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Warp & Weft
In the wake of Snoke's death, the Force bond connecting Kylo and Rey begins to collapse. Kylo's rapidly deteriorating health doesn't escape Hux's notice.
challenge:kyluxsecretsanta  character:kylo  character:hux  character:rey  fandom:star_wars  genre:angst  genre:gettingtogether  genre:hurt/comfort  pairing:kylo/hux  rating:r  type:slash  wordcount:5k-10k 
december 2018 by shinysylver_fic
Complete Package
They fought and they fucked, but they didn't visit each other in the medical ward. Or did they?
challenge:kylux_cantina  character:kylo  character:hux  genre:est.relationship  genre:hurt/comfort  rating:r  type:slash  wordcount:500-1k  pairing:kylo/hux 
october 2018 by shinysylver_fic
A Little Affection
According to all of the daytime TV Svetlana watched relationships were about compromise and shit, so if Ian wanted to be mushy and romantic Mickey would let him—within reason—as long as they were in private.
challenge:ficadayinmay  character:mickey_milkovich  character:ian_gallagher  fandom:shameless  genre:est.relationship  genre:fluff  genre:schmoop  genre:hurt/comfort  wordcount:500-1k  type:slash  rating:pg  pairing:ian/mickey  hurt:mickey 
may 2014 by shinysylver_fic
After it's revealed that Tony was replaced by a Skrull, Steve begins to question everything about their relationship, and the only person who can set things straight can't talk. (4/25/12)

*Content Notes: References to possible pre-fic dubcon.

challenge:cap_ironman_rbb  character:bruce_banner  character:steve_rogers  character:thor  character:tony  character:clint_barton  character:nick_fury  character:natasha_romanov  creature:aliens  fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  genre:angst  genre:est.relationship  genre:hurt/comfort  hurt:tony  hurt:steve_rogers  pairing:steve_rogers/tony  rating:pg-13  type:slash  universe:mcu  wordcount:5k-10k 
april 2012 by shinysylver_fic
Rain Check
There was a reason he didn’t go hiking but here he was in the middle of nowhere because he wanted to be close to Steve. Damn it he was worse than Grace. His nine-year old daughter had more sense when it came to crushes than he did. (4/29/11)
challenge:h50_flashfic  character:danny  character:steve  cliche:cabinfic  fandom:h50  genre:DADT  genre:comingout  genre:angst  genre:gettingtogether  genre:hospital  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:pining  genre:unrequited  hurt:danny  pairing:steve/danny  rating:pg-13  type:slash  wordcount:5k-10k 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Racing Hearts
Danny is always pissed about some stupid, reckless thing that Steve's done. But it's only because he cares. (4/5/11)
challenge:hawaii50_land  character:danny  character:steve  genre:firstkiss  hurt:steve  genre:hurt/comfort  rating:pg-13  wordcount:500-1k  type:slash  pairing:steve/danny 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
In My Time of Dying
When Steve is infected by the virus he loses hope but Danny refuses to let him die. No matter what Steve thinks, Danny knows that he will fight off the fever and survive...even though none of the others did. (10/24/11)

*warnings - graphic violence, death of canon characters, suicidal ideation
challenge:zombiebang  character:steve  character:grace  character:danny  fandom:h50  genre:est.relationship  genre:angst  genre:horror  genre:hurt/comfort  creature:zombies  pairing:steve/danny  rating:r  type:slash  wordcount:5k-10k  genre:au 
november 2011 by shinysylver_fic
Stings Like Burning
Danny's attempts at snorkeling end poorly but Steve is there to help...if you can call that help. (3/27/11)

*written for the After Holidays Prompt Fest at stevedannoslash on LJ
fandom:h50  type:gen  character:danny  character:steve  wordcount:1k-5k  rating:pg-13  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:humor  challenge:stevedannoslash 
october 2011 by shinysylver_fic

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