroidered, Velcro-backed. Attach to your jacket, your backpack, or the lid of your over-clocked, battle-scarred laptop. Start a nerd sash!
october 2011
Apprentice Alf's Blog
Tools for removing drm from ebooks
copyfight  drm  tools  ebooks 
october 2011
Home Stretch | TribeVibe
100 Interviews was never meant to be a Jewish project...
gabydunn  judaism 
september 2011
Forged Defiance » Making Ringtones Loop on Android
Using your favourite tag editor (I used foobar2000 on Windows), add a tag/field called “ANDROID_LOOP”, and set it to “true”.
android  tools 
september 2011
Every known EQ tale to date is here, well over 6500 pages!
september 2011
Copyright and the World's Most Popular Song
"Happy Birthday to You" is the best-known and most frequently sung song in the world. Many - including Justice Breyer in his dissent in Eldred v. Ashcroft - have portrayed it as an unoriginal work that is hardly worthy of copyright protection, but nonetheless remains under copyright. Yet close historical scrutiny reveals both of those assumptions to be false.
copyright  music  happybirthday 
july 2011
Numa Numa | Know Your Meme
Includes Romanian lyrics and English translation.
music  earworm 
may 2011
The Bittersweet National Jukebox | Public Knowledge
Instead, sound recordings from before 1972 are covered by a patchwork of state common law. Federal law will preempt state common law, thereby placing the recordings in the public domain, but that does not happen until 2067.
copyfight  music  copyright 
may 2011
Replica Tyson Tattoo in New Movie Draws Artist’s Lawsuit -
In “The Hangover Part II,” the sequel to the very successful what-happened-last-night comedy, the character played by Ed Helms wakes up with a permanent tattoo bracketing his left eye. The Maori-inspired design is instantly recognizable as the one sported by the boxer Mike Tyson, which is part of the joke. (Mr. Tyson makes an appearance in both films, playing himself.)

But S. Victor Whitmill, a tattoo artist formerly of Las Vegas and currently from rural Missouri, doesn’t quite see the humor. Mr. Whitmill designed the tattoo for Mr. Tyson, called it “tribal tattoo,” and claims it as a copyrighted work.
copyright  copyfight 
may 2011
Language Log » “Linguistic norms” vs. “groundless peeves”
In the comments on various recent LL posts, someone using various names has been complaining repeatedly and at length about "Linguistic Post-Modernists" who allegedly believe that "there is no such thing as a 'wrong' usage, only nonstandard ones", and so on.

Since the associated set of confusions is all too common, I've collected below a list of some past posts that address it.
english  usage 
may 2011
Rebecca Black's "Friday": A Libertarian Allegory - Jeffrey A. Tucker - Mises Daily
It might as first seem like a trivial choice: whether to sit in the front seat or the back seat. But the point is not the choice set; the point is the opportunity to exercise some degree of human volition, to use one's own brain to control one's own body ("gotta make my mind up") and live with the consequences of that choice.

I don't believe the writer of this one intended it to be funny.
may 2011
In Depth Analysis of Rebecca Black's "Friday" - Loungin' - Neoseeker Forums
Which seat can she take? Will she sit in the back, a passive bystander to her own life? Or will she sit in the front — wrest control of her own destiny and decide for herself what she wants to do?

I haven't managed to track down the original posting of this. Other reposts (text-based, not screencaps) are at and
humor  friday 
may 2011
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