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Fight The Good Fight [Driving a '67 Chevy Impala] - Fic: Who says you can’t go home? - [Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams]
Danny is having a hard time finding a new living arrangement and things get even more complicated when he has to deal with a new roommate, a high-profile case and a car accident that endangers someone he cares about. Also, pineapples occur.
H50  H50_fic  H50_slash  steve/danny  ofc/ofc  pre_slash  living_arrangements  moving_in  moving_house  roommates 
january 2012 by shiny_starlight
Homemaking - rageprufrock - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John spends time sorting out his and Sherlock's flat, spending time with Clara, and gnerally being a housewife as he decides what to do with his life
sherlock  sherlock_fic  sherlock_gen  watson_centric  moving_in  rageprufrock_fic 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
The kids Are Alright
In the end it will be Charles Xavier who convinces Erik to trust again. (Single Parent AU that is "not as AU as you think")


For this prompt @ 1stclass_kink:

Erik/Charles single parent AU

Bonus points: Erik's the single dad with Wanda and Pietro

Honestly I'm just in some need for a single dad story! Haha <3

Still very much a WiP.
au  total_au  modern_au  erik/charles  Professor!Charles  Sculptor!Erik  kid!fic  dad!Erik  moving_in  moving_house  military!erik  single_parent  XMFC  XMFC_fic  XMFC_slash 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
In Your Skin
Someone is sending threats to the Govorner, and 5-0 is asked to investigate. In the mean time, Danny moves in with Steve
steve/danny  established_relationship  moving_in  assassination  assassination_attempt  injured!Danny  protective!Steve  H50_slash  H50_fic  H50 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
Break The Lock If It Don't Fit (or, Two Members of Five-O Conduct an Experiment in Domesticity) - austen - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Going from partners to roommates seems like the most natural step for Steve and Danny to take - but it doesn't come without some complications.
steve/danny  first_time  moving_in  H50_slash  H50_fic  H50 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
Let's Dance Like We Used To - AndreaLyn - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
There isn't a world in which Danny wouldn't go after Grace. So when Rachel moves the family to California, Danny goes with. Steve gets left to process life without Danny.
future_fic  steve/danny  moving_in  H50_slash  H50_fic  H50 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight

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