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Visual Proof
Danny knows how he feels about Steve but for once he can't figure out how to say it. Coda to 1.20. (4/12/11)
character:danny  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:angst  genre:episoderelated  h50_episode:1.20  type:slash  wordcount:1k-5k  rating:r  pairing:steve/danny 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Danny can't take Steve's taste in music anymore, at least not like this. (8/6/11)

*written with somehowunbroken
character:danny  character:rachel  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:est.relationship  genre:humor  genre:proposal  rating:pg  type:slash  pairing:steve/danny  wordcount:500-1k 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Rain Check
There was a reason he didn’t go hiking but here he was in the middle of nowhere because he wanted to be close to Steve. Damn it he was worse than Grace. His nine-year old daughter had more sense when it came to crushes than he did. (4/29/11)
challenge:h50_flashfic  character:danny  character:steve  cliche:cabinfic  fandom:h50  genre:DADT  genre:comingout  genre:angst  genre:gettingtogether  genre:hospital  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:pining  genre:unrequited  hurt:danny  pairing:steve/danny  rating:pg-13  type:slash  wordcount:5k-10k 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Racing Hearts
Danny is always pissed about some stupid, reckless thing that Steve's done. But it's only because he cares. (4/5/11)
challenge:hawaii50_land  character:danny  character:steve  genre:firstkiss  hurt:steve  genre:hurt/comfort  rating:pg-13  wordcount:500-1k  type:slash  pairing:steve/danny 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Steve should know better than to use a mad scientist's remote control. (11/2/11)
challenge:sd_ldws  character:danny  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:crack  genre:humor  genre:sci-fi  pairing:steve/danny  rating:pg  wordcount:0-500 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Make a Brand New Ending
Just when it seems like everything is going to come to an end, Danny finds a way to turn it into a new beginning. (4/5/11)
challenge:h50_flashfic  character:rachel  character:danny  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:angst  genre:firstkiss  genre:gettingtogether  pairing:steve/danny  rating:pg-13  type:slash  wordcount:1k-5k 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Miles from Where You Are
Danny should be happy, after all, he has Rachel and Grace. So why are his nights spent taking care of a broken Steve? (3/30/11)

Warning: some alcohol abuse and a scene that includes vomiting
character:danny  character:rachel  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:angst  genre:comingout  genre:DADT  genre:gettingtogether  genre:unrequited  genre:pining  cliche:inebriatedconfessions  pairing:steve/danny  rating:nc-17  type:slash  wordcount:5k-10k 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
In the Open
Steve's booze may taste like paint thinner, but it gets the job done. Or the one where Steve realizes that life is too short. (12/12/11)
challenge:h50_holidayswap  character:danny  character:kono  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:episoderelated  genre:est.relationship  h50_episode:2.10  cliche:inebriatedconfessions  pairing:steve/danny  type:slash  wordcount:1k-5k 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Steve's too drunk to resist. Or at least that's what he'll tell himself later. (5/30/11)

*warnings - there are some consent issues here so dub-con to be safe
challenge:mmom  challenge:kinkmeme  character:danny  character:steve  fandom:h50  pairing:steve/danny  genre:unrequited  genre:porn  kink:masturbation  rating:nc-17  type:slash  wordcount:500-1k 
november 2011 by shinysylver_fic
In My Time of Dying
When Steve is infected by the virus he loses hope but Danny refuses to let him die. No matter what Steve thinks, Danny knows that he will fight off the fever and survive...even though none of the others did. (10/24/11)

*warnings - graphic violence, death of canon characters, suicidal ideation
challenge:zombiebang  character:steve  character:grace  character:danny  fandom:h50  genre:est.relationship  genre:angst  genre:horror  genre:hurt/comfort  creature:zombies  pairing:steve/danny  rating:r  type:slash  wordcount:5k-10k  genre:au 
november 2011 by shinysylver_fic
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