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A Natural Response
Being trapped in tight quarters with Steve is not Danny's idea of a good time. (10/19/11)
challenge:sd_ldws  character:danny  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:humor  character:kono  rating:pg-13  type:slash  wordcount:0-500 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic
In the Open
Steve's booze may taste like paint thinner, but it gets the job done. Or the one where Steve realizes that life is too short. (12/12/11)
challenge:h50_holidayswap  character:danny  character:kono  character:steve  fandom:h50  genre:episoderelated  genre:est.relationship  h50_episode:2.10  cliche:inebriatedconfessions  pairing:steve/danny  type:slash  wordcount:1k-5k 
december 2011 by shinysylver_fic

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