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The Sands of Time
Ianto reflects on the passage of time on the first anniversary of Lisa's death. Jack is there to help him look to the future. (6/2/08)

*written for the "Happy Prompts" ficathon on LJ.
character:jack  character:ianto  fandom:torchwood  genre:angst  genre:grief  kink:beachsex  wordcount:1k-5k  rating:pg-13  pairing:jack/ianto  type:slash  genre:est.relationship 
october 2011 by shinysylver_fic
After his mom dies, Steve is lonely. Too lonely to turn down the comfort Mary offers. (7/17/11)

*warnings: incest (sibling), underage sex
character:mary  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:angst  genre:pre-series  rating:r  type:het  wordcount:1k-5k  pairing:steve/mary  genre:grief 
october 2011 by shinysylver_fic

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